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Women's Clutches

Small enough to fit only the essentials but big enough to make a real fashion statement, a good clutch is, well, clutch. Originally thought of as a special occasion accouterment, the clutch handbag has evolved far beyond patent leather and glitz. Today's versions impart all of the most on-trend trappings imaginable, including fun and funky patterns, out-of-the-box materials and unconventional shapes. Each piece is designed to be the compact carryall you need on hand during all your day and nighttime adventures.

Timeless or trendy, each clutch exhibits its own plan of action. Whether you're going for a totally unique statement piece, like one of our lip-shaped or diamond-shaped clutches or a punchy, neon green clutch, or something totally understated like a sweet, pink envelope clutch or an all-black square clutch, this selection of cheap clutches is well-stocked for all fashion types. Each one is inspired by today's hottest trends, with chain-link everything, gold hardware and bold patterns and materials. From hippie to biker babe, these casual clutches are made to work well with your jeans, leggings and summer dresses.

We've also got a variety of more formal clutches designed to achieve their original purpose — keep you free of worry and cargo on your big nights out. Classic black clutches with gold chains, structured, hard case clutches and elegant quilted clutches make a fine under-arm accessory for cocktail parties, weddings, gala events and anyplace where a formal dress code is required. These dressier handbag options feature rhinestones, chain-link straps and super sophisticated materials to tie the whole look together. It doesn't matter if you're going for casual chic, eccentrically edgy or feminine and formal, these trendy clutches will be the finishing touch to any outfit.

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