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Ruche Hour Plunging Maxi Dress RUSTRuche Hour Plunging Maxi Dress RUSTRuche Hour Plunging Maxi Dress RUSTRuche Hour Plunging Maxi Dress RUST

Ruche Hour Plunging Maxi Dress

now $28.95
Ruche Hour Plunging Maxi Dress RUST

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Welcome to ruche hour. Where you'll definitely be stopping traffic in this dress. Slinky, stretchy maxi dress features a plunging deep-V neckline and ruching down the front of the skirt to create a draped look. It is finished with long sleeves and a high center slit. No closures are included.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from shoulder to hem: 62"
96% Polyester, 4% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry. Do not bleach
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Dorotea S asked: Hello! I would like to know, mymeasurements are: Hips: 37,4 in, waist: 25,6 in and bust : 33,5 inches. Would this dress be too big for me in M size\ Or it is the kind of material that isn't stretched at the beginning?
J J: It's very stretch e I have every color I luv the dress
None N asked: Hello! I would like to order this dress in size M but my measure ments are hips:37.4 waist:25.6 and bust :33.5 inches. Do you think would it be too big for me or would it fit because it is kind of material like that?
Kimberly H asked: I am 160 and 5'8" with a 36D and I usually wear size 10 jeans. What size would you recommend, and I am planning on wearing in Miami in May, would this be too warm to wear Also would the peach look good with a light bronze skin tone?
J J: I would say med this dress is so hot fits in all the right places I would buy every color def Miami not to hot to we're peach I have it looks great with a tan u go girl
Teriah G: Hey I think you should get a Large. I am about 165, 5'7 and I am a 36D in bra size and I got a large in this dress and it fit perfect.
Sophie S asked: Hi, the picture shows a white dress but the description says khaki Which one is it I'm confused and apprehensive to order, as I would like the white one that is shown in the picture, but as it is labelled as khaki, and I am from the UK i would hate for a green dress to show up. Thanks
MICHELLE C: Hi Sophie I order the orange one or rush but when I click on that color,another color comes up,but at the end of check out it give you the correct it very comfortable. ....
Michelle W: the khaki color is like a champagne color from the looks of it! they don't have a white one! I ordered the black one and it was stunning!!
Angel P: Lol
It's more of an ivory. Not pure white! It's beautiful, you will love it. I wore mine backwards. Very classy!
None N asked: Does this dress fit well on slim short girls?
Althea S: Yes, I purchased this dress in black and I am 5'3, 34 28 32 so it fit very nice. The only issue I had was my bust kept revealing it self because the cut is very sharp in the bust area. I end up having a tailor sew in some clips three to be exact so I could close the front in a bit so the piece wouldnt be so revealing.
Chanti R: The dress fits really well but it is long you may be dragging it. Loved this dress wore it the military ball its gorgeous
Lorena H: I'm 5'2, and it fit perfect. But I wore it with heels to make it look better. I recieved a lot of compliments too. I love the dress.
T A: The dress is fairly long but it clings to your body. Very form fitting
Alana C: I'm slim n tall 5'7 n the dress fit might be long for you but you can always take it to a Semtress.
Ashleigh T asked: When will you all have black in a size medium or large available?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: What color do you think will look best on a darksin African American?
Michelle W: I say try the royal blue! that should look awesome on you!
Lakshmi B: Red would look great but beware of this dress the plunge don't fit around the boob part No matter how much tape you put I had to find a way to sew mine differently
Jessica L: Any color!
irene s: The rust color
s w: I have a lighter skin tone and bought the black one..the light green may make your skin time pop which is good but you can never go wrong with black! :
Angel P: I am darkskin! I have the khaki and blue! Spectacular! But honestly all of these colors will look amazing on the beautiful daekskin woman.
Relina A asked: do you sell the black dress in size small\
Bhrea L: Yes
None N asked: Hi! Is the rust color look like red\?
Kaywana M: No
