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Star Crossed

Star Crossed

Letís travel back in time...itís a warm summer night, the neighborhood is quiet and everyone is settling down to sleep, but youíre on a mission. A chickís gotta go party and rage with her friends, and meet up with that super hot guy that everyone knows about, but no one actually knows. The stars aligning, your horoscopes are a match (but neither of you guys are aware of that), and fate met fortune to create the perfect opportunity to meet your soul mate. Yeah, itís a little cheesy, and we can be cynical, but real awesome stuff still happens, people! It doesnít matter if itís the work of your horoscope, or you being your splendid self. But seriously, all mushy talk aside, you gotta look great wherever you go, and may we suggest a super zodiac themed sweatshirt top to mix it up from the usual closet picks? Plus, itís summer, so shorts are a must and a distressed pair is on point paired with some trendy colorblocked kicks. Throw on your favorite statement jewelry and make a break for the door and a fresh future.

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PRICE: $19.95
Washed Out Distressed Button Shorts
Denim shorts are the perfect summer staple, and we're loving this washed pair....
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