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Plain And Tall Faux Shearling Boots

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Oh, Sarah will tell you. There's nothing wrong with being plain and tall. These faux suede boots are lined with faux shearling and feature a rounded toe, a ridged sole, and no closures.

Shaft height: 12.25"
Circumference of opening: 16"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 6
Man made materials
Made in China

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Questions about this item
A N asked: Do these shoes run a bit bigger when it comes to the size I usually wear size 7 , but 6.5 fits well too. Not sure which size to get
Roshunda P: A 7 should be comfortable
Amira E: you should buy size 7, coz of the inside so it will fit you good then 6.5
Mercy w: No actually it was a bit smaller than am a 7.5 and the 7.5 was snug . Get a 1/2 size bigger
Rachel T: I ordered these and for me they fit true to size, I wear a size 9
Irina R: Hi A N
Get 6.5 - these boots do run a little bigger and they have a tendency to stretch even more after wearing them for a while
alison b asked: Do these boots fit good on girls with bigger calves?
Tannis M: they may be ok, but if calves are really big, dont do it
Kimberlee P: I don't know about fitting bigger calves, but they run REALLY small.
Jasmine E: Yes. There is plenty of room. Not too snug at all.
None N asked: I would like to know if I got a size 10 would that be a good size I wear a 9.5 but my feet swell so I was wondering if that was a good size ?
M Z: Yes. I wear a size 10 & it's a snug fit.
Jessica P: Yes a 10 would be good
Vanessa M: Yes they tend to run small. I usually wear a 7-7 1/2 and it ordered a size 7 1/2 and they are a little bit too snug.
Edita P: I wear a size 8 and that was a perfect size for me. If your feet swell you may need a 10 but when they are not swollen keep in my mind they probably will be big.
Wynn m: These run exactly true to size. If your feet swell or you intend on wearing a thick winter sock, I would suggest going a half size or even a full size up for extra room. They're perfectly cozy.
None N asked: Do these boots fit true to size And is the quality good?
cydine c: its ok quality and it was true to size for me because i'm a size eight and it was normal fit
Mary M: Yes, they fit perfectly true to size. The quality of the materials are pretty good
nikki s asked: I am a 9.5 and they only offer 9 or 10. Do these fit true to size or do they run big or small Trying to decide which size to get since i cant try them on.

Thanks alot!
Lee L: I just got these in the mail.. They are made by Soda.. I got an 8 and they fit just right.. Nice boot and the color blue is very pretty!
tiffany c: I would say get a 10 i were a 8.5 and thats what I got I wish I would have gotten a 9 but they are comfortable love them.
Samah z: Hi Nikki,

My size is 7 but when I got the boats in the same size I found them quite tight when they were wore with heavy socks, so I would prefer to buy them in one size bigger than your actual size


ethellinda m asked: are these winter boots ie snow boots\
M Z: No its good quality and will keep you warm, but the soles are rubber. So they arent for walking in snow.
Ange D: No
Comments From people who chose this
Mandarin Y chose this because: Needed comfy boots
Sarah B chose this because: Confort
oliva v chose this because: I've been looking for white comfortable boots and I finally found them
Tami I chose this because: I want warm boots and these look like they will do the trick!
Brandy K chose this because: Color
LYDIA B chose this because: gift
Zoe Y chose this because: Great boots for winter weather
sherry f chose this because: It is -22 right now... my feet are freezing!!!!!!
Shannon W chose this because: Price and style
Willard N chose this because: Daughter wants them for her birthday
Rachel T chose this because: I've been looking everywhere for these boots!
Diana L chose this because: they look cute :
Mandy K chose this because: price
Tanaya M chose this because: Because I have had my boots since last year and the snow and water is coming through the bottom. So I thought it was time to get some new boots.
Joel F chose this because: We needed them
Amira E chose this because: for my daughter , the only thing that she feels comfy in it
latorin w chose this because: I CHOOSE THIS BECAUSE OF THE HEIGHT
Lucie C chose this because: Exactly what I wanted at a very good price. I trust Go Jane for the quality of their items and their fair prices
Tammi R chose this because: comfort
S B chose this because: Wanted a pair to have to throw on quick when I have to take the dogs out at all hours but didn't want to have to pay a fortune.
daniel s chose this because: very good deal
Ashley A chose this because: gift
Claudia T chose this because: comfortable and color charm me
Sharlene M chose this because: This is a gift for my daughter
Tricia R chose this because: They are a gift for Christmas 2013. I hope they are what I'm expecting!
Dominika W chose this because: cheap
Steve G chose this because: color
Danielle S chose this because: christmas present
Rachel J chose this because: My sister recommened these! Cute and comfortable!
Natalie C chose this because: they look warm
CRISTINA A chose this because: LIKE THE STYLE
Lisa R chose this because: Color
tyrone e chose this because: just a must have
Sharon B chose this because: I like non-leather shoes and even though these kind of faux leather boots won't last as long as Ugg boots, it is a more humane choice for me.
BONNIE R chose this because: My daughter wants boots
K R chose this because: comfy cute and warm!
Oluwabukola A chose this because: its cold
cynthia M chose this because: price
sheri f chose this because: i like the light camel color. i have used go jane before and always had great service and great prices
Jessica C chose this because: i wanted cheap winter boots. hopefully these work!

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