Jelly Sandals

Things that go well with jelly: toast, peanut butter, crackers... and you! Before you go smearing a jar of grape jelly all over yourself, let us clarify. We're talking about jelly sandals, you silly goose. You remember those squishy shoes from the 90s that your mom used to buy in packs? Ya know, the ones you practically lived in when you were a youngster? Well they're baaaaaaaack...and we're all about it. Jelly sandals have always been fun and affordable, but now they're super chic? Say what?! Yes, jelly shoes are majorly hip. Why? Because jelly sandals make you feel young, wild, and free. And that carefree feeling will never go out of style. There's nothing like a pair of comfortable jelly sandals to give your outfit a fun and youthful look. Our favorite thing about old school jelly sandals is that they come in a a wide variety of fun colors and cool designs. But our most favorite jelly sandal right now? No doubt about it- it's the glittery clear jelly sandal. Why? They go with any outfit. The clear upper compliments any outfit and the light sprinkling of glitter adds a bit of pizazz. But if you're not into all that jazz, we've got tons of other jelly sandals to choose from. We've got the coolest collection of jelly thongs, jelly t-straps, jelly platforms, and jelly flip-flops in every color imaginable. So take a trip down memory lane and slip your feet into a pair of these childhood staples. And if you're too young to understand what all the hype is about, then do yourself a favor and try a pair out for yourself. GoJane's lowest priced jelly sandal is a mere $10. With affordable prices like that, why wouldn't you get a pair (or two, or five) to mess around in this summer? Who knew jelly sandals could be so trendy?! We did!

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