Mix + Match Swim Separates

Women's Mix and Match Swimsuits

Mix and match swimwear is like the buffet version of swim styling — choose what you want, when you want it. Great for ladies who want a huge selection of swim options without taking up a large amount of precious luggage space or room in your underwear drawer, mixing and matching your bikini pieces and parts is the most sensible way to go. It's also ideal if you want to change up your look on a whim without buying a whole bunch of expensive swimsuits. At GoJane, you can literally build the swimsuit of your dreams, tailored to your taste and no one else's.

With a whole bunch of cute tops and hot bottoms to choose from, our selection provides endless opportunity for mixing and matching. Want to pair a high-waisted bottom with a fringed top for a total throwback look? Do it. Like the contrast between two unique patterns, like floral and striped? That's all you. We've also got a huge collection of solid-colored tops and bottoms, so you can pair a solid with a pattern or opt for a different colored top and bottom for a super colorful and truly unique look.

The cool thing about choosing each piece separately is that you're not stuck with a look that's made for a specific body type. While a halter top bathing suit might be the best option for your top, a low-rise bikini bottom might not be the most comfortable pairing, even though these two styles are often married. With our mix and match swim options, you can tailor the perfect suit that fits each part of your body absolutely perfectly while saving yourself money, space and effort.

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