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Thigh High Platform Boots BLACKThigh High Platform Boots BLACKThigh High Platform Boots BLACKThigh High Platform Boots BLACKThigh High Platform Boots BLACK

Thigh High Platform Boots

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Thigh High Platform Boots BLACK

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Wow. Wow. Ladies, we aren't speechless very often, but these are certainly something. It just proves that it's not always all about the embellishments, right? These smooth faux leather boots have a thigh-high silhouette with a pointy toe and an adjustable strap at the top of the shaft. Boots have a hidden platform, a slightly ridged sole, and a partial side zipper for easy on and off.

Shaft height: 21"
Platform height: 2.5"
Heel height: 6.25"
Circumference of opening: 16"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials
Made in China

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
E N asked: hi
I would like to know it these are really true to size. I normally wear a size 8 but they were sold out at the time so I bought a size 7.5. Will they be too small?
E N: Thank you for all your answers. I received my boots and they fit perfectly so no worries :
Destiny I: They are a little big do might be able to comfortably wear them
Martinae G: I actually wear a 7.5 and they fit perfect, they are true to size. If you wear an 8 the 7.5 maybe too small
Shirese S: I can't really answer that I got mine the right size they fit perfectly though
Brittani N: Nope. Did the same they fit perfect even with wearing a sock!
Chasity P: You'll be fine.
Candiss M: They will be snug. I wear a 7.5 and the fit comfortably. Good luck!
brian r: These are not true to size I wear a 7 and could've actually got a 61/2
Toni W: Yes, they will most likely be too small because they are definitely true to size.. I originally wear an 8.5 and I ordered an 8 and they fit very snug!
Finesse S: Yes they are really true to size. I wear a size 8 as well and I bought an 8 and they fit me perfectly
Candiss M: No they run true to size. They are very comfortable to me.
Daysha H: Not really, I wear a size 10 and they fit just right
Destiny I: Nope
Sharetha C: No they run true to size
TIFFANI D: No , they are true to size .
Danaya W: these run true to size.
Shirese S: They fit perfect! Right size!
Finesse S: No they do not run small, I wear a size 8 in women's and an 8 fit my feet perfectly!
None N asked: I do not have big calves so will this boot look right on people with smaller legs I don't want it to look baggy.
cheryl p: Me either... I have a big thigh and little calves lol, it look right on me and not baggy at all. I try to wear long socks to substitute my thin calves!
Jamilleia H: im very skinny with fine legs but the strap tighten it for me..
Leeandra B: Hey I Dnt have big calves either but If your legs are smaller than mine its going to give u a baggy's not a fitted boot
None N asked: How tall is the boot?
Tan H: Just above the knee
GoJane S: Shaft height: 21"
Platform height: 2.5"
Heel height: 6.25"
dana c: It goes an inch or two over the kneejust the boot then on top of that comes the strap and I'm 5'7. Idk if I wrote that right but you got the point. They look amazing. If you're used to wearing huuuge heals, go for them. I gotta practice some more since I lost my skills :
Nickelle L: come mid knee
Lauren W: About 5 inches but very comfortable
None N asked: are they true to size?
cheryl p: I prefer to go a 1/2 size up if I was you!!
Jamilleia H: yes they are i bought 6.5 and it ok
Kamaria M: Yes they are.
brian r: These run a little big I wear a size 7, I could've got a 6 1/2
None N asked: Are they really thigh high boots Like do they come to the mid-thigh. I wanted to know before I buy them.
Jamilleia H: im 5'2 and it come up to my knee its just like the pic nothing different
Afua G: Yes they are
mirion M: Yes they are about three inches from my girlfriends knee. She is 5'6"
Raven C: Only because I'm really short they would be average length on everyone else. The model picture is an accurate description.
Meesh F: They are just about mid thigh.
Korssica T: I have them and love them. They come just above the knee almost mid-thigh but not quite.
Cameshia Y: Yes they really are.
Cameshia Y: Yes they really are.
Ayo T: Depends on how tall you are im 5'5 and they come up like 2 maybe 3 inches above my knee. They're not going to come to your mid thigh unless youre very short ! But these boots are to die for I wore them out and got so many complients on them ! They're well worth it ! But if you're looking for thigh high boots that actually come to your thighs I wouldn't purchase them because these don't.
monet w: The stripe comes to the thigh, but the actual boot is over the knee
Vechele L: They come up to about an inch above the knee.
Alexus L: I am very tall so they don't reach to my thigh. But, they are very long.
diana f: The boots come up a little higher than the knee and the strap makes the boot thigh-high. I love the strap and the boots they are cute, different , & perfect.
None N asked: are these shoes comfty \?
Melody B: Yes
Damilola B: I am used to wearing heels so yes. Level of comfort is an 8/10 :
krystal b: No it was hard for me too balance theses boots are really high
Shawniece E: Yes they are and super cute on
Titiloye A: YESS, very comfortable, a must buy! if you know how to walk in heels, then your good! trust me :
Sharetha C: They are very comfy I definitely stand in them all night..!
Amber N: Very
None N asked: Hello, I usually wear a uk 36 or 37, depending on the shoe cut as I have wide toes. I would like to know if these boots are tight on the toes and if I should get a us size 6 or 6.5 Thank you!
Kamaria M: go with the most comfortable size. These run true to size. I typically wear an 8 or 8.5 depending not the shoe so I went with the larger and they are very comfortable--not too loose or too tight around the toes.
krystal b: Get a 6.5
None N asked: does the leather look cjeap \\ please help
Kamaria M: no it does not. it actually has a nice, natural appearance. The leather isn't shiny at all as it may appear in the photo.
Michelle W: No. Very nice looking boot!.....
Meliqua P: No,it does not. The shoe looks amazing. Glad I ordered them.
LaTonya R asked: I would like to know if this boot is true to size and does it stretch around the calf muscle?
Kamaria M: Yes, these run true to size. They are pretty comfortable around the leg ankle to thigh however if you normally have to buy extended calf sizes I would not recommend this boot.
Ayo T asked: how do the sizes run true to size or no ?
Kamaria M: true to size
Raven C: True to size perfect fit
Alexus L: Yes, they are true to size. They came on time & they fit perfectly. I love them!
gerlene v: true to size
maxlyn S asked: I have big calf, is the boot a little wide at the top?
Tjuana E: I also have big calves and the boot isn't wide at all . It fits really nicely but nothing like it does on the model.
Leatrice J: It all depends on how tall you are. I'm 4'11 so the boot goes past my knees & is a little tight around my thigh my thighs aren't super small but it's mainly the strap that is tight. So I mean they probably will fit around your calves. That shouldn't be a problem but then it probably has to do with height, so I'm not 100% sure.
Sharetha C: The boot is very tight fitting I have average size calves but is comfortable for me being tho my calves are. Nice size
Falon K: Yes., I have big calves and it fits fine with extra room
None N asked: I have extremely small legs, would this product produce a big gap between my leg and boot?
Marie F: Thigh high boots normally sag on my legs but these fit fine. & they have an adjustable strap.
Daysha H: Possibly because there not form fitting.
fux b: yes.they are very wide on top.i have thin thighs, too so I usually just buy stretch boots
None N asked: are these great for a bigger calf?
gerlene v: It comes up over the knee and I have thick calves and they fit fitted.The leather looks expensive not the cheap looking leather, true to size and i just love them,great pick for myself.
Ayo T: It comes just over the knee.....It will only probably come to your thighs if you're short or have short legs otherwise they're just knee length
Jasmine W: Not really. The leg of the boot is a bit fitted. I'm 5'6 and I weigh 157 and it fits exact but if you have bigger calves, they might not fit how you want them to.
Iesha C: Does the boot actually come up to one's tight, or just over the knee?
Comments From people who chose this
Hope J chose this because: Needed these
Crystal K chose this because: Sexy look
Tracie C chose this because: sexy sexy sexy!
Estefany A chose this because: I Love these boots !!! the best ever
Marilyn M chose this because: THEY ARE GORGEOUS
dereka w chose this because: Cute
Kaitlyn V chose this because: Everyone needs a pair of knee high boots!
Sheryan H chose this because: Super sexy
Pordea S chose this because: love the
Jasmine L chose this because: Because they are sexy and a awesome price! just look at the detail around the knee sure to get people talking when you hit the bars ;
Mab G chose this because: Wanted these for a long time
Le'Andrea H chose this because: Very trendy! Loved the extra strap!
manuel v chose this because: my bestfriend loves thigh high boots. you can wear them for many diff occasions.
Shawnice M chose this because: Sexy/classy
dana c chose this because: i love the strap on them...wish they would be over the knee but this will work too :
Theresa J chose this because: dress needed boots for home going celebration
Carmen E chose this because: pair these with a dress; you will be cute and warm at the same time
Ashley D chose this because: Cute!
Nickelle L chose this because: i have been looking for thigh high black boots
Rikia E chose this because: Love the length and thigh strap
Velvis A chose this because: These are just bad boi , can't wait to rock them, #mainheaux
Elizabeth E chose this because: they're the only boots I have seen that have a platform and actually go over the knee. I've seen others but I'm not going to pay thousands of dollars for a pair of boots. I really like the way these look.
Anslie D chose this because: I wanted a nice/sexy pair of thigh high platform for my night wear and other occasions that I see fit. I don't know about the strap at the top but hopefully when I get them I love it.
Ayo T chose this because: They're sexy !!!
Kristen P chose this because: Sexy as hell boot just what I was looking for.
Michelle W chose this because: Hot Boots! Love the look. I will probably cut the top straps off.
Daysha H chose this because: Because I like the style.
J A chose this because: They look amazing