Carissa B: Yes, the rust color look like Red. But I was very disappointed about the dress
Myrah H: The rust color looks orange. I was not happy with the dress. Will be sending it back. Its cut way too wide in the front. Double sided tape didnt even help.
Brittany W: The color I ordered is peach not rust. The plunge is too plunged I will need to get the dress altered so it does not expose my breast. The material is very thin you will not be able to wear undergarments whatsoever,
None N asked: how tight it is... cani wear spanks under it?
Joshua D: The dress is tight but not super tight. It's definitely loose around the breast area. May need to have it altered. But other than that, def a great dress. I love it!
diamond j: No spanks.. The dress is a body hugger,and the spanks may show due to the split in the front
Jeralyn H: Its pretty tight but you should be able to wear spanx underneath. Have plenty of dress tape ready too. The plunge at the top is so wide it sits outside your boobs and you have to tape it in place.
Z12613 S: Skin tight. Don't wear nothing. Or it will show.
Tiffany D: The dress is very form fitting Shows all your curves and yes you can wear spanks underneath. I hope this helps.
Dominique A: It fits like a glove;
Pamela A: I recommend a thong preferably. Depending on the size your order it fits great not too tight or loose.
Sabina O: She can wear a spanks but I think she does not need it, I'm a thick girl and I did not need i. It's rucked at the top belly part so you should be fine. It fits perfectly
Monet P: It's really tight/ snug. & i don't see a problem , but I think the spank wud show since it's a real deep plunge ,
Simone M: It's reasonable fitting and spanks can be worn underneath
Nikkita A: It's close fitting the material is light so you should wear spanx to tighten up because this material will not do it for you. Happy shopping this dress is sexxy
Rashunda J: Yes u can I did and it was great I love this dress
Shuang L asked: I'm 5'3, 130lb, 34D, usually I'm right btw a small and medium because of the boobs. Should I get M or S Since I'm so short I was thinking S so the dress would shrink upward a little, but will my boobs be popping out uncontrollably in a S or will it do that anyway in a M?
MAUREEN m: you should get a small...that would be the perfect fit for you...i think the small is a better fit for your boobs also,it will have a much tighter coverage than the medium would.either way there's gonna be some cleavage showing..but its a very sexy dress.hope u like it.
Desiree B: Hey either way boobs gone show due to the split but its a sexy look and the dress fits all curves so the med gone fit the say way
Kudevia H: Definitely a small. Whether or not you get a M or S your boobs are going to hang out. I'm 5'7, 140 lbs and I ordered the S. It fits wonderful. 34 C.
Jacqueline R: I really can't answer your question, I brought the dress, but it never reach me because of wrong address so u never worry with the dress sirry
Twanna W: It will do that regardless because of how the dress is made. I love the dress but I will be going to the tailor to bring it in a bit for the breast area so they will not be popping out uncontrollably. I am a D cup as well.
Carensa C: I say a medium.....that dress runs small......I usually wear smalls but I bought that in a medium and my boobs kind of pop out anyway.....the dress probably needs body tape to stay in place because of the material.....
tiffany s asked: Hi, I'm 5'5, 140lbs,34C cup & size 7 in bottoms, so I don't have a really large bottom but just enough, what size would you recommend a Small or Medium in this dress I do want it to be sexy & form fitting but not toooo tight I cant move....thanks for the help!
Chasity T: I'm 5'7.5, 145lbs, 34D and also wear a size 7 in jeans. I am normal wear a medium and got a medium and it fits me great. I'd suggest getting your regular size. it's form fitting on it's own because of the material.
JAMAL W: Small would be perfect
Ashley B: A Medium
Linda F: I think you should buy a medium. It runs a little bit small. But it's a beautiful dress and it's very long.
tonika b: I would say a medium I'm 120lbs and the small is tight but sexy
Johnique S: I recommend the medium for your size. It would fit perfect!
Angelid c: i would recommend the large
diva c: It fits like a glove however, the deep v definetly requires some tape to hold ur boobs in because you will definitely experience a "flasher" moment unless u have a cute bra to wear underneath.

