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Deep Down Plunging Jumpsuit REDDeep Down Plunging Jumpsuit REDDeep Down Plunging Jumpsuit REDDeep Down Plunging Jumpsuit RED
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Deep Down Plunging Jumpsuit

now $19.27
Deep Down Plunging Jumpsuit REDDeep Down Plunging Jumpsuit TEAL

+ Details

Don't own a jumpsuit? Deep down you know that now's the time to take the plunge. This smooth, stretchy jumpsuit features a plunging shawl neckline and bands around the wrists and waist. No closures are included.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from shoulder to lowest hem: 57.25"
Inseam: 32", Waist: 22"
95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry. Do not bleach
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Kalyn S asked: I am small up top but slightly bigger towards the bottom small shirt, and 7 in pants should I order a small or a medium\
Carlotta R: It fit true to size......A medium should be perfect.
Jessica B: Order a medium. Im a 7 as well and my jumpsuit fit perfectly.
Robin D: I ordered a small and it fits great, I wear the same sizes as you.
Natasha S: Small should be fine I'm shaped like you tiny waist big hips and the large fit me fine
Wytisha R: I love this jumpsuit. It fit perfect !!
Kalyn S: Great! I ordered a small, cant wait until it gets here! I have been looking for a jumpsuit like this for a while now
Torri P: The jumpsuit runs true to size, I ordered a "medium" I am 5'7 average breast c cup, fuller butt area, slim build
anita m: Small
Treasure H: you probably will be able to fit a small, the material will stretch.
Melissa O: I'm small busted and wear size 3 pants. I ordered a small and it fits well. I would say it depends on how you want it to fit. The material is stretchy, but it would depend on how tight you want the butt to fit. If you're going for a close fit I would say small is fine.
M S: I'm a 36d small actually. And a 5/6 pants. I ordered the black in a medium.. It has a lil from , but still sexy. Hope that helps
Minnie K: A small should be perfect!
renua g asked: i wear a lower size six and an upper size four, will the small fit?
marquita c: Yes I think it will the material is very stretchy and will conform your figure...
samantha r: Yes the material stretch
Demetria S: Yes
Janese J: Yes it runs kind of big
tasha h: It should fit fine, I got a size large because Im a size 12. Its fits perfect on the bottom, the top fits fine but may have to pin and wear a bra underneath because it is deep plunging and once I tried it on and moved a good bit I had a nip Hope this helps, very sexy though and runs kinda long!
Anjel M: you'll probably need the medium im a size 2 and the small fits just right for me. the material fits vey tight but I love it
Reiche M: No you need to try a medium. Bc a small will be too little and extremely to tight.
Vanessa A: Yes, most likely. I wear a size 8 or 10 bottom depending on material and a medium top and the medium fits me perfectly.
None N asked: Is it true to size?
Jarvis J: Yes it is
Claudette J: Yes, it is...I got a small and it fits great.
Marinet D: It runs small and very thin
Minnie K: Yes I ordered a large and it was a perfect fit!!!
Treneece D: YES
Kellie J: Yes
Torri P: Yes it is true to size
Treasure H: yes it is, the cut in the front is very low cut & the red one is not true to color it's more of a burgundy red.
Natasha S: Yes it is true to size
Robin D: Yes it is
None N asked: Is this jumpsuit see through in the back If so do you think it'll go away with larger size or is it see through no matter what size you get?
LaTesha N: I returned this item because it didnt fit me properly.
Myia A: See through no matter what size so I got leggings to go under because it's seriously that thin but it's still cute don't get a bigger size tho it won't fit right
Wytisha R: No this jumpsuit is not see through in the back. I loved this jumpsuit .
jason c: I lovveee this fits so its not see through in the back ..& I wear a 13 in jeans ..but I got a medium in this outfit..& it fits PERFECT
Glenn R: Hello ,it isn't see through at all.All spandex form fitting runs true to size you"ll love it.
Kylie B: I got the black jumpsuit. The material is thick however once it stretches it's a little sheer in the butt area but not that noticeable. My bottom is plump but it looks ok. just add a belt or a body chain and you will be fine. I wouldn't get a bigger size if you want the legs to fit tight.