+ Reviews

Thigh High Platform Boots
5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

May 4, 2014
These boots are absolutely beautiful! I almost returned them because they have a borderline stripper-look to them since the platform is so high but after trying them on with a few outfits, I love them! They compliment my frame so gracefully. I feel so feminine and HOTT in them! My guy friend likes them too! BUY THEM! The strap also adjusts so if you are very petite like me(5'2, 96 lbs) then you can tighten the strap to better fit your thigh circumference.

United States
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

March 6, 2014
Purchased these boots a few weeks ago. I absolutely love them. They are so unique, and just look really stylish. Now I'm just waiting for the perfect girls night out to wear them.

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

these boots are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
February 1, 2014
I love these boots.. I wear size 9.. and they fitted perfectly!

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

New favorite boots!!
January 5, 2014
I love these shoes, I was pretty hesitant about buying cheap boots, and while these aren't the highest quality, they're still very comfortable, and they look incredible on. I was worried about them being too big in the thigh area because I'm fairly small, and while they are over sized, it's very flattering. I ordered a half size up since I wear tights and socks with them. I've worn them at work for 12+ hours and they've held up nicely. They go with so many things, and I love the extra high heel. I loved these so much that my best friend immediately bought the same pair.
Gorgeous, sexy, comfortable
They come with that weird faux-leather shoe odor, but it dissipated after a day or two.

Moreno Valley, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I absolutely looooooove these!
December 6, 2013
I got them yesterday.....they are PERFECT!!

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