You’re the type of person who simply can’t resist a last minute purchase in the checkout line at the grocery store, who admires all of the goodies that you might have forgotten and can’t help but make a purchase. GoJane’s selection of other accessories and finishing touches includes products that you might not know you wanted, but you’ll surely be happy to find. From unique hair accessories to fun electronics, these items make great gifts for a friend or treats for yourself.

This spring, bow ties make fun menswear-inspired accessories for women’s shirts. GoJane’s Other Stuff category includes a variety of different bowties in various colors and styles, and even some with funky sequins that are perfect for a night out or a fancy dress party. Slip a bow tie on with a collared shirt or dress for a fun accessory that no one else will have. Or, for the man in your life, bow ties are great gifts that will make him look perfectly dapper.

You can’t go anywhere without your smartphone, so dress it up in a fun case that will make it look a bit more chic. GoJane carries silly smartphone cases with bright colors and cartoon designs, as well as classy, stylish cases for the fashionable businesswoman. These cases are durable and protective, and at less than $15 they’re a much better bargain than the ones at your local electronics store.

We’re known for our fabulous clothes and accessories, but GoJane’s Other Accessories category proves that we have great taste in trinkets, too. Grab a pair of headphones as a gift for your tech-savvy friend, pick a fun new accessory for yourself or even purchase a GoJane gift card to give to a fellow fashionista. Be sure to check out our affordable Other Accessories category before you check out, because you never know what you’ll find!

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