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Hike It Up Tall Lace-Up Boots

Hike It Up Tall Lace-Up Boots

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Whether you're going on a Lewis and Clark type expedition or just doing some exploring at the grocery store, just hike up these boots and you'll be ready for the trek. Faux leather boots feature a smooth texture and a curvy stitched design, with an extra tall shaft that dips on the sides and a lace-up front with grommets and sections of hooked eyelets. Boots are finished with a lug sole, a chunky heel, and a full-length side zipper for easy on and off.

Shaft height: 15.5"
Heel height: 1.5"
Circumference of opening: 15"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials
Made in China

Hike It Up Tall Lace-Up Boots
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New Orleans, La
5 Stars
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February 1, 2014
I ordered a pair of shoes very similar to these a few years ago. The shoes I ordered were exactly the same, however mines did not come with a zipper on the side. Overall they are easy to put on and great to wear with anything in order to achieve that military style appearance. I received so many compliments on these shoes that I order my aunty a pair. These shoes run true to size and are comfortable.
Run true to size, comfortable for long walks, and are very cute.
No cons.

Questions about this item
Laurie P asked: Hi I need to find out if the following boots will adjust to a 17 to 18 inch calf with the laces design pleazzzzzzzzzz, what is the largest calf these boots will adjust to?
Jamilah C: Yes, I believe it will fit because you can unlace and adjust the boot. Their really nice and comfortable too. If you could tell me your pants size I could give you a better answer because I could determine your calf size more then trying to take a guess.
Laurie P: Hi, Jamilah, I wear a size 16 pants & my calfs measure 17 & 1/2 " inches....
Jamilah C: Hi Laurie, I think you'll be ok, just buy and try them out, it's worth it.
Holly R: Hi, I have a large calf too, about 16 inches, and they're very snug. The tongue is attached to the sides of the boots and doesn't adjust out. The laces will unlace, but it's the tongue that'll give you the trouble. I would go for another pair of boots.
Lucrecia S: Hi Laurie, to be honest I'm not that sure because I didnt really measure my calf I just winged it. But I feel that they are a tad big on me aroud the calf area and I'm not super skinny ;
None N asked: Just wondering how tall these boots are.. I'm a short girl 5"2 and i don't want them to go above my knee or anything.. they look tall in the picture
Dianna D: I'm 5"2 as well, I just got these and they go just over my knees
Steve R: I'm 5'1" and they come right under my knee...Really nice boots
Renescia H: They fit great I'm 5'3 and they should not come above your knee
CARMEN D: No. They will not go above your knee. I am 5'3" & the top of the front of the boot
came to my knee.
Ramona H: I bought them for my daughter and she's only around 5'3 and they come up below the knee, but she absolutely love those boots!
Rose J asked: If I have flat wide feet and my regular shoe size is an 8 should I get a size 8 or go a half inch up I also have the calf sand thighs of Venus and Serena Williams
None N asked: Do these boots have functional laces and will they fit a wide calf?
Lindsey H: yes the laces function and will give some adjust-ability. I have a fairly wide calf and the boot fit snugly without any adjusting
Laurie P: Hi, may I ask the measurements of your calf I am trying to determine if these boots stretch with the laces design to a 17" to 18" calf?
Amanda R: I returned the boots because they did not fit over my calves.
Laurie P: Hi, may I ask the measurements of your calf I am trying to determine if these boots stretch with the laces design to a 17" to 18" calf?
tanya m: yes the laces are functional and yes they should accommodate large calves, I bought these boots for my daughter and she has thick muscular runners calves.they look really good on her and even gave her calves a slimmer look.
Laurie P: Hi, may I ask the measurements of your daughters calf I am trying to determine if these boots stretch with the laces design to a 17" to 18" calf?
Comments From people who chose this
rebekah j chose this because: stylish yet sturdy
Cindy H chose this because: because i like them
Margaret M chose this because: Because they are tall and lace up
CARMEN D chose this because: Curious to see how these boots will fit.
I have trouble finding good boots to fit my small calf.
Christopher S chose this because: Its what my daughter wanted.
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