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Get The Scoop Faux Leather Dress RED

Get The Scoop Faux Leather Dress

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Get The Scoop Faux Leather Dress RED

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There's nothing like a leather finish to take your outfit from blah to wow. Shimmy into this dress for a super rad twist on what you normally consider a LBD. Stretchy faux leather dress has three-quarter length sleeves, a shallow scoop neck, and a low, plunging back. Dress does not have closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from shoulder to hem: 39"
95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

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Questions about this item
None N asked: Does anyone have a picture with this dress on?
Jimica W: Yea I do. Do you have an email?
Kurtiesha S: I just got this dress I like it, however it isn't right fitting for me as shown in the pic. It's not loose but it has like wrinkles when I put it on but nothing anyone would really notice. I just noticed because of how form fitting it is on the model and not on me.
kim t asked: I'm reading all of the reviews and I am still confused on what size to get. I'm 5'4 and I weigh 140. Do I get a medium or large, I don't want it to feel like I'm suffocating?
Lyanne L: Hi Kim,
I bought this dress in a size small, because that's my size 110lbs, 5'4.
But, i was surprised at how tight it fit. I wouldn't want it to fit loose.

Best answer to your question is, get they size you usually wear. But keep in mind that it will be tighter than usual.
Judith A: Hi Kim a medium would fit just right because it's stretchy.
Ashley H: I'm 143 & 5'3 and I got a medium. It fit well.
Shantea' S: The dress doesn't feel like your suffocating at all it actually fits perfect. I ordered a medium & it's fine.
raveen w: Well get a large ... This is when I wore mine I'm 5'2 109 it was super super tight I prob could have wore a medium .. The small was good just super tight I'm going to try posting a pic
Travois B: I would say a large i purchased a medium and it was fitted below but a little big at the top. I had to get alterations . I weigh 128 lbs
E'Shawn J: I think you should get a Large I'm 5'2 138 and my medium is kinda tight. I wish I got a Large.
kim t: Thank you
Debrah S: I would recommend the medium. I'm 5'4" and 125 lbs and I got the small which fits very snug. The medium should fit you perfectly!
Rashemia W: I'm 5'7 150 and I got a medium but I'm small at the top and bigger at the bottom so the bottom for perfect but the top was kind of loose
kim t: Thank you
None N asked: does this dress show imperfections..stomach is not all the way flat after baby!
Tequila R: Yes it does u may want to wear a spank or waist trimmer with it. But it doesn't shoe Alot. I cam sick in and look good in it.
Faiola W: Yes it does.
Myrlen p: It holds u in it fits really tight but In A good way so I'm pretty sure you'll be fine
RayShonda L: Love this dress! However, it can show imperfections. Try a nice draping body necklace that will cover up just in case. It came in handy for me and it adds a little character to an already hot dress! :
C R: Yes it does. And if u order it get it n a bigger size cause it's skin tight I returned mine
Briana M: This dress is really fitted and shows every outline of the body. I'm small-chested and it showed my stomach if ur more fully-chested then it will not lie flat on ur stomach.
None N asked: I want to get this dress but I am a girl with large breast and I just want to know is this dress okay for a woman like me or would you recommend wearing the dress with a backless bra?
Fiona M: I have small breast and had trouble with the dress staying on my shoulders. I don't know if having larger breast should help but I had to constantly fix the dress. But i still love the dress despite that
Ashley H: I have large breast too. The material is super thin so if you go braless everything can be seen. I decided to wear a bra with a low back bra strap extender.
Jimica W: Definitely backless bra. The dress runs small and because of the scoop you won't have a lot of support. The dress is perfect though
Shay W: I don't have big boobs, but afer 4 children they aren't much to look at without a bra to boost the illusion. I definitely wore a backless bra.
Camilla M: I would suggest a backless Bra. I wore one with it because I felt more comfortable with that option rather than being bra-less. It is very tight so be mindful of your undergarments.
raveen w: I loved it, dress fits perfectly & I think it would look even better with bigger breast ,. It fits like a glove I'm 5'2 109 pounds & I wear an 34 A it would look good with big boobs
