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Its A Wrap Mini Dress BLACKIts A Wrap Mini Dress BLACKIts A Wrap Mini Dress BLACKIts A Wrap Mini Dress BLACKIts A Wrap Mini Dress BLACK

Its A Wrap Mini Dress

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Its A Wrap Mini Dress BLACK

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It's a wrap! This mini dress features a surplice neckline with an angular wrapped skirt and a coated, leather-like fabric. Dress has a fitted band around the waist, is stretchy, and doesn't include any closures. Finished with sleeveless, pleated straps.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from shoulder to hem: 34"
96% Polyester, 4% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

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Questions about this item
Lashoade C asked: 5 '6 145 pounds what size should i get \ Also is the dress stretchy?
amina m: It's very strechy n I would say a medium because it high in thigh area
WANDA G: I got a medium n I weight 151 it was small I had to return it for a large n I still waiting for it
Alexandria C: Hi Lashoade C,
I recently bought the dress in white and I'm 5'6.5 around 137 pounds and I bought a large and the fit is okay since the fabric is a bit stretchy its slightly loose,however if you are looking for a more fit to your body i would suggest a medium.
shasana N: I would say large, am 5'6 160 pound and it fit perfectly, a lil short but I like it. And I goes on to say I got the white in color and it very cute
Myrilin C: Get a medium. Its stretches to a certain extent. I got a large and its a perfect fit..if i could have ordered extra large i would have.
Leonise J: You Can Get A Medium.. Yes But Not To Stretchy
Sharon M: Yes the dress is stretchy and it fits very well. Not sure what size you should get I'd look at the size chart. It runs pretty true to size. I got a large and I'm 160lbs and it was a really good fit.
La'Vonne T: And it wasn't all that stretchy. I had a hard time putting it on and taking it off.
La'Vonne T: I'm 5'4 and about 140. I couldn't even fit into the medium like I wanted to. But I also have a few curves, so that could've been the issue.
None N asked: I'm 5'2, pretty athletic built and my waist is 27, bust 34. Will I need a small or a medium?
Desirae S: Hey the wrap runs true to size so if u usually wear a small I would get a small. I usually wear a large and that was a good match!
Donna D: Small
Nikefa g: A medium. I'm 5' 3 and I got a medium and my crotch shows.
Deneya W: You would need a small
Chereece J: A small...on a side note the dress is extremely sgort.
Tamia R: I was surprised that it fit me and I got a large with which I would usually wear but the only problem was it was cut shirt in the front. I would advise you to get the dress size you would usually wear your 5'2" so the cut in the front shouldn't be a problem
Shantell C: If you have breast cup size higher than D get a medium. The bigger the breast the more the dress rises.
None N asked: Is this dress form fitting?
S T: yes
Natrice D: Yes its form fitting looks nice
racquel h: Fits perfectly, I love it
None N asked: Is the white dress leather like the black one?
Mershunda H: Yes
Mershunda H: Yes
Mershunda H: Yes
Briana L: Yes
Renee T: Yes
None N asked: Usually a size 9, what size hold I get?
Alimatu B: Get a M
J P asked: I am very petite 4'9", and I was wondering how petite or long the cut of this dress is. I find that typical shirts that are popular among teens are too long for me. How does this dress fit petite people?
Dominique K: I still haven't wore my dress. Im 5"8 180lbs It fits me wonderfully but because I'm so tall the crotch of the dress rises, exposing my underwear. So I've gone to the cleaners and had them tailor it so it won't rise. Totally worth it tho! Im actually going to wear this to my post wedding reception of course with some fabulous bedazzled pumps lol. Im a shoe buff but this dress does it for me! You'll love it!
jazity p: It's very short. I'm 5'3 & I'm not thick or slim just between and the middle part was very open and when I wore it for my Christmas party I had to safety pin it top & bottom. If you are slim and have no breast then this dress would probably suit you more.
Renee T: It fits petite people great
belle a asked: i'm 5'3". bust 35, waist 29 and hips 39. which is the best size for me thanks
Nuvia G: I am a M, but I am very curvy, so I got a L, and the dress is super short. its very pretty, but i have to use it as a top, since its super short
Renee T: M
Raliat S: I got a small with similar measurements and it fits me pretty well.
belle a: Similar measurements What was the difference in our measurements Is it ok, if I ask to see a picture is it Or could be on instagram or Facebook. I just really need to make sure it fits right, not too tight
Raliat S: Actually scratch that. I'd day get a medium for your size. I haven't even worn the dress anywhere yet but it fit perfectly when I tried it on. I misread your measurements. I'm 34 27 35
maria G asked: I would like to know can I buy this dress in white I would like to see a better picture.
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!

You are able to click the picture from a desktop or laptop to view a larger size! You may also want to adjust your monitor settings so the contrast is higher if you are looking for a more detailed view.
None N asked: Does this dress have pockets?
GoJane S: This item does not include pockets, simply a pleated skirt.
None N asked: Has anyone purchased this dress in white If so, does it have the same plastic-like finish how does it look?
Lory R: It looks good in the white it hard to tell its pleather, but its very short im not that tall and I would say its looks more like a top on than a dress
LaShae L: It looks like pleather. Its really cute, but its a lot shorter than I expected.
Aleshia S: I purchased it in white and black and yes it has the same plastic-like finish just not as shiny as the black
Comments From people who chose this
Roshell D chose this because: I like!
Kenneth s chose this because: it looks comfortable
Madison K chose this because: I love it
Nohelia M chose this because: I think it will make me feel sexy
Maxine D chose this because: Its super cute
MAISHA S chose this because: need a white drees for an event
crystal s chose this because: It looks sexy and I'm planning on wearing it for my bachelorette night in vegas baby!
haley b chose this because: graduation
Shalonda B chose this because: This say sexy and do what I want.
Ashley M chose this because: Great for my graduation!!
Shirley J chose this because: Birthday
Taylor H chose this because: for my 21st birthday party dress
Samie S chose this because: It's so affordable! Also its such a unique cut dress! I absolutely love this!
Natrice D chose this because: Classy
Sejal D chose this because: Great stylish look.
summer a chose this because: love the style
Tatiana C chose this because: this looked like the perfect party dress i was looking for
Yicel P chose this because: been wanting this for a while I love it looks clean and gorgeous on with a little accessories you will be the hottest one out there
Michelle R chose this because: I Love how the feminine cut of this dress offsets edgy-ness of black leather, it's bold and girly at the same time!
Sade' L chose this because: Sexy birthday dress
Ivornette L chose this because: I really like the style of the dress
Renee T chose this because: I love it!!!

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