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Plunging Single-Slit Maxi Dress REDPlunging Single-Slit Maxi Dress REDPlunging Single-Slit Maxi Dress REDPlunging Single-Slit Maxi Dress RED

Plunging Single-Slit Maxi Dress

now $18.95
Plunging Single-Slit Maxi Dress REDPlunging Single-Slit Maxi Dress ROYAL

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What's more elegant than a simple dress like this? Not much. Plus, you can keep it as subtle or statement making as you please. Stretchy dress has a smooth, snug fit with a deep, plunging v-shaped neckline. Long sleeve dress is finished with a slit on the skirt. No closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from high shoulder to lowest hem: 55.5"
Length of slit: 27.5"
95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: I am 5'5, will the size small be to short on me with heels ?
Chrissy b: No, im 5'3 so I don't think it would make much of a difference with heels on
Cheryl J: No the dress is pretty long. Im not sure if your really thick in features but if not you will be fine. This dress is my bday dress this friday.
Finesse S: Hmm...I'm 5'3 and I have a medium in this dress the small might be too short
None N asked: im 5'3 and i wear a small but i was to wear heels that are abut 4' wear would the dress stop?
Rittany J: im 5'5 and the dress come to my ankle i dont really like the fit i thought it would be a little longer
Kellie J: No that's perfect
None N asked: Hello, what color red would you say this is, it looks like a darker red on my computer I'm hoping its more of a true red. TY
Shaniqua G: It's not a true red, it's dark.
Charnell c: Its kind of ruby red, def not bright red
Kristina B: I was hoping that as well but your right it is a darkkkk red
Jada B: It's definitely a darker red
None N asked: if I am a 34-B will my boobs fit and look nice in this dress?
JANEIDA R: Yes because I'm a 40c and the top part of the dress barley fit because of my size.
Gigi A: Absolutely !!! That's what I am & it's the perfect fit
Lauren G: Yes I wear a bra and taped my dress to my bra so it wouldn't move
chatan w: Ok I love this Dress however I didn't like how my breasts looked in it I felt like I needed more boobs it's definitely going to be loose in the breast area
Angela A: Yes, I am the same size.
chatan w: Ok I love this Dress however I didn't like how my breasts looked in it I felt like I needed more boobs it's definitely going to be loose in the breast area
candace B: Yes it will I brought the dress for my sister she wears a 32A and her boobs look fine so its all about how cofident you are with you self we all have different size boobs its up to us to embrace it
Andrene W: Yes it fits perfectly. U can buy the two sided tape just to make sure its well secure.
Erin O: I have a 32DD and the dress can only be worn with fashion tape so I don't flash anyone. I think any smaller size will fit just fine. But I recommend the tape! Color is great and the fit is tight and sexy. A good buy!
Shequanda W: I am a 32C and it does not look like the picture.. I went to Victoria Secret and got one of their pungle backless bras.. They are where the pasties are and it looked fine
Anecia W: I am a 36 C and it didn't really fully cover my breast, same with my friend. I suggest double sided tape and/or pasties.
Noelle L: Totally. Just be sure to have some double-sided tape to hold it in place. I'm a 34D and I have a size small. It fits perfect but like I said, double-sided tape is a must!
candace B: Yes I brought it for my sister and she is am 32 A and her boobs looked awesome
NiEshea G: Yep, I'm the same size 5'4 140lbs, size 7 and I ordered the medium
Finesse S: I am a 32 C and I have a medium and my boobs look fairly nice. I don't need any tape to hold them and the fabric isn't loose on them. The front of the dress is really low cut
Destini H: I'm a 32 D and my books look great yours should be fine! This dress feels so good!
None N asked: What is the model's height?
jessica s asked: Im petite, about 5'1 i want this dress but im afraid it will be too long, do you all have petite sizes in this?
Sukina A: Im 5'2 and the length of the dress was fine. it was just the deep plunge I needed to adjust. Hint** its very low, and open!!. Double sided tape is useful!
Ashoni F: I am 5'0 and VERY petite, the length was just fine. especially if you are wearing heels, you should have no problem.
YETTA G: well in 5"5 and I think its short I like my dresses long to my ankles so I order a large but by u being short I think it Will be erfect
cecilia m: Hi Jessica my daughter bought it she is 5 1 also and it fit very beautiful :
Arnesha R: I don't know what sizes they carry but I am 5'0 even and petite as well. However, when I wore the dress I put on a nice sized heel which helped to put some length to me and the dress was a perfect height in conjunction with the heels.
