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Zippy Coated Skinny Pants BLACKZippy Coated Skinny Pants BLACKZippy Coated Skinny Pants BLACKZippy Coated Skinny Pants BLACK

Zippy Coated Skinny Pants

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Zippy Coated Skinny Pants BLACK

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Get to zipping around in these coated skinny pants. They feel like leggings but look like leather. Win win! Pants have two hip pockets and three zipper faux pockets on the front. They're finished with an elastic waistband and don't include any closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 36"
Inseam: 27", Waist: 24"
70% Cotton, 25% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in China

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Questions about this item
Susanna W asked: hope the white ones will be restocked
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: What is the fit like?
DeUntrea D: True to size, has a little stretch to them and fits like a glove. I have them in medium, I'm a 7/8 & about 135lbs.
Andre A: Omg dey fit super cute
Anna M: Fitted and very liquid legging like - the waist band is nice and wide so even though the material is a little bit flimsy, it holds its shape well.
sheila d: This is a really comfortable fit stretchable and relaxing
Velaisha G: The fit is just as pictured. They feel like soft leather joggers. Snug yet comfortable.
Ashley P: They fit true to size. I'm small and 5'6 and they are tight like leggings ... Even by the pockets which I know in the picture looks like it might be baggy there - it's not. My only thing is the fabric is somewhat noisy when you wear them but the hotness of the pants over weighs that. I'd buy them again.
Ashley P asked: Are these pants baggy near the waist/pockets I wear a small and don't want it to have lots of extra room up there. Hoping they fit tight light leggings. Thanks!
SHAVILLE C: They fit perfect no baggy-ness near the pockets.
Juvina M: Nope, they are a pretty tight fit.
Adelaide Y: They are a little bit baggy around the pockets but it fits extremely well. I wear a large and It's just a tiny bit baggy but I wore them with a crop top the other day & I slightly pulled it up... VIOLA!

Hope this helps.
Jane O: It depends on the shape of your torso. Sometimes you just have to buy it and try it on! Although, It's not just like leggings where everything fits like a curve hugging your body in every corner.
Denise S: No they are not baggy at all. They fit like leggings. Very form fitting! I love them!
karen h: These pants are absolutely AWESOME & fit true to size. If you're going for the "club look" or just showing off your figure, these pants do the job.
julia k: I bought a medium which I usually am in pants and they are a little baggy at the pocket area, I think they'd be fine if I went to a small.
Breona M: I wear a small as well & they are not baggy in the waist part, although I am small my butt fills out the pants perfectly so they fit very nice, they will fit tight from the top all the way to the ankle, no worries!
donna f asked: am a 13=14 in jeans what size should i choose?
carol h: i am about a 9 and I bought Large...They fit
Chantel W: You should get a large. I wear a 7/8 in jeans and got a medium. The back of the pants run down really bad though I ended up returning them.
Danae W: I wear a 10 and the large was too small
petrice t: im the same sizes and I got a large it fits great because it stretches so go with a large.
youbin s: Large...I'm a size 5 and got a medium
But it's not super stretchy like leggings so keep that in mind
Kema J: Choose the size you normally wear. These are true to size.
Asha K: i wear a 11 and i got a L its form fittin like leggings but if you have a big butt you may have to pull them up alot especially before sittin down .
Kiana P asked: How do they fit?
Anna B: i would say they fit true to size , I'm actually a medium in pants since i have a booty and it fitted me, wasn't tight or uncomfortable but if you have a booty it will be a lil low in the back
BreAnna G: True to size
Danae W: I normally wear a large due to my track thighs lol and they fit, however, they run just a tad but small
Nalini B: It is stretchy so they fit well.
Zemetra F: They are low cut and fit pretty snug. They are very sexy. Be sure to order your true size.
Asha K: stretchy but still form fitting . its kind of like leggings but a leathery material . I love them
Sakinah B: They fit good. I wear a size 11 so I got a large.
None N asked: i wear a size 4 or 28 waist. Do these run small or big?
Anna B: get a medium, I'm a size 3 in high waisted jeans and medium fitted me fine
Charlene C: These pants run true to size.
Yessii N: Kinda small! If you have a big booty it'll be low in the back
Raquel B: I wear a size 5 and 28 waist and I ordered a medium they run true to size!
Stacey S: You should get the medium.
Anna B asked: I wear a size 3 in high waist jeans , should i go with a medium in this or small i have a small waist but i got some junk in the trunk and a lil hips
Nalini B: Get small. I am size 5 and bought a medium and it is not tight at all.
Anna B: I got medium and it was perfect , not too tight but tight enough don't think my ass would've fitted a small lol
None N asked: I wear size 2 American eagle and 3 hollister and I'm 5'1 would a small be a nice fit on me?
Anna B: if you have a butt , get medium
Nalini B: Def small since it is stretchy material it might feel a little lose. I keep pulling mine and felt like wearing a belt to hold it
JahVonna B: a small should be fine
None N asked: Would it fit a tall person with long legs I'm 5'10?
Deneshia B: yes cause even if it stops at your ankles all u have to wear ankle strap heels like in the pic
Earl H: No it won't. I'm 5'9 & they fit me about 2-3 inches above the ankle. But I still love them & they still look cute as a 3/4 pants style.
Tina G: That would be questionable. My daughter that I bought them for is 5'4" and they fit her pretty well. There may be a little leg length, but not sure about 6 more inches. She does love them though, they are very cute on.
Kema J: I don't think it would, unfortunately. I'm 5'2, and i purchased these in a small and they fit ankle length.
sharon g: It should. I'm 5'4 and it makes it look a little baggy. If you are skinny it would look awesome because you're tall
X W asked: How does medium fit Would it fit a size 8 And how does the elastic at the top look Does it look thick and bunchy?
Anna B: did u end up buying it how did the medium fit?
sharon g: I love it. I usually wear a size 7 or 5 depends but it's like a European look. Very worth buying
Nayely B asked: Is the Ivory color thick Or is it see-through?
Tash T: around the derriere is kind of see-through, youve gotta wear the right underwear for it not too show
Caressa N asked: Is it stretchy Like leggings or tight
Anna B: it has a lil bit of stretch
Yessenia C: These are stretchy like leggins and look great on :
Nayely B: Yes they have a nice stretch, but not too much
Comments From people who chose this
shiasia s chose this because: i hope the black one comes
Breona M chose this because: Love the look and the ivory color!
Reynaldo M chose this because: so cute
dominique w chose this because: style
Samantha H chose this because: nice pants for the club
Emily R chose this because: Fashionable to my style
LARA M chose this because: look comfy but stylish
karen h chose this because: I've been looking for leather-like pants for a while.
DeUntrea D chose this because: Sexy!
Francis R chose this because: classy
Shayla M chose this because: It's sexy and comfortable and can be dressed up or down.
carol h chose this because: sale

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