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High-Waisted Zip 'N Mesh Bikini Set  CORAL (Final Sale)High-Waisted Zip 'N Mesh Bikini Set  CORAL (Final Sale)High-Waisted Zip 'N Mesh Bikini Set  CORAL (Final Sale)High-Waisted Zip 'N Mesh Bikini Set  CORAL (Final Sale)
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High-Waisted Zip 'N Mesh Bikini Set

now $15.95
High-Waisted Zip 'N Mesh Bikini Set  CORAL (Final Sale)

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If you're channeling your inner pin-up girl out at sea, this retro-inspired bikini should help you achieve the look. Bikini top features adjustable spaghetti straps, mesh panels, and an exposed zipper detailing down the middle. Finished with padded and underwired cups for an enhanced look. No closures. Bottoms are high-waisted and feature mesh panels and a zipper detailing down the middle. No closures.

Model is wearing a small set
Top and bottom sold together
80% Nylon, 20% Spandex
Lining: 100% Polyester
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in China
Final Sale

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: I am a 32 DD. Would the medium fit my bust The large would be too big for my bottom.
Shanyce S: No it wouldn't. The Medium would be too small for you. I am actually returning mines the bottom large was not big enough but I am pear shaped so their large is not true to it's size
Nicole S: It's pretty tight. I'm a 32c and it fits perfectly
Ashli C: Iam a 38 DD and the large was extremely too small and the bottom is a little tight it runs small
Nicole D asked: White: good idea or not I saw below that it's slightly see-through. Wondering how it does in water?
jennifer h: It's VERY see through. I advise on a black one or different color besides white.
Cristina R: I have black. Can't help much. O
Ken P: The material is really good. Not really see through.
Antoinette p: It's amazing! The bra gives a great lift!
Latasha B: It looks good still when it get wet but Make show you have a wax
Caitlin R: Haven't worn in water but I purchased the black one. I don't have the guts for any white bathing suit!
None N asked: im 36B 28 waist but wide 40hips... would medium fit or large?
Shinia W: I have almost the exact same measurements except I'm a 38 hips. A medium should fit you fine then cus I have a small!
None N asked: I am 160 pounds 5"2 what size should I get My breast are 34b
Latasha B: I say get a large because I weigh 135 and I got a medium and it was a little tight so I say a large
Carissa B: I would probably go with a medium thats what I got and bottoms fit but the top was a little small in the cups my breasts are 34d. Also if you were going to get the white don't! It is slightly see through
Darnesha B: I'm about 155 lbs 5'5 34b and got a large, bottoms fit but top is way to big.
noelle s: Medium. They fit really tight material stretchy even so
Trang N: I am 5'6 and 130lbs. Breast are 32b. Size small fits great, it's stretchy material. And the bra is paded. I would get a medium if I were you =]
Shinia W: In order to make sure the bottoms fit comfortably, a medium. But the breast part will be to big
None N asked: Size bust, waste, hip area?
GoJane S: You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
Jasmine K asked: Hi! If i'm a B-cup, should i order a SM or a MED Thanks.
Akila S: I would get the MED, i got the medium and I'm a DD but I have a small waist so I got the medium but I should have gotten the large.
jessi b: I am a 32 DD. I have a small waist and medium hips. Should I get a medium or large I usually wear 4-6 jeans. I'm afraid the bottom on a large would be too big, but the medium cups on the small might be too small.
Nicole S: I wear a B and I got a medium. The medium fits perfect because you can adjust the straps like a bra.
unknown asked: If I'm 34C on top but very small on the bottom, what size would be comfortable to wear Smalls usually don't fit my bust, but mediums NEVER fit my bottom. Help!
jordan J: Hello. I'm a full 34c and got a medium because i have a little extra bottom. I ended up having to pull the bra straps up to give me a tight fit. Since you are the opposite go with the small
Nicole D: This bathing suit is nice... I'm top heavy 36D and my waist is a size 29. I order it in a Large and fit good. Very supportive for a D cup person.
Trang N: Since you're bustier than the usual size small, you'll get a nice lift for your bust similar to a push-up bra, and a fitted bottom. I would go with the small. The material is stretchy.
Jaylene B: I would still get a medium. I'm also a 34c and the medium is still a bit too small, but I'd manageable. I.don't think you'd have any luck with the small being your cup size.

Hope this helps!
tanisha h: I would suggest you get a size small. I'm a 34b, the top fit but the bottom is too small. I need a medium in the bottom. So yea I think you will be ok with a small
Brittany B: I'm going to be honest with you. I ordered a large just becuz I have big thighs & ok but size . My top is like a b, however the swimsuit is to small for me . It hugs my thighs & the top is tight also . I didn't feel like going thru the hassle of returning so just decided to keep it & hopefully it will fit better if I loose like 10 pounds. I really don't no what size to tell u to order
Shinia W: Well I have a small because I wear a 34B but I still had plenty of room in the bust. But the straps are adjustable so it may be able to fit. The bottoms are tight, I think a medium wouldn't hurt cus if there to big just pull em up higher for the high waist affect
noelle s: I'm a 36c but I'm thick n I'm Shapley and I bought a medium I think a large would fit u got a slim body, my issue was the bottom was wayyyyyyy too tight I had to return it however the bathing suit is constructed perfectly fine. It's a really thick stretchy material. I say go for the large
Comments From people who chose this
Rene M chose this because: I like the retro style
Tenea H chose this because: Trendy
Ken P chose this because: It's gorgeous!
Cristina R chose this because: Love this bathing suit! I have a medium and it fits nice. The bra piece is supportive as. It's well made.
noelle s chose this because: I like this high wasted and structure. Fitting is definitely for a slim person
tiffany t chose this because: im glad you guys finally got high waisted items there in style now and this one is sexy too!
Shinia W chose this because: I love high waisted material and mesh
Michelle G chose this because: for a photoshoot
quintika r chose this because: my fav

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