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Designed to help you jazz up just about any ensemble, a statement necklace commands attention and harnesses glamor. Ideal for your warm-weather soirees like weddings, picnics, music festivals and holiday weekend festivities, our truly trendy necklaces are downright charming. These show-stopping neckline numbers are on par with all of the hottest looks seen at Spring Fashion Week and on the pages of the best fashion magazines, bringing you effortless opulence at an unbelievably low price.

Take a chance with a new trend with one of our super chic chunky necklaces inspired by everything current — art deco, neons, jewel tones, Aztec and chain-link — to give your look a super updated feel. These pieces take up more room on the neckline and collarbone to add intrigue and sophistication to any outfit. Designed specifically to be a display piece and a feature of your ensemble, these chic but cheap statement necklaces are made with beads, rhinestones, charms, pendants and more. Our beaded statement necklaces and oversized charm necklaces are exactly what your wardrobe needs right now, we think.

We also carry a selection of more subtle, understated necklaces to help guide you toward a more casual look. Super skinny chains adorned with charms like arrows and flowers are perfect for a more delicate, feminine look this summer. If you want something infused with a bit of fun and humor, check out our best-selling necklaces like our cheap bib necklace with a geometric, beaded medallion or our hamburger necklace that's made just for the glamorous glutton. After you've picked out your favorite pair (or seven) of trendy earrings, shop GoJane's entire site to find the best necklaces, cheap jewelry, accessories and clothing anywhere.

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