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On Her Jock

On Her Jock

She ain't no cheerleader, but she does like to tumble with the big boys. This chick is all about being the baddest she can be and making the boys think twice before they try to scrimmage with her. How is she supposed to execute a running pass in those sky-high platform heels, you ask? Easy, she's a beast and she can do just about anything in heels. Any more questions? What's that "86" on her shirt mean? She's 86'ing (aka banning) any drama from her life by kicking all idiocy to the sidelines. And what's that faux leather skirt about? She's a brazen babe who wants to still look like a lady, but won't be caught dead in some frilly, lacy number. Now do you understand why everyone is jocking this chick? Good. Glad we could clear that up for you. Now get to shopping before the game comes back on...

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PRICE: $8.95
Petal Inset Faux Leather Skirt
We totally love the dichotomy of girly meets hardcore. There's just something about...
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