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Sure, the New Year may have brought with it a whole new slew of high-fashion looks, but let’s be honest: the classic, laid-back legging is here to stay. We love leggings for so many reasons, but mostly because they’re one of the most comfortable yet stylish legwear options in the style arena. Offering a curve-hugging appeal that that complements your best assets, trendy leggings keep any outfit looking tailored, streamlined and clean. And they give you extra breathing room and all-day comfort to go where you go in cozy style.

Our patterned leggings are this spring’s pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We’ve got leopard print leggings, striped leggings and cross-print leggings to help you show your playful personality from head to toe. Ideal for pairing with your best funky platform pumps, ballet flats or stylish sneakers, these fun leggings promise a multi-dimensional appeal that will have everyone around you taking notes.

Of course, we’ve still got an impressive variety of legwear staples to help you curate a range of exceptional outfits. Our unrivaled selection of black leggings will help you honor your goth and punk sides, with hardcore and feminine elements alike bringing each pair to life. We’ve got faux leather leggings, fleece leggings and lace-up leggings in bold black to give you a clean slate from which to draw outfit inspiration. Specially designed to go with your favorite oversized sweaters and denim jackets, these plain leggings are the new denim. OK, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but a good pair of leggings are as versatile as their blue predecessors.

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