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Sneak Peek Bodycon Dress

Sneak Peek Bodycon Dress

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No need to bare it all because sometimes less is more. Smooth, stretchy dress has a snug bodycon fit and features faux leather straps on the midsection and hem with cut-outs for a hint of skin. Finished with a wide, shallow neckline. No closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from high shoulder to lowest hem: 33.5"
92% Polyester, 8% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

Sneak Peek Bodycon Dress
5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
Kalamazoo, Michigan
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

This dress
April 2, 2014
This dress was very pretty, fits like a glove I really love it!
Fits true to shape
Absolutely Nothing

New Mexico
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Head Turner
March 20, 2014
I absolutely loved this dress! Hugged my curves in all the right places. Lots of looks and compliments. :)

South florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I love this dress
March 20, 2014
This dress is almost perfect! It fits lovely! I got a small and sometimes a small is too big for me still but i love how this dress fits! My only problem with my dress is that the middle band on the stomach opening is completed twisted! The only way to get it to lay flat like in the picture would be to cut it & sew it :(
True to size, sexy!
My specific dress had a twisted band.

Miami, Florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

This Dress is to die for!!!
January 22, 2014
Sexiest Dress Ever!!!
Sexy! Show Stopper! Fits like a glove!

Miami, Florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Perfect Dress for any occasion
January 6, 2014
Got this dress in Black & I must say I love it :) the size you choose is the size you get fit perfectly & they send it out as soon as you order it, mines actually came about 3-4 days early.
Perfect, you might not want to get out of it.

