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Hometown Hottie

Hometown Hottie

Oh heyyyyy, summer rolled around here super quick, which means the days are longer and lazier, and suddenly we have way more down time on our hands for hanging with our friends and doing whatever we want. It is le awesome, wouldnít you agree? So, weíre down with the frocks and girly stuff, but itís tough to cruise the streets on your favorite board when your skirt keeps flying up from the breeze, and slamminí a kickflip isnít even an option (flashing the hoo-ha ainít the message weíre trying to send). Thatís why a chickís gotta have some sweet shorts, and since itís summer, a shredded, distressed pair keeps you mobile and you get to show off your stems. We love pairing snug bottoms with a loose top for a perfectly laid back vibe, and this sweater has an open knit weave to let those satisfying summer breezes flow through. Sadly, we canít skate in heels, but boots are a sweet option and with an allover floral print it just screams girly and warm weather. Accessorize yourself with some tough girl flair, and youíre set to join your gang of friends for an afternoon of high jinks.

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