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Two Scoops Faux Leather Midi Dress

Two Scoops Faux Leather Midi Dress

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One scoop or two? Of course two! Always two. How is that even a question? This stretchy faux leather midi dress features a scoop neck as well as a lower scoop back. Dress is finished with three-quarter sleeves and no closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from shoulder to hem: 40"
95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

Questions about this item
Jade G: Initially tried on with a bandeau/strapless bra & it looked great. Hugs curves well!
Zahira B: Yes
Rebecca T: U have to but a low cut bra
VANESSA O: Yes. U can but it's totally up to you. If you're perky and comfortable without one then by all means. I tried mine on with one and it didn't show.
nathalia l: No this dress is very sheer and as matter fact you cant even wear underware all the lines show right though i relly didnt like the material and im returning the dress
Charles V: Not a regular bra. Need some sort of low back support piece etc.
EFTHYMIA G: I wouldn't mind wearing a bra even if it does drops a little bit in the back!It is quite stylish!
Or you can have the alternative option : buy the silicone bra witch costs 14.50$.
You will love it!
Shetrese M: I wear a double d size cup and this dress is so form fitting that I did not need a bra. Everything stays in place once the dress is on with out a bra. Once I discovered that I didn't try the bra on.
None N asked: My measurements are 36-28-45... If I get a size large will this be too bulky in the bust & waist area... Or should I go for a size medium?
marketa t: My measurements are almost identical and the large fit perfectly , the only thing is my bust is a little bigger. But the dress is really really fitted,
Memuna F: You should get your normal dress fits true to size
Shanda P: It shouldnt be. The dress is very tight fitting.
amy o: If I were you I would go for a size medium. I got a size small and it was not as tight as I thought it would be.
Kim P: I would get the large because it has give but it's so light that you can take it in in the waist and still be comfortable when you sit down... very thin, light, stretchy material. Your gonna love it and with those measurements you're going to kill it!!!
Catalina G: Medium is going to be perfect :
Dona B: I would say get a med my measures are 37 31 40 and i worked that dress. If I had a bigger butt I would have killed it!!!!! Go gurl get the medium
None N asked: I am 5'4' 130 lbs and I were a size 6 in dresses. I was wonder should I get a size Medium or Large in this dress?
Charles V: I think M is the way to go given your profile.
D S: Get medium
Aishah L: I am 5'3' and,120 lbs and I got a small which feels like a size 4. So it fits cute but with a little room. I definitely would not get a large if I were you. Hope this helps!
None N asked: is it short cuz i dnt like short dresses, does it pass the knees?
Alexis W: To me it depends on how tall you are. Mine were past the knee and big around my arms
marketa t: Yes it does. Maybe one inch below the knee on me and I'm 5'6"
latasha h asked: Does this dress have some stretch to it?
marketa t: Yes it does but it still fits really tight but it will definitely stretch
Jessica M: Yes it does but not much in the shoulder and arm area.
Comments From people who chose this
VANESSA O chose this because: Sexy
Deana H chose this because: Leather is in!
Evelyn D chose this because: its my birthday and its right for Chicago's winter weather
Guerlain P chose this because: just cause
Annette A chose this because: Sexy and covered up
Mirjana M chose this because: I like the style
Kateva M chose this because: Got it for my friend. she needed a nice white dress for an event we were attending
fallon B chose this because: The color is perfect for this time of year and who doesn't love a dress that will show off your curves.
Rebecca T chose this because: Georgous
JULIE P chose this because: I LOVE THE LEATHER LOOK
victoria V chose this because: Birthday
Sabrina J chose this because: also sexy and price
david m chose this because: Great dress - classy, chic and sexy
mareni r chose this because: Love the material and i chose white because I want to pair it with a nice colorful shoe
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