Questions about this item
None N asked: Does this dress in red show or outline your bottom half with a camel toe I am worried it would outline everything please help! Also does the dress gap where the leather is located when you move Does it show your "nips" also bc of the material I apologize for the language but these are true girl problems.
bre b: No, it doesn't. Wear a black bra and you will be fine. The dress is very short, so you will need to be cautious and pull it down a lot. I love the dress. I got so many compliments.
Sha'ron B: Hey, I bought this dress in a medium. It does not "outline" you. It does rise a tad-bit but not too much, im 5'10 &it didn look "too short" I wore black underwear, & I have small boobs, so I didnt need a bra lol but w/ camera on flash you could not see my nipples. The gaps do not move, they pretty much hold everything in place &The material isnt as see-through as I thought It would be. Hope this helped :
Morgan B: I didn't get the dress in red so I won't know how the outline will be. To answer your question to the camel toe, not in the black the fit was great. About the gap I have pretty decent size chest and the top did not move at all. The bottom gaps did move so I would fix those every once in a while. Other than that this dress is very sexy and I actually enjoyed wearing it.
Angela M: I have the black one. The material is not that thin. It fits true to size and if your stomach is flat and your boobs are not huge it should fit without either one of those problems. Mine was a perfect fit
Bonita A asked: Im 5'2" and weigh about 170lbs and my bust size is about 34-36 and Ima B-C cup and was wondering if a medium would fit or do I need to order a large?
Sarahya M: Medium works perfectly! This material stretches!
sheneka c: I dont know I'm 5'11 and weigh about 145 150 lbs and I got a small so you might be ok with a medium the large might end up being to big just follow your first mind and go from there hope you get it . I loved it and how it looked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Victoria V: I'm 5'4" and a 34 DDD and got a medium and it fits perfectly, so I would suggest a medium. It's stretchy and hugs you in just the right ways. Such a great purchase!
Sharnae J: It fits pretty snug so you may want to go with a large
Gary T: Not sure i am 5.7" 120 pounds and the small one fits perfectly.So all i can say is ,its true to size.Its snug,so if u usually order a large in dresses order the large:
Bonita A asked: I'm 5'2" and weigh about 170lbs. I have hips and small waist and my bra size is between a 36b and a 34c. Should I get a medium or large for this dress\\
Sabrina G: I am 5'3 130lbs I have a small waist and hips.I wear 34-36C I got a medium. Depending on your measurements it should help you decide on whether you want a M or L. But I will say that this dress is made of a stretchy material so it is capable of adjusting a bit with your curves.
Brittany T: Definitely a large. It's stretchy material, but the straps keep your body in line.
kameice b: I would recommend u get a large cause it fits very close
Donshanique B: This dress is extremely thin and stretchy. Sort of like leggings I think you would be able to get a medium.
Sabrei M: Medium
Stephanie J: I would get a medium.. I weigh 130 and I got a small and the dress is stretchy as well.
None N asked: I'm 5'7 and weigh 120 lbs and typically wear a size 1-2. Should I order a small or medium?
Amber L: Idk a medium may be fine for you... When I bought this dress I based it off what size skirt & shorts I wear which is a large... I'm 5'4 and weigh 149 lbs... I'm more bottom heavy than top so my dress is a little loose at the top and fitted on the bottom.
Tamara S: a small , i usually wear a 7-8 and i got the medium & it fit perfect. it stretches
Bittany B: Small
Teisa F: Hello, I am 5'7 and weigh about 130 lbs. i bought a small and it fit me very well. I would definetly go with a small.
Joyce A: This dress is stretchy material which is great so i would recommend a small for you.
Brandi J: You should order a small.
Angel W: A small
Kishawn P: Small
tabertha b: Small
Stephanie B asked: Is this material similar to a bathing suit It looks a bit shiny.
tessa c: no it's not, an the spandex is thicker than mormal, i thought it would be really thin to see your panty line but its great material
Alexis H: No not really.
kristal j: No its not its a body hugging spandex material it perfect I loveee this dress I want another color
Monnikha B: The leather looking part is shiny, but it's not like a bathing suit.
None N asked: just wanted to know if this dress is seems like it in the photo but i'm not sure if its just shiny
LaTonya W: No this dress isn't see through
Kayla F: This dress isn't see through
Tiliah M: It is in black
jesi r: Nope, not at all, and the size is perfect fit! I hope you get it!
Nakia G: Yes a little so wear black under garments
