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A bare wrist can make you feel naked and vulnerable, which is why we carry a huge selection of stunning, stylish wrist accents for all occasions. Whether you're looking to amp up your bangle selection or find something to go with a particular outfit, our affordable jewelry assortment is well-equipped for the job. Each of GoJane's high-fashion bracelets is inspired by the looks seen at Spring Fashion Week and on the pages of your favorite fashion mags, with today's hottest trends guiding you to a state of true nirvana, which we're calling wrist bliss.

Nothing's hotter right now than chain-link, so we've made sure to stock our selection with the coolest chain-link bracelets, bangles and cuffs known to man. We love this uber-trendy look because it's one part chic couture, one part edgy punk rock, and it adds a bold layer of intrigue to your entire outfit. Our gold, chain-link bangle set may be the selection you need to add a bit of charm and polish to your look, while our chunky chain bracelet will give it an understated yet statement appeal. The gold rage doesn't stop with chain-link, though. We've got gold hand bracelets, gold cuffs, gold charm bracelets and more to add extreme opulence to your appearance.

But GoJane's affordable bracelet selection refuses to be pigeonholed, so we've also chosen a variety of colorful wrist adornments for you to choose from. Featuring stone beads, pearls, flowers, charms and even woven fabric, all of these brightly colored bracelets embrace the entire color spectrum. We've got everything from beaded, neon wraparound bracelets to incredibly affordable charm bracelets to help guide you toward a true wrist romance, only at

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