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2 Cool 4 School

2 Cool 4 School

Ladies, we know school can be a drag at times, but if you spent all year just getting by while being voted prom queen, and goofing off in class then there will be consequences. Messiní around means we gotta pay our dues at some point, duh. We know youíre smart, but probably lazy, so haul yourself to summer school, work your little booty off and make up for lost time. However, just Ďcause youíre in summer school doesnít mean you have to dress like a frump. Rock your goodies and make the boys drool while you bring up that GPA by wearing a comfy perforated bralette, and high-waisted denim shorts that feature an allover abstract American flag print. An outfit isnít complete without shoes, and you can stomp your way all over campus in these kickass lace-up wedges with perforated detailing. What kind of school would let this outfit happen? Our make believe school, obvi. Anyway, play up your assets with your fave accessories, and be sure to throw on some sunnies leaving class ŗ la John Bender from The Breakfast Club (cue Simple Minds).

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Perforated Bralette
Go ahead and use this as the perfect layering piece, or wear it...
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