Tiffany W: I'm 5'2" 1/2 and I bought this dress in small red and I love it! I think with a great pair of 4+ inch heels, you'll be fine.
Tonisha T: Im 5'4 and with heels you should be fine.
A M: I'm the same height and took a chance on getting this dress. Pair it with a 4-5 inch heel and the dress is not too terribly long.
renee H: I am 5'2 and I have this in black and it's not as long as it looks! With a great pair of 4 inch heels or higher you'll be fine!
Una H asked: I am 5'5" and wear a 32D, I'm unsure on what size to get because I don't want it to be too short. Would it be safe to go with a small Or should I get a medium?
Tonisha T: get medium
Quiana H: Go with Medium. Small is very tight and will be above ankle length.
TerTiana R: I'm 5'4 bust 32 waist 24 hips 35. I got a small. It's short with heels because it falls just below my ankles without heels. I wore it already, check my IG @teeteeamorr for pictures.
Shelly M: I have small and im 5'4 it stopped above my ankles
None N asked: I'm tall...5'8...I know the model is my height but any other tall girls buy this How did it fit on you Don't want it to be highwater-like
Angela A: I am 5'4' and I purchased a Medium and it was floor length without heels.
Sharyn D: This dress is hot....I love it.... I wore it to a Black & White party last month... I'm 5'9 it fit perfect....
alexis J: Hey I'm 5'9 and the dress was not highwatered it was absolutely gorgeous !
Jasmine B: I'm 5'8" also, got the dress in a medium, and it looks like it does on the model on me and I have 7" heels to go with it...The length is right at the top of my shoes
Kiana M: Same height, it fit perfectly. Except I didn't think the plunge would be so deep Flat-chest, so didn't mind.
Grashula P: Well I don't know how much help I will be to you. I am 5"5 and it fitted me wonderful plus I have a butt and hips. I loved the way it fitted me.
Tonisha T: I'm 5'5 if your 5'8 and with heels it probably would be highwater. Also because I am short the split is really high have to sew it down a little shorter.
Melenie R: I'm 5'10 and the dress came to my ankles. when I put my heels on it was perfect
bianca o: Yes I'm 5'8 and like a 1/2 .. I got this in a medium and it looked just exactly like the model's.. Length and all..
Desher J: I'm 5'2 and with heels it was barely off the floor.
None N asked: I am a 38 DD. Will this item be appropriate for fitting my breast?
Michelle T: Wow you ladies have been blessed lol I'm a 36C Double side tape is a great idea but gojane also has a U bra that is a great investment for plunging necklines like this so that the girls are not loose. it does not show so I love that and if they don't have your size give yourself time to look for one. Or go for a very pretty all soft not cheap because it will cling and bunch the fabric lace corset underneath and go bold and sexy, test it out first if it's for you but most of all ladies keep it Classy! You bought this dress because it's sexy not trashy it's dareing but it doesn't mean you have to fall out of it.
Iesha W: To be honest no because I think I have the smallest breast lol and I ordered a medium but hey it wouldn't hurt to let the girls out
Patricia P: I am a 34 DD and I got a size small and my nipples practically almost show lol. So not appropriate. I will be having to wear a bandeau underneath.
Channay C: Yes, if you order a large and get some double sided tape. Double sided tape is needed regardless of size for this type of dress.
renee H: It's a beautiful dress on. But it is kind of slim on converge. I'm a 34 DD and it barely covers. U may be able to secure it with double sided tape
Lashawna D: I think if you use double sided tape to adjust it to how you need it, it will look just fine
Alika C asked: is this dress see through?
None N asked: Does it run large, small , and what is the material like?
Channay C: Material is a nice stretchy material, super soft with a high luster. I ordered royal blue and the color is so rich.
Comments From people who chose this
Elizabeth R chose this because: the price and the uniqueness of the dress
ROCHELLE S chose this because: i love the splits, sexy much!
Lilian P chose this because: so hoT!
Cheryl J chose this because: ITS HOTTTT. MY 23rd BDAY DRESS. SHOW STOPPER
Dayna H chose this because: the color & clevage.
Qunay M chose this because: This looks like a show stopper dress.
Janiqua C chose this because: This dress has a very sexy feel to it and I need more of the like in my wardrobe!
Kelsey K chose this because: so sexy with heels or wedges but also casual chic with a pair of gladiators, floppy hat and solid plated belt
Adedoyin J chose this because: its sexy
andrea J chose this because: i chose this because i love the cut of this dress. I wish i could've gotten it in blue instead of red but oh well.
Ronald L chose this because: sexy
