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Get The Scoop Faux Leather Dress BLACKGet The Scoop Faux Leather Dress BLACKGet The Scoop Faux Leather Dress BLACKGet The Scoop Faux Leather Dress BLACKGet The Scoop Faux Leather Dress BLACK
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Get The Scoop Faux Leather Dress

now $19.81
Get The Scoop Faux Leather Dress BLACK

+ Details

There's nothing like a leather finish to take your outfit from blah to wow. Shimmy into this dress for a super rad twist on what you normally consider an LBD. Stretchy faux leather dress has three-quarter length sleeves, a shallow scoop neck, and a low, plunging back. Dress does not have closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from shoulder to hem: 39"
95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: Does anyone have a picture with this dress on?
Jimica W: Yea I do. Do you have an email?
Kurtiesha S: I just got this dress I like it, however it isn't right fitting for me as shown in the pic. It's not loose but it has like wrinkles when I put it on but nothing anyone would really notice. I just noticed because of how form fitting it is on the model and not on me.
kim t asked: I'm reading all of the reviews and I am still confused on what size to get. I'm 5'4 and I weigh 140. Do I get a medium or large, I don't want it to feel like I'm suffocating?
Lyanne L: Hi Kim,
I bought this dress in a size small, because that's my size 110lbs, 5'4.
But, i was surprised at how tight it fit. I wouldn't want it to fit loose.

