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Women's Purses and Handbags

The handbag spectrum is broad. Maybe you're the Mary Poppins type, carting around everything but the kitchen sink in your oversized tote bag, or maybe you're more the ID and lip gloss type, schlepping only the essentials. Then there are the lovers of the backpack and crossbody bag — hands-on handbag lovers who want nothing more than convenient, hands-free carrying. Wherever you fall on this expansive continuum, GoJane's selection of trendy, affordable handbags and purses includes a look and feature that suits your tastes and lifestyle.

Hot right now alert: gold, metallic hardware and quilted fabric. Inspired by iconic, big designer handbags from the ‘60s and ‘70s, this timeless pairing is officially here to stay. Take it from us, we've got quilted handbags with gold chains that are big enough for all your Poppins-level stuff, plus smaller, quilted clutches and even a roomy quilted tote bag. Available in colors ranging from bright green to classic black, these trend-setting carryalls are the cherry on top of your carefully assembled ensemble. If you want to go full-blown vintage, check out our quilted jelly purse that will skyrocket you straight back to the ‘90s, but without the typical kitsch.

We also stock our handbag selection with cute, cheap clutches that are great for going out. We know that each outfit and style deserves its own unique clutch, so we've got an enormous variety of super affordable versions to choose from. From floral print and crochet clutches to studded, faux leather clutches, these miniature must-haves are designed to give each outfit an added punch of pizzazz and polish. But we never stop short, so we've also got a great variety of Aztec print backpacks, wallets, messenger bags and crossbody bags to ensure that you've got enough room to carry all your most valued possessions with style in tow.

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