Crystal B: Love the dress... Perfect for the night out. I got compliments all day, however looking at all my facebook/ instagram tags... You could clearly see through the dress! :
Ericka C: No I have mocha colored an u cant see a thing, I thought so also so I like had pics tooken of me when I tried it on to see if you could also..
Kristin W: Nope it isn't see thru at all!
Beverly E: No, it's not see through at all.
M L asked: Will this be great for Church wear?
DeUntrea D: Church wear!?
Rita A: No!
isis c: No ! This dress is club attire
Stephanie J: Absolutely!
Racquel T: Noooo way !
kameice b: No this is not appropriate for church it's more for a elegant party but not church
Stacy S: No way!! It was too short for the CLUB!!
None N asked: I've read that some sizes fit smaller than the actual size. Are all sizes true to size or should I order a size larger than what I actually wear?
Lanisha B: I'm 5'2 120 lbs and I ordered a Small my true size and it fits perfectly !
Tierra M: Its true sz and its spandex so it clings to the body
Stephany F: No that won't be necessary! I order a large because that's what I wear, & it fits perfectly!
Angela M: If you would like it to fit to your body order your true size. I ordered a small and it fitted perfectly
Briana W: I would say that mine fit true to size.
Marilyn E: I think it fits pretty true to size. I normally wear a medium and ordered a medium, it fit perfectly. It's a really sexy dress you'll love it.
tierra r: The dress fits true to size with a little stretchable room. I am a size 4 and wear a small. My dress fit perfect!
titiana B: True to size this dress. Is really tight
Briana V: This dress is true to size. Because the material is stretchy and form fitting I feel like you can get your size or a size up and still be good. You should be okay ordering your true size though.
sinaja p: Hey ! I feel like it's true to size .. I ordered a medium I'm 5'8 and around 170 pounds ! Hips boobs and butt ! It fit perfectly:
Miranda R asked: I'm about 130 lbs and 5'3 there's only a large left is there anyway that this would fit me right or is it not worth it i need it to fit tight in the right places,
also any info on how quickly this will ship i need it within a week
Nicolette D: Mine came about 3 days after ordering. I'm 115 lbs & 5'4 & bought a small that fits me perfect. A large would definitely be too big.
siani H: I'm around the same size and I got a medium and it fit perfectly so I'm not sure if u should get a large
Nakia J: Miranda, I'm 5'2 and 125 pounds and it fits me fine!
Stardasha T: No, I'm like 155 and 5"7. I bought a medium and it fits me perfect.
Cassandra B: girl get it! though it's a large this material is very tight regardless! I loved the dress!
Gabrielle Q: this dress fits true to size. I would recommend a medium due to the leather bands which are not elastic and will slum if purchased to large.
Shipping varies depending it took about 3 business days for mine, but i used a promo code to assure no overcharge of shipping.
None N asked: I am 5'6 155 lbs. Should i get the med or lrg i usally wear a sm or med in shirts. Flat stomach. I wear a 9 in jeans.
Cotrina J: a medium should be fine. its really stretchy so it will hug ur body. im also about 5'8 it was finger tip length I purchased a small tho as I am 110 lbs.
Nane J: small medium is going to be big on u
Bittany B: You should a medium
Amber L: I am 5'5 I weigh 150 lbs and I wear a size 11 in jeans. My stomach isn't flat but it's not big either & I got a large in this dress. I'm more bottom heavy than top heavy and other than the dress being a little lose at the top I would say the dress fits me well! I would say stick to whatever size you normally get in a dress or skirt.
Teisa F: I purchased a small and it fits perfectly. I am 5'7 135lbs and wear a 7 in jeans. I would say go with a medium.
Jasmin H: Medium
Kishawn P: Well I'm 5'3 155lbs no stomach I too wear a 9 in pants/jeans. I got the medium and it fits perfect. Just like it does on the model. So I'm guessing you can get the medium as well.
Brandi J: You should order a medium. I think the medium would fit just right!
Timothy M: I am 6' very slim 160 lbs and purchased a Large! Fits me very well!
Kashya M: A medium should be good. It's stretchy fitted material anyways.
Tyler S: their clothes run small & I had to get a large . I also wear a med tops and 10 bottoms
Kalaya S asked: I'm 5"6 and 142 pounds. I want it to fit nice . Medium Or,Large?
Jessica s: Well i will get a medium because it's really stretchy and I got A large in that dress n I am 5 6 193 pounds with hips and curves and it fit fine
Shanequa R: Most Definitely Medium.
Nicole J: Med
Tamara S: im the same size & got a medium & it fit great!
Alexis J: Medium
Joyce A: I purchased the large & it looked so cute on me! But I'm 5'11 and 163 pounds. If you wanna check out my pics of me wearing the dress check my Instagram page it's open to the public to see, it's @aisha_arab
