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Polka Face

Polka Face

You're not one to show your hand. No, not when you've got the goods to show your arms and legs and everywhere else instead, including that pretty little moneymaker of yours. Talk about a full deck. You'd think, with all you have exposed, that you'd be less of a mystery, but still no one can figure you out. Because the one thing you won't bare is your soul. Even when you take off your oversized movie star shades, those windows to the soul stay sealed shut, revealing nothing. All anyone can tell is you're an enigma. A modern girl with an affinity for vintage, opting for high waists instead of high cuts, big curls instead of beachy waves. A classic beauty but also a bombshell, with the va-va-voom of Marilyn plus the otherworldly elegance of Jackie O. Sure, some girls may try to give you a run for your money, but eventually, you force them all-in. And ultimately you take home the pot. All without a blink, a word, or a hair out of place.

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PRICE: $13.95
Retro Polka Dot Bikini Set
Let's take it back with this stretchy, retro inspired bikini set (with modern...
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