These street-inspired, artsy prints will have you chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' all cool...
This season is all about big, beautiful, bold prints. We're talking about unexpected pieces that cover your body in street-inspired art. There's no lack of the kind of bright colors and careless strokes that say, "My body is a blank canvas...wrap it in something amazing!" This collection of large prints has everything from graffiti printed bodycon dresses to watercolor splattered tanks. We especially love the use of fuzzy zigzags atop flirty skater dresses and the crazy smudges of vibrant floral prints across the many flowy kimonos we carry. We really hope you're looking to make a statement in these in-yo-face pieces because these abstract prints are not for the faint of heart. Shop our collection of big bold prints and make sure you tell everyone who hooked you up-!
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