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After Party

After Party

That was one hell-uv-a night, and boy did you look amazing! Your hair was perfectly coiffed. Your makeup was super on point. And that dress. Ohhhhhhh, that dress. It fit you so dang nicely; you’d have thunk the fashion gods tailored it especially for your hot bod. With that kind of confidence backing you up, you were basically guaranteed an awesome night out with the homies. You girls strutted into that party like you were the guest of honors. Every guy had his eyes on you, and every girl was secretly hating. You danced until you couldn't feel your body anymore, and you laughed until your eyeballs hurt. You sipped a little, flirted a lot, and you might of even had a dreamy lil’ mack session with the hunkiest boo there. (Get it girl.) So where did this night take you? The sun is up and you're at some after party in some mansion up in the hills. This is you posted up in the bathroom, taking a second to pull yourself together for round two. Breath in. Breath out. Now kick that door open and take this thing to a whole new level. Ready, set, go!

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The Right Angle Strappy Heels
Look super long and lean, and strut your stuff with these heels on....
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