Rashemia W: If u need a bra it will have to be backless. I'm small at the top but bigg at the bottom so I had to get the dress to fit the bottom therefore I had to keep pullin the top up
None N asked: I want the red dress but not sure what size is best im 5,6 & 160 please help!?
Whitney W: Might be a large because I am 112 lbs and my small fit real tight...Hope I was helpful
Shantea' S: Large because they fit tight.
Charniece W: It runs REALLY tight! I can normally wear a small in some dresses but I got a medium and it's still really tight!
jalen g: I'm about da same size & I ordered a large and it fits perfect. .
Dionne W: I think a medium would be fine, because I'm a 5,6 & 150 and I got the small and it fit like a glove. U don't want it to be too tight and uncomfortable if I weighed a pound more I would've needed a medium. It really looked nice !!
Dionne W: I think a medium would be fine, because I'm a 5,6 & 150 and I got the small and it fit like a glove. U don't want it to be too tight and uncomfortable if I weighed a pound more I would've needed a medium. It really looked nice !!
Jimica W: I think a medium would be fine, the dress is very figure fitting. I'm around the same height and weight and medium was perfect.
None N asked: will a size medium fit a butt that is 42 inches?
Charles V: This material is less stretchy than most - I would order a L if I were you.
Chanel S: It should, it's stretch material and there no zipper
joan d: yes, it stretches to fit pretty much any shape. Fits nicely on curvy figures
Comments From people who chose this
gabrielle d chose this because: because it looks like leather
Warren S chose this because: I love tight dresses on the wife.
Taciana J chose this because: very sexy
Kayla B chose this because: Nice spin to the CLASSIC BLACK DRESS.
Tequila R chose this because: Perfect sexy fit
Kenosha P chose this because: Sexy
Dadrion T chose this because: Im anxious to see how this looks on me. I'm about 5'8ish with an athletic build with curves. Saw the dress and thought I'd fill it out well.
Rodresha L chose this because: I was looking for something sexy!!
LaCandice F chose this because: i love the clothes and shoes
Nichol S chose this because: It's classy and curvy!!!!
janice s chose this because: i like the dress
markitta s chose this because: looks nice!
Laurinda B chose this because: Looks sexy
tedele l chose this because: Very Sext Dress
Towyna W chose this because: I love the fit it's very sexy.
Bria M chose this because: Birthday dress
Lyanne L chose this because: In style
jennifer l chose this because: Cause the dress is very classy
Kiandra H chose this because: Because its sexy.
Hailye H chose this because: It was cute..
juanita f chose this because: Sexy and reasonable
Lanona N chose this because: I chose this dress because it is very simple, cute, and classy. There is no room to go wrong with this dress and I love it!
DeJanique G chose this because: Birthday dress
Ebony S chose this because: Valentines Day CUTE, REASONABLE OUTFIT!!!
Andrea I chose this because: i'm always in black. wanted to try something different
Jerricka K chose this because: birthday dress
Samantha L chose this because: sexy, not your typical LBD!
Jackie L chose this because: hot.
C H chose this because: Never worn this look before and I think I can pull it off!
chaquitta h chose this because: ITS CUTE
Lakeytah I chose this because: It was a good price and will work well with my figure.
Venetia L chose this because: It's for my daughter
robin w chose this because: I thought the dress would be very nice for my sister.
Pablo V chose this because: Sexy
Shantell B chose this because: The love fit of the dress ,it's very sexy
Denise S chose this because: I really loved this dress it rocked
Niya D chose this because: I have to play an evil villain in a play who must wear red...this was perfect. It's also faux leather so no animals were hurt in the making of this fabulousness...:
Maria S chose this because: Its very sexy and I been looking for one. This has to be the most resonable price I've seen.
trakessha j chose this because: my lil sister home coming dress
Michelle A chose this because: Simple and Sexy. Love the low back!
Efe M chose this because: i like it
Saneka J chose this because: Birthday dress

+ Reviews

Get The Scoop Faux Leather Dress
3 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hot dress
March 10, 2014
Good buy for the price!

Boston, Ma
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Not Color as Pictured
January 21, 2014
Fits very tight but it's very hot. A little disappointed in the color. It previously showed it looking fire engine red. When I received it, it was crimson. They changed the picture to crimson after I had bought it (I'm assuming from similar complaints).

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