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Fashion Backpacks

The backpack is arguably one of mankind's greatest inventions. Think about it like this: a backpack lets you effectively carry a large amount of super heavy stuff without even using your arms. It's pretty sweet. Even though backpacks have been spotted on college campuses worldwide for decades, these new, trendy backpacks are in a class of their own with super mod embellishments and hot-right-now adornments. We've got hands-free carryalls ranging from faux leather, studded backpacks à la St. Mark's Place punk to hippie-inspired patterned backpacks in the spirit of the Haight to ensure that our posh packs span from the East Coast to the West Coast.

No matter where you fall on the fashion — or geographical — spectrum, our selection is well-equipped to give you complete control of your backpack destiny. Start by browsing our selection of super cute canvas backpacks. Available in solid colors and prints, these versatile, go-with-all packs feature a timeless pairing of durable canvas and faux leather. Our canvas patterned backpacks come in prints including Ikat, Aztec, camouflage, stripes, chevron and more. These slouchy-shaped packs feature cute and convenient draw strings and ample extra pockets for all your stuff.

If you're more the solid-colored backpack lover, worry not. We've got a huge range of unadorned (but never plain) backpacks to choose from. Solid-colored canvas backpacks aren't the only way to go, though. We've also got all-black faux leather backpacks, denim backpacks, mod backpacks and more in our selection to help give you the ideal match-all backpack to go with all your favorite looks. Super trendy adornments like studs, mesh and metallic hardware give each pack a personality of its own.

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