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Tribal Magic Lace-Up Boots

Tribal Magic Lace-Up Boots

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Wanna see some tribal magic? Just fold these boots over and abracadabra! Faux leather boots feature a weathered surface with a lace-up front of grommets and hooked eyelets, as well as a stitched combat boot design that can be folded down with the button tabs on each side of the shoe to reveal the tribal print lining. Laces can be adjusted to accommodate a wider fit in the calf, and boots are finished with a ridged sole and a rear zipper for easy on and off.

Shaft height: 9.5"
Heel height: 1.25"
Circumference of opening: 13"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials
Made in China

Questions about this item
None N asked: Do you have to wear them down, or can you wear them like normal combat boot also with it looking good?
P E: I always wear them up! Love them. :
William H: I bought these for my 15 year-old Granddaughter, she loves them and wears them both ways. They look really cute on her.
Luz B: You can wear them either way. They are great because they are versatile and give you two completely different looks.A definite fab item to add to any wardrobe!!!
Lourdes P: I liked wearing them like a normal combat boot. The only complaint I have is that the zipper in one of the boots broke. I only had them for 2 months so it seems like cheaply made.
Abeer C: You can wear them both ways! They do look cute if you wear them up like normal combats. In my opinion they actually look better this way as the flaps tend to be stiff so will kind of protrude outward when you fold them down even with the clasp button but i think for me thats probably because they are still new and i havent worn them enough to make the fold prominent!
Joy A: They look great, both up and down
Renelle H: u can wear them dowm its pretty, but i have only worn mine like normal combat boots i prefer them that way it looks better. the shoe is of great quality and very comfortable.
Adrine T: Looks good both ways looks like normal com act boots
annie d: Sometimes it's hard to match the tribal so I wear them both ways and it looks good.
SAMANTHA C: Yes- you can wear them both ways! Down, is really cute tho- but you do have both options.
Lashanda H: Both ways look cute!
Janaia W: You can wear them both ways. That look great either way
None N asked: Can I order a sixe 8 because that is the size I wear and im not sure if a 7.5 will work?
Michelle C: they fit to size. sure you can
Madison J: definitely order small. i ordered my 9 and i couldve probably worn an 8. they run really big
Elizabeth E: Yeah that's what I bought and I love them
Vickie D: I would order the 8 they are pretty true to size....
Joanna W: I'm not sure since I haven't received my boots yet
joy Y: Yes you can,these boots don't run big, so get the size you wear, I wear a ten and they fit perfect, I love them!
Shaquan S: It should work. I usually wear a 9 and ordered an 8.5 , it fits fine. I actually I think could have gotten away with an 8.
Julie M: Im exactly the same and i ordered the 8 hoping that it would work and to be completely honest, they are perfect! The shoe fits and looks amazing!! I'm actually wearing them at the moment! Definetly get the 8! You wont be disappointed!
Breanna S: True Yes The Boots AreTrue To Size!!! Very Warm And Comfortable.
None N asked: How do they fit for width?
Michelle C: they are okay with me
Vickie D: regular, not wide
Kallie T asked: I wear a 8 or 8.5 in a normal shoe would that size work for me ?
Kelsie R: I normally wear a 7.5 and I ordered a 7.5 and they were giant
vicki e: Bought these for my daughter and she wears 8 1/2 in most shoes. These are a true 8 1/2 they fit her perfect.
CHANISE J: Yes it will be good
Shelby A: I wear an 8.5 in almost everything. I ordered an 8 and they're still a little big on the foot, but I don't mind it, so it's your preference.
Whitney H: I would personally get the 8.5. I order a pair and I normally wear a 6 and I got a 6.5 and they fit perfect.
Sierra F: Yes. My sister wears a 7.5 and l purchased a size 7.5 for her and it fits her perfectly.
Katherine H: I wear a size 6 in every shoe type.
I ordered a 6 in these & they fit perfect.
I would assume they run true to size
None N asked: Do the heels click?
Nhi T: No heels are rubber, do not click.
Lyvia R: Great shoes, many compliments on them. I love this zipper on back, makes it easier to roll down.
Trudyann S: No the heels don't click.
Janaia W: No. And they are very comfortable.
Kaitlynne B asked: I'm not sure on what size I need I have a narrow foot and the only shoe I have is converse which I wear a size 6 women's.
Nhi T: my feet are narrow, but the size 6 worked fine for me. I had to buy insoles because the arches weren't great.
Comments From people who chose this
Jasmine M chose this because: I really love these boots for fall as well as a spring look with a bit of edge!
brenda w chose this because: love the tribal pattern
jessie h chose this because: no other store had my size in these
Kayla S chose this because: Black and white, versatile tribal print when I'm wearing basic tops and want to accessorize with white and black. I can also roll them up when I want just a basic black boot.
Sonja S chose this because: Trendy and cute
Theresa R chose this because: Combat boots were always my favorite.
Cecilia J chose this because: i have been looking everywhere for combat boots and being its going into spring i could not find any. thanks go jane
Harlie A chose this because: hott
April T chose this because: Cute!!
Linda B chose this because: There cute
Rebecca S chose this because: birthday gift
Ayana D chose this because: They are cute and good for winter
Marissa H chose this because: like them
Nicole S chose this because: Because of the accent tribal print
jennifer o chose this because: very nice
Rosa C chose this because: Super cute!<3
Carlina M chose this because: I love tribal prints and i loved these tribal print boots =
Lashanda H chose this because: trendy and cute, needed for dance hiphop
Abeer C chose this because: not exactly what i was looking for but still acceptable
Taylor M chose this because: CUTE!!!
takiki m chose this because: Cute and stylish
Bailey G chose this because: Because I like the pattern and they were the less expensive when it came to shipping taxes.
Francis F chose this because: Very attractive and cool
Grace M chose this because: there tots adorbs!!!!
NYLAHSAMCCRAY M chose this because: they just cute
Susan M chose this because: cute boot
Jennifer S chose this because: They are really pretty.
Kara H chose this because: I have been searching for combat boots and these were by far the most reasonable and looked more fashionable.
Megan V chose this because: Cute
Megan Y chose this because: Love tribal print and style combat boots all winter long, these are perfect for me, just my style!
Yvette M chose this because: Have been wanting some combat boots and really liked the tribal print lining.
Michelle C chose this because: I wear combat boots a lot because they do keep my legs warm and also aaai bought them at this site because the price was pretty fair.
Tammi R chose this because: cause they're cute
LaTasha B chose this because: Boots
Tyanne V chose this because: So cute for wet weather
Tara O chose this because: my niece told me about the online store and I purchased a pair of boots for my daughter.
eugenia c chose this because: CUTE TRIBAL DETAIL
Asia J chose this because: Very cute
Lisa C chose this because: My teen daughter already wears boots like these and has worn her pair out. Hoping she'll like a similar new pair.
Samantha V chose this because: Been wanting a pair of combat boots and couldn't resist the tribal print on the inside!
Kelsie R chose this because: cheap and cute
Mary S chose this because: My daughter sent these items on her Christmas list
Skyler P chose this because: My girlfriend made me buy these for her..
Jonathan W chose this because: A Christmas Present
CHANISE J chose this because: I needed black combat boots
Grace L chose this because: a gift
Anastasia S chose this because: My daughter loved them
Antoinette M chose this because: Christmas gift for my college daughter
Yaratse A chose this because: I chose these pair of boots because they are stylish and I love the fact that you can wear them two different ways!
Susan D chose this because: For my daughter for present
Nhi T chose this because: Great price!
Jasmine N chose this because: As a present for my sister
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