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If there's anything we know for sure about fashion, it's that jeans never, ever go out of style. However, certain types of jeans do, and since we want to make sure you're always dressed in the latest trends, we've put together this collection of the very best jeans for this summer. These jeans all feature fashion-forward looks that will make you look banging this summer. Each one flatters your figure and makes your gams look glam. Best of all, they come at GoJane's amazing low prices, so you can afford to buy multiple pairs and still have cash to spare this summer.

One of our favorite jean styles for this summer is ripped jeans. A distressed look and glimpses of skin make these both casual and sexy. Rather than worn out, these jeans have an edgy look that pairs well with tons of tops, including graphic tees and vegan leather jackets. If you want to go more casual, we suggest boyfriend jeans. They have that sexy tomboy appeal while offering a comfort and freedom not found in many of today's styles.

Don't forget comfortable white jeans, either, which are exceptionally hot this summer. Some of our favorite ‘70s styles are also coming back with a vengeance, which is why we have tons of cheap high-waisted jeans and bell-bottom jeans for sale. These are sure to make you look like a vintage fashion guru while still retaining your modern diva status. These are your best bet for making a crop top look totally amazing. Plus, you can pair them with high heels for an even more dramatic and eye-catching look.

Stock up on all the best jeans for summer at GoJane before the season slips away. You'll be able to wear these jeans into the fall as the styles transition, but for now they'll put your summer fashion game on point.

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