Kylie B: I got the black jumpsuit. The material is thick however once it stretches it's a little sheer in the butt area but not that noticeable. My bottom is plump but it looks ok. just add a belt or a body chain and you will be fine.
Sharyn D: It is, but it's not super noticeable.... It fits very good and it's really sexy....
dorleia p: No the jumpsuit may be spandex but it is not see though and you want it to fit you slug so that it will hug your curves. I love the way it fits and I use tap to keep my boobs sitting perfectly inside it so I don't have a nip slip
None N asked: Hi , i have a 36D bust & my jean size is a size 9 ,i was wondering which size would fit better the medium or the large Ive seen the sizing chart but i want this jumpsuit to fit very nicely and not be loose in any areas.
raven P: Hey girlfriend, I personally would recommend a large. I have a medium and I'm sized 34B and 7 in jeans and it fits well.
kristine m: I have a med I wear a size 12 in pants and it's not skin right it's a lilbit loose but comfortable so idk u could even try the small just depends if u want it tight or not. I could have gotten a small.
Jinneturis M: It has great stretch ability so it will fit to every individual curve. I have a very large bottom hips are a 42 but my waist is a 34 & my bust is only a 28 and it fits like a Glove
Cenethia R: I would definitely get the medium we are almost the same size and i got the medium 36/c size 7-8
Tracey S: a small normally fits me perfect and I ordered a medium and it fit quite nice. I would suggest going one size up.
Tikaya A: I personally think it depends on how you like it to fit. The material is much more giving than it looks. I would go with a medium.
Kimberly P: then I would go with the medium! I'm size 13 with a lrg
None N asked: How does this fit?
Christisha A: Very nicely fitted & doesn't ride up at all
wendy b: The suit fits amazing but the material is very sheer. I purchased all three colors love the fit
princess c: Perfect, but came inn with a little minor loose on side which I take care of.i love it.
Alisha W: Fits very comfortable and shows all your curves...
Excellent jumpsuit!
BRITTANY M: The deep down plunging jumpsuit fits me perfectly!!! It fits just like it is shown on the model. I love it!
Renasia A: It fits great I love it
None N asked: How will this look if have a 34D chest, will the small barely cover?
Samantha L: It will barely cover a 34D chest. The vneck plunges deep, I'm a 34b and it covered just enough.
Go for a medium, it runs small.
MARISSA L: I ordered a medium and I am a 34b it looked exactky like the picture so if u get a small it will barely cover for sure
carol h: hi shopper i brought this jumpsuit in Dec and it is great i took it to jamaica and i had no problem with it my breast size is 34b i wear a tube top with it
Kelly W: No,it fully covers the breast.
nicole i: Yes a small does cover it, I am a 36D
Benita N: Lol it will look amazing and sexy. Especially the front because it has a v design. It will look fit on you. The outfit is gorgeous.
Christian M: I say yes I'm a 34d as well and the plunge on this goes low. I'm considering getting it altered a little i got mines in a medium it's sizing is to the tee. And the material is slightly thin but I love it!
Jailyn R: I think it might cover you but if you plan on doing a lot of dancing you're probably going to pop out. I'm a 34 C and I was having that problem when I tried it on so I ended up stitching mine together a little bit so I would feel more secure.
Stephanie J: No it should cover completely . Everything was covered well when I wore mines .
None N asked: I am 5'10 will it fit me in length?
MARISSA L: yes it will I am 5"10 also and it fits perfect in lenght
Imani B: I got a medium and I'm 5'3. It is a little small around my chest but I'm a DDD. There are a few extra inches in the leg, so you should fit a large.
Brittany M: yes. But to me it fit me more like a circus leotard than anything I would wear out so I sent it back. I'm 5'8".
Judienne G: Yes it will because i am also pretty short
Ivory B asked: im 5'10 will the inseam be long enough to wear a bootie shoe?
Gerri s: Yea the jumpsuit is pretty long.
akia j: @ivory B...yes it is. I am 5'9 and the pants are long enough. This is very sexy!
Elrica M: No. Not at all
LaTonya B: Yes,it will be long enough. The inseam is not short at all
Iman A: Yes i think it will.. Im 5'6 and not skinny at all and the inseam still had a good amount of room... It was tight but there is a good amount of length. I ordered a large .
candice b: Yes you should be fine. I am 5'9 and it hits me at a good spot.
