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Magic Factor Color Changing Lipstick GREEN
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Magic Factor Color Changing Lipstick

now $2.30
Magic Factor Color Changing Lipstick GREEN

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Add the magic factor to any look with this mysterious color-changing lipstick. Scented lipstick is infused with aloe-vera and changes from appearance color to shades of orange, pink, purple, and red depending on the wearer's body temperature.

Cruelty Free
Man made materials
Made in China
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+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Sasha G asked: is it glossy or does have a matte finish ?
Thomenta H: Sasha G : it has a glossy look, but it does not change color
Maria A: It has a beautiful matte finish but if you want glossy , you can just add a bit of gloss or apply Chapstick :
None N asked: Since they all change color, it basically doesn't matter which color you get?
Aliette L: I'm not sure, since I only tried one color.
Karson R: From what I know, they change to a color similar to the original. That's what it's like for the red one at least.
None N asked: If I buy the blue lipstick will it go on blue or immediately change?
Olivea F: It would change to red
Karson R: I bought the pink one and haven't noticed it change color, but saying that I haven't worn it long enough to even remember to check. But it doesn't change right when it's put on.
Brielle B: Immediately change to a purple-ish color.
Jennifer S: It will look blue on stick but will be applied as your chemistry color. So no.
Felicia L: it's not blue at all , i brought all of them , they are all red. FOOLED ME TOO
Comments From people who chose this
John S chose this because: because its cool
Memunatu T chose this because: I love colors
Maria A chose this because: I wanna try it out!
Thomenta H chose this because: love the color
brenda j chose this because: color ,price
Aster H chose this because: wanted to test it out.
Olivea F chose this because: trying something new color red
Savannah T chose this because: I thought it looked interesting.
Karson R chose this because: Seems super cool
L I chose this because: this is the first piece of make up ive ever purchased its a new year in a couple of days an am just trying to upgrade my look a lil bit
Abiola T chose this because: Fun, funky, different!
Jennifer S chose this because: stocking stuffers
Louise A chose this because: sounds cool

+ Reviews

Magic Factor Color Changing Lipstick
2 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
2 Stars

Not Good
September 19, 2014
I don't remember which color I bought this in because I ended up throwing it. It stained my lips unevenly and had a weird taste when I licked my lips.

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