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Hide And Seek Camo Joggers OLIVEBROWNHide And Seek Camo Joggers OLIVEBROWNHide And Seek Camo Joggers OLIVEBROWNHide And Seek Camo Joggers OLIVEBROWNHide And Seek Camo Joggers OLIVEBROWN
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Hide And Seek Camo Joggers

now $25.87
Hide And Seek Camo Joggers OLIVEBROWN

+ Details

There will be very little hiding and a whole lot of seeking happening in this camp joggers. They feature an allover print with faux leather trim zipper pockets on the hips and a functional drawstring, elastic waistband. Pants are not stretchy and finished with banded ankles. No additional closures included.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 38"
Inseam: 28", Waist: 26"
100% Rayon
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in China

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Tashyia W asked: I'm 5'1 with about a 27 inch waist, I don't really have a big but so I want them to hug the little that I do have. I also want to wear them above my waist, should I get a small or medium?
R.Cassandre l: Get the small size. It will do a better job.
Bessem B: Get a small it will fit better
Tashyia W: Thanks everyone, i went with the small! I can't wait to dress them up!
Shanique M: Maybe a small would be better for you because of your height, I'm 5'8 n a half and I bought a medium and my waste is a 28.. It fits snug on me. Small should be fine for you :
jade h: I'm the same, but I have a big butt I should have gotten medium so it is best for you to get a small.
Lauren R: I usually wear a medium in pants but I wanted them to fit tight so I got a small and they fit perfect
TaMia W: It sounds like you're petite so in that regard I would say a small might be suitable; however, keep in mind the pant has a drawstring. The pant is naturally relaxed, loose fit. With that being said a small should do you just fine. Hopefully my commentary helped.