Lachunti T: No I'm 510 as well and the bottom of the jumpsuit stops right at my ankles.. You can wear your booties or heels with ankle strap if you want, they won't be hidden
Keshawnda M: Yes I'm 5'3 and it fit me like it was for someone 5'10. I had saggy parts that needed to be pinned
Tammy T: Yes it will
Ivory B: Thank you is it really see through?
Tammy T: Yes it is
Tammy T: Yes
Concerned V asked: Will this outfit look good on girls with flat chests Considering the plunging neckline.
michelle f: Yes it will, because im flat chested, or you can wear a push up bra
Claudette J: Yes, I am a full B cup and I wore this, It did not look sloppy or anything, very clean, seductive neck line
Minnie K: No because the breast fill it out in the front.
Arlette L: Yes. I add a padded T back sport bras to match whatever color you like. That is how I wear mine I over them I have 4 different color I am in love with all of them . I wish I could send you a pic
Natasha S: I think it would look better on flat chest than it did me I couldn't keep it closed because my boobs are big. Smaller chest less hassle
Treasure H: no not at all
tavy t: Yes it would im a B . So you will be fine.
Alisha B: Yes the more perky & flat chested you are the better it looks. I have big boobs so i had to wear a bra :
Arlette L: Yes .i use my with a Thank top and a push up bras. Look very good on me that is the reason why I have 4 of them. I wish I could send you a picture . I am in love with them
M S: Im a 36c. And this is a really deep plunge. .
Jonay w asked: How is the fit True to size Or does it run big/small?
Treasure H: true to size but not like I expected , the red is really dark.
Janese J: It's a perfect fit
Akira H: It fits true to size! it's a very sexy outfit if you have the right body type for it.
Christierra S: It fits perfect and also true to size wasn't to small or large. Very satisfied with this purchase.
Tiffney A: It fit to to however the shape of your body, it's thin and I'm 165 so I needed a large! Go for it!
Torri P: The jumpsuit fits true to size. I enjoyed wearing the jumpsuit
Natasha S: It's true to size however it's on the see through side.... meaning make sure you wear black underwear
Minnie K: It's true to size it's a great fit I'm a large and I love the fit!
Alisha B: I would say its trye to size, but it is stretchy material.
Demetria S: True to size
Marcelette E: It fits great! True to size, and it's a firm fitting fabric so it hugs your curves! I love it.
None N asked: How is the fit True to size I recently purchased a medium but as i was going over the size chart. I fell under the large measurements. i have a small bust but big hips and bubble butt.
I'm afraid the medium will be too small and the large would be baggy up top.
Keierra M: What size do you normally wear in jeans?
Robyn J asked: I really want this in black but will this be long enough for me I am almost 5'10.
Akira H: I'm 5'9" and it was barely long enough..
Marcelette E: Yes. it will be long enough.
Shareese C asked: Is this velvet material ?
Daresha L: It's a really thin materiel. I believe it's Nylon...very stretchy!
Ngozi N: No it's polyester
Torri P: No it's not velvet material. It looks nice and doesn't look cheap. I'm 5'7 and I ordered a medium. Hope this helps.
carol h: no its not
KENYATTA N: its a stretchable satteen material
Irish C: No, it's not velvet material. It feels more like a silky type with stretchy material in it. I have not worn it yet, because the legs are much longer than needed, so I have to get alterations done.
Shannon E: No
michelle f: No it's spandex mixed with rayon but more spandex.
LaTisha M: No it's a stretch vinyl material. True fit and hugs the curves
A V: No, the one I purchased has a polyester feel.
None N asked: What are the measurements for the medium?
None N asked: I can't tell if the suit is lined, and i'm worried if i buy it, when I put it on its going to be see through. Has anyone experienced this?
Myia A: Yes i have in black and it looks nice on but it is completely see through Ill probably put a legging on under it or tights
Shateka B: The suit is not lined and it's not sheer but also not thick. I simply tried it on and have decided to keep it. It didn't appear see through when I tried it on, but either way its a keeper!
Charde P: Is this velvet?
Comments From people who chose this
J K chose this because: Go down a size if you buy this outfit
samantha e chose this because: Love jumpsuits
JONEL B chose this because: For My Birthday And It Fit Great