Michaela B: Medium should be fine. I'm 5''6 136 pounds and I got me a medium also. It fits very well since the dress by itself is very stretchy
Michaela B: Medium should be fine:
Brittaney O: I'm 5'7 120 and I got a small and it fitted like a glove but since you want a medium or large ill def say Medium!!!
Angel W: Order a medium
Alexis H: I have a small and I'm 5'5 & I'm 162 and it fits nice. You can try a medium if you want. But from my pictures the dress fits great.
Kalaya S: Hi Alexis, Thanks! I know I need a medium but they only have large in stock. That's why I was asking would large workout or not.
Kalaya S asked: If I wear a 9 in juniors should I get a Medium Or Large\ #QTNA
titiana B: And I'm like 5'1 123lb
titiana B: Well the dress is tight i got a small i wear a 4 or 5 idk ... i would get a medium only because i like my stuff really form fitting
J C: I'm 5 or 7 I got med, so I would say large for you
Juicette W: The dress is made of stretchy material. I'm a size 7 in juniors and I got a medium. Fits perfectly.
Rosanna T: Medium
Ericka C: I really dont know the size for juniors in 9 like how it looks, but I wear a 5 in jeans an small in shirts and I just grabbed a small dress.. I dont know if that helps any but I would say a medium an also your body shape.
Tiliah M: Large
Kalaya S: HI Tilliah. why do you suggest large and not medium did you purchase a large?
Tiliah M: I'm a 6 and I got a medium it fit perfect up top but kept rising at the bottom
Kalaya S: Okay Thanks!
isis c: Medium fits like a small but a large will be perfect as well depending on how tight you would like it to fit
Kalaya S: I would like it to fit my body and look nice. I don't really care about it being to tight, I just don't want it to big. I know I need medium the only problem is that they only have large in stock.
isis c: I'm not sure but I think the dress runs small so a large May fit just as well as a medium
None N asked: I am 5'6 and 125 pounds. Will the medium do It's all they have left. I want it really tight.
Anna M: YES - definitely go for the medium if you want a fitted look! This dress is SUPER hot on - XOXO
Takeyla J: It's runs small so yes
Dreana M: No you will definitely need a small a medium will be too big I ordered a small and I'm about your size it fit me nice and tight for new years
Kayla F: It should do just fine. I have similar measurements and I'm in love with this dress! A real knock out for the event I went to and really defined my curves.
krystal b: No get small
Jasmine S: Yes i a medium will be perfect i'm the same size and i fit me perfectly.
sinaja p: I'm 5'10 170 medium fits perfect and I have big breast and hips and butt! U need the small :
jesi r: Yes it will fit perfectly, I'm 5'1 105 and small fits perfect
Breonna R: It should work because I am 5'1 113 lbs and I had a small and it fit perfectly.
Sabrina S: To be fitted & tight get A SMALL I bought a small I'm 5'2 130 pounds it fits perfect with a small. But maybe a medium will do just not as tight!
Breana D: Yes it will be tight bc I'm 5'7 and weight 130 and it's tight on me will show all curves
Kristin W: I lovveeee this dress. And you will too! Im 5'5 and weigh 106 I wear a size 1 pants very slim body and mines is very well fitted in the small so a medium should fit you perfectttt!
Lisleaned r: Yes definitely! I got a small & it's super tight, I'm 5'3 & 125lbs and I had to squeeze into the small lol so definitely medium shall be fine :
Miyoba N asked: Did anybody that is a size small buy a medium and did it fit just fine there is only medium available . I am 5"1 and weigh 123
Tina M: I would advise u yo yo buy it im 5'5 an weight 150 its a lil short an it will probably be loose on you
cydine c: Im 5'2, 120 but a bit curvy and i bought a small. After actually trying it i think i wouldve liked a bigger size medium more. So if ut curvy the medium should be great
Tierra M: I ordered a small about 5'5 130lbs and it clings to the body good
tavy t: I wouldn't suggest that you get a medium if you want a form fitting look. I would go with a small
crystal c: A small will wrk. I am 135lbs and the small was perfect
Gary T: im 5.7 and weigh 118 pounds and the small fits perfect.I cant tell u abt the medium but thinking that u a little shorter then me but 4 pounds heavier the medium should prob still fit u.the dress is very stretchy.
Daria R: Well Miyoba I am a size medium but I could've done a large.because I have.a butt. I'm 5'4 156lbs. You can do a medium because its super fitted
None N asked: I am 150 pds and am 5'5. I usually for the most part wear a size medium in shirts. Im wondering if I should go up to a Large for this I have a little bit of a belly from child birth, so that's mainly why im wondering if I should go up a size. any suggestions?
Sitoria T: Yes get a Large
