Long Sleeve

Women's Long Sleeve Tops

When temperatures start to dip, it's time to break out the sweaters, long-sleeved tops and blouses. That doesn't mean you have to shelve your fashion sense, though. At GoJane, we have tons of trendy women's long-sleeve crop tops and off-the-shoulder blouses that are perfect for cool summer nights, spring and fall days, and just about any other time you want to look absolutely amazing.

You're going to love our collection of long-sleeve crop tops as much as we do. There's a huge variety packed into our inventory because we know that not everybody has the same sense of style, and that's okay. Whether you like to wear sleek, sexy tops or you prefer casual, laid-back shirts, GoJane has what you're looking for.

We have a handful of long-sleeved crop tops that are ideal for an evening out with somebody special, including our sheer floral crochet top and our Just Shrug sheer cold-shoulder blouse. The same goes for our Stripe a Pose draped surplice blouse and our Collar Your World button-up; they're sexy-but-classy, and you can never go wrong with that combination.

If you're doing something more casual, you're going to look fabulous in our Read My Polka Face dotted blouse, our floral blossom sheer kimono or our Show Your Stripes cropped top. We also have cardigans, super-cool moto jackets and draped rayon tops with bell sleeves that look fantastic with high-waisted jeans, faux leather pants and denim skirts.

Every one of the trendy long-sleeved shirts in our catalog has been handpicked by our fashion experts. They're the trendiest styles in the hottest patterns and colors, which means you don't have to scour every magazine on the rack to figure out what's in (and what will be in next month, the month after that, and the month after that) because we already have it right here for you.

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