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Elongate your fingers and decorate them with style when you shop stylish and affordable rings from GoJane. Our trendy rings, shield rings and midi rings pair perfectly with either a sundresses or going out dresses this spring, and they’ll even transition into other seasons with ease. With so many stunning rings to choose from, we bet that you’ll want one of everything.

Midi rings became hugely popular in the past few seasons, and it looks like these delicate accessories are here to stay. These smaller rings slide onto your first knuckle of any finger, and they can even be worn in combination with your usual rings. GoJane carries dozens of delicate midi rings to add an unexpected pop of shimmer to your upper knuckles, perfect for pairing together for a cool, layered look. Slim, tied bow midi rings have a ladylike flair, while textured, gold-colored midi rings are timeless. Many of these GoJane midi rings even include an edgy chain element that connects them to a regular ring, adding a bit of an edge to your usual jewelry.

On top of the beloved midi ring, the statement shield ring is also becoming popular among jewelry mavens. These wide, flat rings include a few joints so that they can cover half of your finger and you can still move your hand comfortably. Chevron shield rings include geometric triangle shapes lining your ring finger or pointer finger, while sleek armor rings are flat and shiny.

Whichever type of ring you prefer, GoJane’s unbeatable low prices and wide selection of cheap rings allows you to switch up your look from day to day and stick to your budget without sacrificing style.

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