Monique B: I purchased this dress in brown I am 5'10 and 152 pounds and it fit perfect. Iweae a small in shirts because I dont have any boobs but I can also wear medih ms too n I say its true to size but the material is very stretchy and tight not too mention THIN so I guess u may want to be aware of that. Other than that I love it and once I figure out what to wear underneath it will be perfect! Get a medium I say
Erin K: Get the size u need because it stretch when you put it on
Joyce A: I think getting a large to be safe is a good idea, since the dress is made out of the stretchy material it will still be form fitting and nice. I love this dress! I bought the turquoise colored one
None N asked: how does the size run for this, im about 138 pounds?
soundietta c: You should get a medium probably I depends on your breast size because it really lifts the dress up I'm 124 and I got a small and the shape it brings out .....
Ziska A: The medium would suit you, im 132 and I took the medium
Ziska A: The medium would suit you, im 132 and I took the medium
cydine c: Im 5'2 and weight about 120 and my size small that I purchased fits me tight, so i would have preferred a medium to have a little bit more space.
Renee M: I'm 108 n this dress fits great. I wore a small and it was perfect and true to size.
Tara D: It's true to size, the material is stretchy.
Lauren W: I'm around the same size. I purchased a medium, perfect fit!
Jennifer G: It's really stretchy I'm size small and fits perfect!! It's pretty much spandex all around.
tavy t: It's form fitting I'm two pounds heavier than you so it should fit you well
jesi r: Prolly gonna need a medium or large, I got the XXS n fit me perfectly but they do strech .. And I love this dress!
None N asked: Is this dress a velvet-like material?
monique r: no its more of a spandex
cydine c: it feels more like spandex materiel
None N asked: I weight about 120lbs, I was wondering if I should get a size small or medium?
cydine c: I would like to know the same thing as well\?
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Tammie M chose this because: Unique clubwear
davina p chose this because: This dress is sexy!
Abeodu J chose this because: i love the style .
Faith P chose this because: girls night out !
Asianna W chose this because: LOVE THE DESIGN
Paige L chose this because: I THINK ITS SO SEXY
Stepahnie W chose this because: i love it
Angela B chose this because: Love the edgy look
Patrice N chose this because: Sexy and sleek meets affordable. Love it!!
Moriah W chose this because: Perfect red dress! Shows a little skin but not too much. Still sexy
Bridgette B chose this because: Sexy
Ishmiyah E chose this because: its sexy
Dionna C chose this because: Evelyn from Basketball wives had this dress on in a instagram picture and it looked amazing!
Robert C chose this because: This is a stunning dress
Deanna D chose this because: Needed an update on a little black dress
Avona M chose this because: It goes with the heels I ordered!
Brittany T chose this because: Red looks good on me!
Monet T chose this because: Very Sexy dress!
Diyoncea J chose this because: Show Stopper
Maya T chose this because: Sexy but classy valentine day dress!!
ebonee m chose this because: it is for my 18 birthday coming up this week and it was so cute and sexy I haven't found anything that out does it
Nakia J chose this because: Simple and sexy dress...all eyes!!
Daria A chose this because: Unique and Sexy
Andrea I chose this because: looking to wow everyone for my birthday
Briana V chose this because: So sexy and different. Can't wait for it to arrive!
Mynika F chose this because: Love the sexy cutouts
TASHA V chose this because: this is BAD! I can't wait to wear it!
Michelle S chose this because: hottt
Marquilla J chose this because: Nice
Tifini B chose this because: its so cute! i think i'll look sexy in it
Alvonda L chose this because: Very sexy revealing in the right places
Terril M chose this because: Party
titiana B chose this because: soooo cute matches my red hair lol
Regina M chose this because: Daughter looks great in this!!! Nice fit!
Destinie W chose this because: sexy
Juicette W chose this because: Hot dress
jasmine c chose this because: Birthday Dress!!!
Sierra S chose this because: sexy and classy
kendall s chose this because: its a hot statement piece that looks expensive but bargain basement priced. better not have a gut though because it will show...
siani H chose this because: because its hot and sexy!
Stardasha T chose this because: Sexy
Alexis J chose this because: Nice
Sidney D chose this because: BECAUSE IT'S MY 21ST BIRTHDAY
cymone S chose this because: It's different, revealing but not too much.
Candace N chose this because: I really loved it ...
Teisa F chose this because: Very sexy and classy
M U chose this because: Style!
Christina D chose this because: HONEY, IT WILL MAKE LOOK GORGEOUS
Ziska A chose this because: Sexy, like me
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