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Chain-ge Of Pace Work Boots CAMELChain-ge Of Pace Work Boots CAMELChain-ge Of Pace Work Boots CAMELChain-ge Of Pace Work Boots CAMELChain-ge Of Pace Work Boots CAMEL
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Chain-ge Of Pace Work Boots

now $34.87
Chain-ge Of Pace Work Boots CAMEL

+ Details

Tell all those haters to take a hike in these bold work boots. Smooth faux leather boots feature d-ring grommets with metal chain link laces threaded through. Chains have a lobster claw closure for easy removal. Round toe boots are finished with padded heel collars around the ankles and a rugged lug sole for traction.

Shaft height: 4.5"
Heel height: 1"
Circumference of opening: 10.5"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials
Made in China

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Sarah E asked: I'm a size 8 in Aiustralia, what size would that be if converted on this website?
Shanavia T: I'm not sure. Try google or look on go janes shoe size chart
GoJane S: All sizes on GoJane.com are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines: http://www.gojane.com/about-us.html#size-section
raquel c asked: how do i clean the boot , i got it in white but it gets dirty so easily How di i clean it ?
Anna C: You can try Jason Markk shoe cleaner.
Rachel N: Honestly I can't remember the home remedy but I can tell u to Pinterest or Google DIY shoe cleaner
Diamonique H: Use hot water and a clean cloth. Don't drench the boot. Wipe it softly
samantha L: I would use something really gentle, maybe a baby wipe or hot water. Don't use any acids alcohol, nail polish remover etc. cause it would probably damage the material and look of it
None N asked: Are any black ones going to be back in stock soon?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Denique C asked: Does anyone know how long the chain is i was thinking about switching the chain out for actual shoelaces so sometimes i can switch it up a bit.
Anna C: The chain is connected to the boot. You cannot remove it.
Hanna X: Sure you can, just use pliers, its really simply
Alexis S: The chain is not that long. It's a bit shorter than an actual shoelace. But you could use a shoelace as a replacement.
None N asked: Do you think the tan ones cute?
britney j: Yes , I got the tan ones I think theyre cute
None N asked: Does the white ones make your feet look big?
Anna C: Kinda
Renee A: Not too sure, I bought the black for my daughter. They look good and she loves them.
Rentoria M: Hmm .. Yes they kind of do! But I still love mine. Got so many compliments too! I was thinking about ordering the black ones next!
None N asked: My size is normally a 10 but since this is a boot should i get a smaller size ?
marlena o: I wear a size 7 & thats what size i ordered & it fit perfectly
Kenneth L: Ahhh I normally wear a 6 so I naturally ordered a 6 and the boot is definitely narrow. I can fit them but a 6 1/2 would have been roomier to wear thick socks with. So I'd say get the 10.
Natalie G: Just get a size ten, their sizing is pretty accurate.
Roneshia B: No I wouldn't get a smaller size. I actually got a size up to give myself extra room and they fit like my actual size. So I'd say say they run a little small.
Sharon G: No my normal size is a 7 so i got a 7.5 and it turned out a 7 would of been just fine so i think if you just get a 10 or a 10.5 you will be ok.
Rachel N: I'm a size 9 and I ordered a size 9 and they fit perfect!!
Diamonique H: No, the shoe is true to size.
Shanavia T: Yea you should. My normal size is a 7 1/2 but I should have got a 7 it was a little bit too big
Ty W asked: Should i get a size smaller, i usually get an 8?
rudy V: No get your correct size , they run true to size
None N asked: I have wide feet, are these narrow Would feet be wise for me to go up a size ?
Ty W: they are quite narrow, but they can loosen up. if you would like a comfortable fit right away, i suggest you go up a size and then tighten them.
Dalila B asked: are they true to size ?
None N asked: do they run true to size?
JANINE H: yes!
None N asked: Is there any way to tighten the boots?
Hanna X: No, the chain is quite loose also.
Comments From people who chose this
Erin S chose this because: I chose these boots because they look similar to the timberland boots that everybody wears but i also didnt want to look like everybody else. I am the only person I have seen with these boots and i get compliments on them all of the time!
arikka w chose this because: really cute and affordable
Queen D chose this because: these are so cute, can't wait too wear them
Isha R chose this because: Cute, coupon code made it affordable
Michaella D chose this because: These are fire! c'mon!
sarah n chose this because: it has a very cute design
Taylor C chose this because: becuz i love my sister
rachel k chose this because: I've been looking for white combat style boots for 3 months ... and these are perfect!!!
Francesca E chose this because: Gift for my daughter as she goes to Canada for a school trip.
Angel B chose this because: i though they looked very fashioable and i though they were tough but at the same time i can put a girly side to it and everyone in the reviews said they loved them so yeah im so excited cant wait to get them
daisy v chose this because: These were a gift for my friend who wanted these type of shoes after seeing them everywhere but not a style she wants and as soon as i saw these i knew she'd loved them specially for the gold chain as shoe laces. They're perfect i might get a pair as well.
rosa m chose this because: i love the color very unique it matches my new coat
jalissa g chose this because: LOVE THEM!!!
jasmine v chose this because: they saucy
Amanda H chose this because: Its different
janae l chose this because: ran out of black boots size 8
james G chose this because: She loved it
Annie H chose this because: why wouldn't i choose this\?
Ashley B chose this because: white ones were sleek and gold accents are a plus
Samantha H chose this because: its cute
Alexis S chose this because: They are very cute shoes & I like the way they look also.
Jennifer O chose this because: Loved them
Katrina G chose this because: Perfect black and gold boot
Simone T chose this because: Christmas gift.
rudy V chose this because: I chose these boots because they really fit my style and they are really cute!!!

+ Reviews

Chain-ge Of Pace Work Boots
4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Brooklyn, NY
4.5 Stars

super cool but chain breaks
July 28, 2014
I have these in black and they're SO cool but before I even wore them the little part that fastens the chain broke off which is a bummer.

Cincinnati, Ohio
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Amazing boots!!!
February 4, 2014
I'm so happy I saw these boots and decided to get them. They're wonderful and very fashionable. At first I thought they were going to be a little bit small on me because of what a lot of people were saying about them, but it ended up being a little big on me(which I like just in case my feet grow a little bigger). These boots were a good purchase. I got the white boot and it looks absolutely gorgeous. I just need to be a little careful with it because its white and can get stained easily.
fashionable Gorgeous chains
can get stained easily if you get white

Chicago, Illinois
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 11, 2014
I bought the white pair & i uploaded a pic to IG & Twitter.. everyone was going BANANAS ! asking me where i got them & whatnot , i had bought the black pair from loveculture already so i definitely wanted the white because they look like WHITE TIMBERLANDS ! i'am truly OBSESSED ! i wanna buy another white pair just in case LOL :)
they're actually white , & true to size , chains are thick also
the white is suede not faux leather , so don't wear in the snow

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