Jacqueline G chose this because: I like the way it look...a simple cut in the middle made it more sexier
Nicole K chose this because: This Jumpsuit is exactly what i was expecting. It fits really well, and the color is better in person.
Carmella T chose this because: I think it will be cute on me. It was on sale.
Christina P chose this because: It's for my birthday! Sexy and hot!!
Michelle A chose this because: Looks like it will fit well
Tanesia R chose this because: sexy
Myriah H chose this because: its sexy yet simple and classy. less is often more!
Syriah C chose this because: I'm celebrating my birthday on saturday
latoya m chose this because: RESAONABLE PRICING AND LOVE OUTFIT
Wytisha R chose this because: I knew it would fit my body perfect !!\\\\?
Candice B chose this because: Birthday outfit
shakeidra s chose this because: Fits my curves
Alexis M chose this because: Cute and reasonable
Tashira S chose this because: Its hot
Mari P chose this because: very cute.
Beverly M chose this because: It was pretty
Ebony S chose this because: This was very sexy and seemed like it would be comfortable.
Ivory B chose this because: very sexy yet simple you can dress it up or down!
Glenn R chose this because: I like to dress sexy.
Nikea P chose this because: I chose this jump suit because it was grown and sexy. This site carries all of the latest fashions and trends. Shopping here is never a disappointment
Raiysa A chose this because: I'm tall with long legs and this jumpsuit has a long inseam.
Kiwanee C chose this because: Tres chic!
Gretta H chose this because: Jumpsuit I love
Kimberly T chose this because: Sexy!
Dominique L chose this because: It is sexy and I can accesorize it.
shanna h chose this because: Love the front
Tee C chose this because: The Color stands out. I love this. I am 5'3 145. Looks very nice. Great quality for the price. I paid $20 on sale.
Jinneturis M chose this because: Cute and stylish at a low cost
Patrice N chose this because: Sexy
raissa n chose this because: it's sexy!
tricia O chose this because: similar to Beyonces jumpsuit from her recent concert
Jamia W chose this because: for my birthday
Kelli K chose this because: This fits me perfect. Very sexy.
Simone C chose this because: I love sexy jumpsuits
johanna c chose this because: it looks nicely fitted on model. It so simple yet so sexy,,,cuaght my eye
Jasmine O chose this because: It's very Stylish! def on trend
Davona M chose this because: Its really cute, sexy, and I needed a jumpsuit for an event coming up
Tricia M chose this because: Sexy as ever
Shakima J chose this because: Can not resist the price. Super cute!
TASHA V chose this because: This is sleek, simple and sexy
kathleen f chose this because: very sexy and in my price range
Shaunice H chose this because: Cute simply and fun
Bianca P chose this because: This is a throwback to 80s simple but an amazing statement staple to any wardrobe. Pair some statement jewelry & awesome heels & u got a showstopper! Can't wait to rock this!
Samantha L chose this because: its sexy!!
LaToya C chose this because: Very Sexy and Classy!!!!
Delone S chose this because: My lady likes it...
Rickiya l chose this because: sexy
Damia M chose this because: New Years outfit
BERNADETTE S chose this because: Love jumpsuits and the long sleeves with plunging neckline.
Pauline A chose this because: sexy
Lisa N chose this because: Looks the best on my body type and is my FAV!! was hoping u were getting them in again last time they were sold out :/ Yay cant wait for them to come!!!!!
S H chose this because: Sexy, I really wanted the burgundy tho.
michelle f chose this because: very sexy,and the price is unbeatable,saw same thing online,and GoJane has the best price !!
Satorious m chose this because: I have the leaopard and love the fit! Its sexy, simple and chic!

+ Reviews

Deep Down Plunging Jumpsuit
4 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Akia Jones
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Grown Woman Sexy
October 7, 2014
Very sexy, love the fit!
Plunge a little to deep. Had to pin it

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

September 14, 2014
The deep down plumping was just enough cleavage, but it was too big for me. I ordered a small and an extra small probable would've fit better. I received tons of complements on it though.
Too big

4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love it
January 16, 2014
Love this jumpsuit. The v is cut low which is what adds the sex appeal. Add a gold belt w it & you'll love it

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