Best answer to your question is, get they size you usually wear. But keep in mind that it will be tighter than usual.
Judith A: Hi Kim a medium would fit just right because it's stretchy.
Ashley H: I'm 143 & 5'3 and I got a medium. It fit well.
Shantea' S: The dress doesn't feel like your suffocating at all it actually fits perfect. I ordered a medium & it's fine.
raveen w: Well get a large ... This is when I wore mine I'm 5'2 109 it was super super tight I prob could have wore a medium .. The small was good just super tight I'm going to try posting a pic
Travois B: I would say a large i purchased a medium and it was fitted below but a little big at the top. I had to get alterations . I weigh 128 lbs
E'Shawn J: I think you should get a Large I'm 5'2 138 and my medium is kinda tight. I wish I got a Large.
kim t: Thank you
Debrah S: I would recommend the medium. I'm 5'4" and 125 lbs and I got the small which fits very snug. The medium should fit you perfectly!
Rashemia W: I'm 5'7 150 and I got a medium but I'm small at the top and bigger at the bottom so the bottom for perfect but the top was kind of loose
kim t: Thank you
None N asked: does this dress show imperfections..stomach is not all the way flat after baby!
Tequila R: Yes it does u may want to wear a spank or waist trimmer with it. But it doesn't shoe Alot. I cam sick in and look good in it.
Faiola W: Yes it does.
Myrlen p: It holds u in it fits really tight but In A good way so I'm pretty sure you'll be fine
RayShonda L: Love this dress! However, it can show imperfections. Try a nice draping body necklace that will cover up just in case. It came in handy for me and it adds a little character to an already hot dress! :
C R: Yes it does. And if u order it get it n a bigger size cause it's skin tight I returned mine
Briana M: This dress is really fitted and shows every outline of the body. I'm small-chested and it showed my stomach if ur more fully-chested then it will not lie flat on ur stomach.
None N asked: I want to get this dress but I am a girl with large breast and I just want to know is this dress okay for a woman like me or would you recommend wearing the dress with a backless bra?
Fiona M: I have small breast and had trouble with the dress staying on my shoulders. I don't know if having larger breast should help but I had to constantly fix the dress. But i still love the dress despite that
Ashley H: I have large breast too. The material is super thin so if you go braless everything can be seen. I decided to wear a bra with a low back bra strap extender.
Jimica W: Definitely backless bra. The dress runs small and because of the scoop you won't have a lot of support. The dress is perfect though
Shay W: I don't have big boobs, but afer 4 children they aren't much to look at without a bra to boost the illusion. I definitely wore a backless bra.
Camilla M: I would suggest a backless Bra. I wore one with it because I felt more comfortable with that option rather than being bra-less. It is very tight so be mindful of your undergarments.
raveen w: I loved it, dress fits perfectly & I think it would look even better with bigger breast ,. It fits like a glove I'm 5'2 109 pounds & I wear an 34 A it would look good with big boobs
Rashemia W: If u need a bra it will have to be backless. I'm small at the top but bigg at the bottom so I had to get the dress to fit the bottom therefore I had to keep pullin the top up
None N asked: I want the red dress but not sure what size is best im 5,6 & 160 please help!?
Whitney W: Might be a large because I am 112 lbs and my small fit real tight...Hope I was helpful
Shantea' S: Large because they fit tight.
Charniece W: It runs REALLY tight! I can normally wear a small in some dresses but I got a medium and it's still really tight!
jalen g: I'm about da same size & I ordered a large and it fits perfect. .
Dionne W: I think a medium would be fine, because I'm a 5,6 & 150 and I got the small and it fit like a glove. U don't want it to be too tight and uncomfortable if I weighed a pound more I would've needed a medium. It really looked nice !!
Dionne W: I think a medium would be fine, because I'm a 5,6 & 150 and I got the small and it fit like a glove. U don't want it to be too tight and uncomfortable if I weighed a pound more I would've needed a medium. It really looked nice !!
Jimica W: I think a medium would be fine, the dress is very figure fitting. I'm around the same height and weight and medium was perfect.
None N asked: will a size medium fit a butt that is 42 inches?
Charles V: This material is less stretchy than most - I would order a L if I were you.
Chanel S: It should, it's stretch material and there no zipper
joan d: yes, it stretches to fit pretty much any shape. Fits nicely on curvy figures
Comments From people who chose this
gabrielle d chose this because: because it looks like leather
Warren S chose this because: I love tight dresses on the wife.
Taciana J chose this because: very sexy
Kayla B chose this because: Nice spin to the CLASSIC BLACK DRESS.
Tequila R chose this because: Perfect sexy fit
Kenosha P chose this because: Sexy
Dadrion T chose this because: Im anxious to see how this looks on me. I'm about 5'8ish with an athletic build with curves. Saw the dress and thought I'd fill it out well.
Rodresha L chose this because: I was looking for something sexy!!
LaCandice F chose this because: i love the clothes and shoes
Nichol S chose this because: It's classy and curvy!!!!
janice s chose this because: i like the dress
markitta s chose this because: looks nice!
Laurinda B chose this because: Looks sexy
tedele l chose this because: Very Sext Dress
Towyna W chose this because: I love the fit it's very sexy.
Bria M chose this because: Birthday dress
Lyanne L chose this because: In style
jennifer l chose this because: Cause the dress is very classy
Kiandra H chose this because: Because its sexy.
Hailye H chose this because: It was cute..
juanita f chose this because: Sexy and reasonable
Lanona N chose this because: I chose this dress because it is very simple, cute, and classy. There is no room to go wrong with this dress and I love it!
DeJanique G chose this because: Birthday dress
Ebony S chose this because: Valentines Day CUTE, REASONABLE OUTFIT!!!
Andrea I chose this because: i'm always in black. wanted to try something different
Jerricka K chose this because: birthday dress
Samantha L chose this because: sexy, not your typical LBD!
Jackie L chose this because: hot.
C H chose this because: Never worn this look before and I think I can pull it off!
chaquitta h chose this because: ITS CUTE
Lakeytah I chose this because: It was a good price and will work well with my figure.
Venetia L chose this because: It's for my daughter
robin w chose this because: I thought the dress would be very nice for my sister.
Pablo V chose this because: Sexy
Shantell B chose this because: The love fit of the dress ,it's very sexy
Denise S chose this because: I really loved this dress it rocked
Niya D chose this because: I have to play an evil villain in a play who must wear red...this was perfect. It's also faux leather so no animals were hurt in the making of this fabulousness...:
Maria S chose this because: Its very sexy and I been looking for one. This has to be the most resonable price I've seen.
trakessha j chose this because: my lil sister home coming dress
Michelle A chose this because: Simple and Sexy. Love the low back!
Efe M chose this because: i like it
Saneka J chose this because: Birthday dress

+ Reviews

Get The Scoop Faux Leather Dress
3 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hot dress
March 10, 2014
Good buy for the price!

Boston, Ma
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Not Color as Pictured
January 21, 2014
Fits very tight but it's very hot. A little disappointed in the color. It previously showed it looking fire engine red. When I received it, it was crimson. They changed the picture to crimson after I had bought it (I'm assuming from similar complaints).

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