Je'Kiya H chose this because: sexy and unique
Cecilia M chose this because: Sexy
YETTA G chose this because: Sexty
catherine b chose this because: sexy
shannon G chose this because: My daughter wanted it to wear to prom.
Avril K chose this because: loveit
Mariah P chose this because: My girlfriend is going to look sexy as hell in it.
Jennifer m chose this because: For prom because, it's classy and elegant and cheap :
francoise n chose this because: sexy
Brianna H chose this because: sexy
Christine L chose this because: Sexy
Lucia F chose this because: They fits just perfect !!! I have every color :
Noelle L chose this because: It's sexy, why else\?
Eliane R chose this because: Sexy and Classy! Perfect for the wedding I'm attenting!
Charita F chose this because: va va voom
michelle f chose this because: it's sexy,but not overly revealing
Brooke H chose this because: Sexy and subtle. Also, the rich color.
Daliswan R chose this because: its soo sexyyy !
Kim G chose this because: Pretty, slimming, elegant and cheap.
lazenia w chose this because: it's sexy
Beatrice B chose this because: it's sexy
Jenene R chose this because: Sexy
christian v chose this because: for my girlfriend 21st birthday in vegas!!!!!!
Bethany L chose this because: I like the style
NiEshea G chose this because: pluging neckline, snug fit and high split
L F chose this because: love maxi dresses/ love the thigh high split on the side. SUPER sexy
donald e chose this because: it looks like a classy go out & paint the town red dress hopefully when i see it in real life i feel the same lol.
Sandra M chose this because: Sexy, sophisticated, and classy!
Ranitta M chose this because: Style and price
dinee r chose this because: love the slit
Angie P chose this because: Gogeous!!! & Sexyyy
Grashula P chose this because: I thought it was sexy!! I receive many compliments in this dress! Very sexy
Aya D chose this because: As a girl with a slim body, I chose this dress because I think it'll fit me just right. It's classy & sexy at the same time.
Michael S chose this because: Yes
DeShant'e E chose this because: Sexy and classy yet not expensive
Annamarie V chose this because: like
Melvin E chose this because: Very Sexy, perfect for Valentine's Day
Shanelle L chose this because: MATCHES SHOES
Cathrine S chose this because: boyfriend demanded I get it ;
thamar L chose this because: DINNER
Kelli K chose this because: Love it, I hope it fits good!
Chizhem I chose this because: looks sexy and elegant, daring, yet simple. Plus, I know I'd turn heads in this ;-
Derek C chose this because: my girlfriend wanted it
Chelsey M chose this because: Great price, $0 on shipping. I appreciate that there were multiple angles for checking out what the dress looks like, and on a live model instead of a mannequin. Plus the company actually had the model wear all three colors instead of just altering the photos with the desired shades for each item. Love that!
olga m chose this because: Its so SEXY and I haven't seen anything like it in other sites
Tiffany W chose this because: I needed something sexy to wear when the weather broke here on the east coast!
Lauren B chose this because: I chose this dress because it gives off a Classic Hollywood vibe! I wore a similar dress on NYE and I was looking for one in red, so I was extremely thrilled when I saw this piece!
Vinalyn B chose this because: Very sexy. Perfect birthday dress for my upcoming trip to Paris
Attn: L chose this because: sexy yet classy dress for formal parties
Soncharia F chose this because: Actually Im the Husband, and this is going to look great on my Queen!
renee H chose this because: Its simple and sexy just like i like and it is a great price.
Crystal D chose this because: I'm super skinny size 0 - 1 so I like dresses that are nicely fitted.
Diamond G chose this because: It's simple and I like the v neck

+ Reviews

Plunging Single-Slit Maxi Dress
4 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Toronto, Canada
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

June 27, 2014
This dress is absolutely gorgeous.Love, Love, Love. Very figure flattering. Love this site :)

charleston sc
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

very sad:(
April 30, 2014
Runs very very small. I usually wear a med. I got a large to be safe but it was like a 00. I just looked at it....I knew I couldn't get it on. I has to send it back.
great for really small girls nice fabric nice color
didn't work for me. big boobs

San Diego, CA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Super Sexy
April 12, 2014
Wore the red dress for my birthday and it was a hit. The model does the dress no justice. It's extremely low cut, hip hugging and thigh showing. Definitely will turn heads. Had to use a little double sided tape, but the girls stayed in.

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