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Gritty In Pink

Gritty In Pink

You're just full of contradictions, aren't you? Fifties' pin-up up top, country club cool in the middle, biker chick chic on the bottom... No one can figure you out. Seriously, how do you make it all work together? Maybe it's because you know a little something about balance. Like, of course you're gonna pair a short-and-sweet, barely-there cropped top with high-waisted, full-coverage skinnies pulled all the way up to there. But that's not to say that they're not sexy. (You look poured into them; how could they not be?) And then what better way to curb that sex appeal than with some macho work booties? The perfect combination of masculine and feminine. And now we don't know if you paid some guys to set up this makeshift crate throne for you or if you built those things with your bare hands. Obviously you'll never tell us which it is. You're a mystery, and that's how you like it.

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