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Women's Fashion Belts

Belt it out, fashion-lovers: GoJane has the best belt selection around. We know that the belt is the finishing touch to any outfit. Sure, it has its benefits, like helping to keep your pants up, but it's also a great way to add a layer of posh polish to your entire look. With today's hottest trends revolving around the waistline (high-waisted jeans and crop tops, for example) there's no time like the present to make sure that your waist is well taken care of, so browse this selection of super cute belts to beef up your mid-section accessory assemblage and got some fashion inspiration.

Belt trend alert: the chain belt. You've seen chain-link on just about everything recently — handbags, wallets, headbands, etc. So why not complete the look with one of our hot-off-the-runway chain-link belts? Skinny and sophisticated, chain and metal belts draw from the day's industrial material craze, bringing a sense of raw authority to all your ensembles. We've got the perfect multipurpose chain waist belt to go with every outfit, including one that features 47 inches of chain that can be wrapped around the low waist, high waist or even around the shoulders as a necklace.

The metallic rage doesn't end there, though. We've also got trendy metal belts and metallic-adorned belts, including studded belts, metal plate belts and versions with gold, metallic buckles. Whether you're looking to go all gold or just add a punch of sheen to your waistline, these glitzy go-to accessories are all about operative opulence. Even if you're not jumping on the bronze bandwagon, we've got belts for you. Check out our beaded belts, skinny belts and neon belts to find a look that works with your unique fashion angle.

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