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From posh, printed joggers to slimming, patterned leggings, our selection of cheap pants is designed to help you boost up your bottoms. For the perfect spring look, follow these simple instructions: choose your favorite pair of on-trend pants from GoJane’s unrivaled selection, pair them with your best denim jacket or vest and then wait patiently for the sun to melt all the snow. It’s a ritual as old as time, and you deserve to partake in it in style.

If you’ve already got a dozen new crop tops ready and waiting for the warm weather months, browse our selection of perfectly pair-able high-waisted pants to complete the look. We’ve got high-waisted bottoms in every pattern and color you can dream up, including plaid, watercolor, floral and stripes. We also carry tons of solid skinny pants in colors ranging from bold blue to match-all black. Plus, if you love the look of classic denim but hate the standard waist-pinching fit, pick up a pair of our just-right jeggings to offer up some common ground.

The best part of this fantastic pants selection is that this season’s styles tend to err on the side of comfort. Joining the long list of comfy, trendy styles we’ve come to rely on (leggings, anyone?) are 1960s inspired harem pants, palazzo pants and joggers — three styles that offer a loose-fitting, wide-leg appeal that will give you plenty of extra breathing room. While comfy pants sometimes lend themselves to sloppy, laid-back looks, these loose-fitting pants do just the opposite. Featuring dressy patterns, structured pleats and tapered legs, our spring-ready pants are made to go from professional environments to happy hour without a change of wardrobe.

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