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Women's Body Jewelry

Here at GoJane, we all agree that body jewelry is in the midst of its 15 minutes of fame, and hopefully longer. These unbelievably trendy pieces of jewelry are working hard to prove that jewelry isn't just for your ears, wrists and neckline, but for your entire body. Body chains fit somewhere between high-fashion hippie and Mr. T chic on the fashion continuum, providing endless style opportunity to style-lovers spectrum-wide.

A chain-link body chain is a great place to start if you're looking for a way to add a unique twist to an already stunning outfit, and we've got tons to choose from. Body chain jewelry typically adorns the mid-section or torso, sometimes zeroing-in on your shoulders, waist or neckline. We've got large chain-link body chains that command attention as well as delicate, faux jewel body chains that are a bit more subtle and decorative. Many of our varieties also feature pendants, beads, rhinestones and charms to give your torso an added layer of intrigue. For a truly show-stopping look, take a peek at our draped body chains that hang over your entire body for a supremely elegant-meets-edgy look.

Meanwhile, we've been taking careful note of the chain craze's expansion, so we stock chains for all over your body, including hand chains, head pieces, ankle bracelets and more inspired by this talked-about trend. Whether you're going for Gatsby glitz or hippie princess, our glamorous head pieces are well-designed for your unique style angle. From a hot, gold ankle chain with cross charms to draped, layered body chains, these on-trend fashion staples will give any outfit the added touch it needs to stop the show.

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