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Cosmic Skate

Cosmic Skate

Youíre out of class, your homework is done, and now itís time to get the party started. Someoneís having a birthday bash at the skating rink complete with lights, music, and booze (weíre old school like that). What better way to set free your dayís frustrations than to skate the night away while looking amazing? Youíll need a bottom that looks sexy, but will still allow you to be mobile, so hello skater skirt! But you donít want to be all covered up because nuns donít skate, or party Ė duh. The solution is to wear a girly striped bow bandeau top and show off that toned bod of yours. Youíll remind the guys that youíre still a girl even if youíre schooliní them on the rink. Donít forget to swap out your skates for a pair of comfy patent wedges Ė your legs will go on for miles. Itís one thing to be a tomboy, but when youíre at a party you need to look your best. Stash your compact, lip gloss, and cash in a handy neon clutch with a wristlet, so you can boogie and drink the night away.

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