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Tie-Dye One On

Tie-Dye One On

You have a decidedly different interpretation of partywear. Your take is all about keeping it cool and comfortable, but that's not to say that you're missing any style points while you're at it. No, not at all. And there's no lacking in the sex appeal department either. You just don't need to express it with a neckline down to there and a skirt up to here. But not to worry. As drinks are downed and temperatures are upped, that acid wash jacket comes off, revealing an open back as bared as your soul when wine glasses are a-flowing. Nearing the end of the evening, you're the only girl with her shoes still on, 'cause you had to good sense to go with some strappy, literally down-to-earth flats, while the frenemies who scoffed at them in the beginning of the night are rubbing their toes wistfully with their stilettos in their hands instead of on their feet. And you get to go home, having tied one on, having survived the night, with your whole outfit intact, living to tell about it.

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PRICE: $11.95
It's Tie-Dye For Open Back Maxi Dress
A regular ol' dress can be tie-dye, but a backless one like this...
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