Good luck!
Tiesha M: I think you should get a size small
None N asked: i'm 5'7 140 lbs will they fit like high-watters?
Kelshie R: No they fit just right just wear some flats I'm have worn flats and I;m going to wear heels to you will be fine
Latasha S: I think ,you should get a size large and it shouldn't fit like high watters
Tasia R: No
Virginia O: No hunny they are long in 5"10
TaMia W: I'm 5'5 and about 165 lbs. The pants on me are not too much like high waisters. They fit like a regular pant. I wouldn't consider them to be high waist.
Latilla C: No. the pant is how it looks when you receive it, it has the elastic cuff like on the ankles for the jogger look must warn you that the elastic is tight and you can wear it up above the calf but on the knee it a be too tight and uncomfortable hope this helps I order a large it fits but the waist was a bit small for my hips but I still manage to wear them because of the string adjustment overall l great pant to wear as in picture or just above the calf
brittney r: I'm only 5 feet lol so they fit me perfect they might be by your ankles
Anna A asked: I am 130, 5'5 and I have a 37in hip, 26.5in waist. I am in between a 5-9, which is a crazy range. What size should I get them and do these jeans stretch?
Rachael E: I'm about the same size as you ..actually 5 lbs bigger. I got a medium and they fit good and no, they don't really stretch.
Aliya P: No they don't stretch!!! I am 167 5'5 and i got the large fit close!
Shannon S: u should get a medium.....they don't stretch these are not jeans more like pant material
Karina L: I would get a medium.. I am about the same size, they fit perfect .. Yes they stretch
Carol A: Medium
trisha g asked: DO YOU MAKE XL?
GoJane S: We do not offer plus sizes on most of our casual wear. Occasionally, we do carry XL in our regular clothes, however this item is not one of them at this time. You can do a search by XL in our search box to view these items. Also, some of our pants / denim / jeans often go up to size 15-21 as well. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines: http://www.gojane.com/about-us.html#size-section
Shanique M asked: Does the foot of the pants go all the way down to the heel or does it sit above?
Chic B: It sits above the heels bc there is an elastic band there. Almost identical to jogging pants. I hope I answered your question. They are a super cute fit.
christine h: It's all about the way you style your clothes. It stops right above the ankle, but it has enough length to come down to the heel. I myself like it like that.
Nysheeka H: It goes all the way down to your ankle
Pleshette W: Mine were a perfect fit, fitting just above the heel.
Kimberly C: I'm 5' 3". The pants are long enough to wear below my ankle; however, they are tightly gathered at the bottom. So I can adjust to wear them above my ankle as well. Above ankle is my preferred look.
Tasia R: It sit above the ankle
Katherine R: Sit above
Marcella G: All the way to the heel.
Ashley C: Its goes all the way to the foot but it looks better when you wear them pulled up because it gives the pants the puff at the bottom. Only thing is the bottom of pants makes it hard to take off but I love them.
Virginia O: It does it's great for tall people and I'm 5'10
Shanique M: Goood, I'm 5'8 n a half and I hate when pants don't touch my ankles -.-
Shanique M: thanks ladies!
Celina N: sits above the heel
Kya B: It sits on your ankles . It doesn't go past the ankles. They're actually nice and comfortable.
rosa h: They go all the way down. A bit tight but that makes it look better. Goes all the way down. Well I am 5'2 and there's a lot left to move down
S H: It does go all the way down or you can wear it up since it's elastic in the bottom
Tiesha M: The pants sit on your ankle. They don't go down to the heel of your feet
Shawntay L asked: Do these fit high waisted\\?
Ashley C: No, they are not high waist.
Shawntay L asked: The pic looks like these fit like skinny's so are these fit like skinny towards the ankle like how skinny jeans would fit and are they pretty fitted?
Ashley C: yes, they are really fitted at the bottom really hard to take off but they are worth the extra time putting on and taking off.
Anitra G asked: I wear a size 9 in jeans . Do they run big ?
Erynne M: No not at all the run small the look i was going for was for them to be a little baggy they fit too tight and almost look like pajama pants order a size up
Ciera M: Im 5'5 140lbs and the large fit to perfection! I suppose i coulda fit the medium but wouldve been somewhat snug around my butt and thighs because I am what you would call bootylicious so I totally reccomend the large simply because it gives it a little extra room for that baggy look joggers are suppose to have but doesnt smother your curves either...
Brittany C: no not really
ShaCarrie L: They run small I got a medium only tight around my legs
Breean T: No they run very small. So get a large a medium will be tight.
navona m: no they don't but they also don't strectch
Sula F: no but the size i order fix just right ..
Katina R: No they are true to size...I got a med and they fit perfectly! I
Quiana H: Yes. They are baggy but that is the style. I suggest a Medium for your size. large is overdoing it.
None N asked: does it fit you well is it too baggy?
None N asked: do the pants run big?
navona m: no
Comments From people who chose this
Latayia H chose this because: aleays wanted camoflouge pants
Latania K chose this because: Memorial weekend
Thomas J chose this because: will go great with a pair of jordans
Brittani N chose this because: Love joggers, love camo, perfect together
Asia T chose this because: Looks stylish and comfortable.
Michelle C chose this because: Pretty
Ciera M chose this because: Trendy
Renaudia C chose this because: I love camo and the relaxed look dress it up or dress it down
Kendra L chose this because: I like the style!
BISA H chose this because: It's just sexy Chic...
Valerie A chose this because: Super cute & ive been looking for some pants like these
Adriane H chose this because: I like the style of these pants
Karina L chose this because: cute
just bought them!
Melinda B chose this because: The pants looks very stylish and classy.
Malcolm F chose this because: they are fire!
L I chose this because: cute, but I'm 5'0 . size small was more on a size 3-5 than a size 0-1.
Chic B chose this because: Super cute
navona m chose this because: I picked this item because I have been looking for a cute jogger pant and this one is perfect with camo print and pockets! and a drawstring waist
Latilla C chose this because: stylish and looks comfy

+ Reviews

Hide And Seek Camo Joggers
5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Oh yeah
March 11, 2014
5'5 140lbs and large fits perfectly! Looks just like on the model...a little baggy how joggers should be but doesnt smother your curves
Skinny, can be worn high waisted, great material, not denim

5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

fav pants
February 25, 2014
these pants are awesome just got them in the mail today.. they are exactly what I wanted. the waist is adjustable, they have zip pockets and I pull them up to my waist if im gonna wear them with crop tops! perfect!
nice print functioning drawstring 2 zip pockets can wear as high waist or low waist
the ankle is tight getting them on very thin pants

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