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Magic Factor Color Changing Lipstick ORANGE

Magic Factor Color Changing Lipstick

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Magic Factor Color Changing Lipstick ORANGEMagic Factor Color Changing Lipstick GREENMagic Factor Color Changing Lipstick BLUEMagic Factor Color Changing Lipstick REDMagic Factor Color Changing Lipstick PINKMagic Factor Color Changing Lipstick PURPLE

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Add the magic factor to any look with this mysterious color-changing lipstick. Scented lipstick is infused with aloe-vera and changes from appearance color to shades of orange, pink, purple, and red depending on the wearer's body temperature.

Cruelty Free
Man made materials
Made in China
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Questions about this item
Sasha G asked: is it glossy or does have a matte finish ?
Thomenta H: Sasha G : it has a glossy look, but it does not change color
Maria A: It has a beautiful matte finish but if you want glossy , you can just add a bit of gloss or apply Chapstick :
None N asked: Since they all change color, it basically doesn't matter which color you get?
Aliette L: I'm not sure, since I only tried one color.
Karson R: From what I know, they change to a color similar to the original. That's what it's like for the red one at least.
None N asked: If I buy the blue lipstick will it go on blue or immediately change?
Olivea F: It would change to red
Karson R: I bought the pink one and haven't noticed it change color, but saying that I haven't worn it long enough to even remember to check. But it doesn't change right when it's put on.
Brielle B: Immediately change to a purple-ish color.
Jennifer S: It will look blue on stick but will be applied as your chemistry color. So no.
Felicia L: it's not blue at all , i brought all of them , they are all red. FOOLED ME TOO
Comments From people who chose this
John S chose this because: because its cool
Memunatu T chose this because: I love colors
Maria A chose this because: I wanna try it out!
Thomenta H chose this because: love the color
brenda j chose this because: color ,price
Aster H chose this because: wanted to test it out.
Olivea F chose this because: trying something new color red
Savannah T chose this because: I thought it looked interesting.
Karson R chose this because: Seems super cool
L I chose this because: this is the first piece of make up ive ever purchased its a new year in a couple of days an am just trying to upgrade my look a lil bit
Abiola T chose this because: Fun, funky, different!
Jennifer S chose this because: stocking stuffers
Louise A chose this because: sounds cool

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