Hope that helps but I believe you will love that dress, classy yet tastefully sexy!

Jessica C: I'm a size 13 & 36D and the large was perfect. It's true to size so get the size you normally wear. I would think a small for u though
eunice a: Hi try and get a medium size it will look perfect on u .
eunice a: Hi try and get a medium size it will look perfect on u .
None N asked: Is the material see through?
stephaney s: Not really I bought white and it's not
Andria P: I got the dress in black and the material was not see through. The material is awesome!!
Jessica M: No... It stretches to fit your lower frame but if you have big breast this dress is not for you!
jeanette t: Yes
Laurie B: Yes it is borderline see-through
Andria P: I got the dress in black and the material was not see through. The material is awesome!!
Angel P: No it's not but it's really thin! I used clothing tape so it wouldn't move!
None N asked: I'm 5'9 with a medium size build but big boobs what would be a good size to keep the girls in?
MARISSA F: It depends how huge.if your way top heavy I would get a bigger size I'm a small d
VICTORIA T: Get medium
VICTORIA T: The same size you would regularly get, because of the fabric you can adjust if need be
Alana C: Well I have no boobs whatsoever n purchased a small. I am 5'7 with a medium size build on my lower half but small up top. With that being said, the dress fits perfectly but you can not do alot of moving in the dress because of the low cut in front. I think a medium should be okay for you but be prepared for your boobies to be out. You must invest in some tape for your breast.
None N asked: what if you're tall like 5'6 big butt but not really big tits should I get small or medium I don't want it to be short in length\?
Kyia T: A small should fit just fine.
Alacie W: I would say a medium if u have a big butt. The medium will allow more length. Your butt will likely make the dress shorter if u get a small
Camille D: I would go for a medium for you because I'm 5'1 and very petite and it fit me just right , and it was just 2 inches longer than me but I wore heels so it didn't matter
Reiko I: i'm 5'6 and 136 lbs. and i got a medium. length is perfect with heels. my butt and tits aren't really big however this dress is stretchy, so it fit perfect. if you don't want it to be too tight, you better choose a medium.
Carensa C: I'm 5'6 and hippy and I got a med.....but I actually should have gotten a def dont get a small....hope it works out :
Jaycyll B asked: If i am 5.9, will the length be good will it hit my ankle, or longer?
Angel P: It will be longer than ur ankle without heels but if ur heels are high that may change things! Also depends on ur hip measurements as well.
Ivy N: Without heels yes it will. I'm 5'7 and with heels it still hits the floor look at the length of the dress and measure your height that should help. That's what I did.
Demesha D: Hi I'm also 5'9 and the length was perfect. It will touch the floor plus some. The dress was great
Kabrina B: Yes I'm 5'5 & it's on the floor dragging but it looks very beautiful
Gabrielle C: I'm 5'6 and it barely comes to the bottom of my feet with heels. So I think it will come to your ankles
Chasity T: Yes. I'm 5'7.5 and it's on the floor... But that's without heels on.
None N asked: Are you guys getting this in black\
danesh a: i have a lot of black dresses so i choose red and i love it
tonika b: Yes but it is tight but that's how I wanted it to fit
Gabrielle H: I didn't get mine in black I got mine in royal and white. I love the dress. It's really big in the chest area so if your a small chested girl you'll have to get it fixed
aviva v: Yes
Deon M: I got this dress on blue! And it fit very nice! Can't wait to wear it!
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: how soon can you get a small\/lor black need by oct.28
Nickesia J: sigh
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Alysha P asked: I am a tall slim girl. Will this dress go down to my ankles if I am 5'8?
Chasity T: The dress stops below your knee Or is that where the split stops?
NIKIA H: No it won't, I have the dress and I'm 5'7. It hits a lil below the knee
Michelle H: well the models are like that tall and it seems long since she even has heels on
Breanna m asked: How Stretchy is it I wear a large but its sold out do you think medium would fit?
NIKIA H: I wear a large and ordered the large it fit well with a lil stretch. I wear an 11 but I wouldn't buy a medium because the sleeves don't stretch as much as the dress.
Michelle H: it does look like its super stretchy maybe it would yeah
None N asked: what color did you guys choose and why?
Camille D: I chose the black dress for my 21st birthday and it's definitely perfect ! Fits amazing !!
VICTORIA T: I got red, it was a hard pick because they were all so sexy but I got red because I always get black, white is unique and iffy, and I would have gotten blue too but I couldn't afford both. :
Comments From people who chose this
Nadine M chose this because: GREAT PRICE
Chidera A chose this because: It was super sexy. Wish the Khaki color was available
Glosceene C chose this because: Looks fabulous
LaShaundra M chose this because: I need a sexy dress to wear for my 25th birthday.
escarlen f chose this because: I love the color and Im planning on wearing it with the new vs plunge bra that is white and blue I think it will look nice
Linda E chose this because: Because it looks great for my summer vacation.
jonte b chose this because: It's classy and very sexy
Zienne D chose this because: Good reviews & sexy style! LOVE! :
Candice R chose this because: Color and fit were fabulous!
Jocelyn W chose this because: I'm going to a party and I wanted something a little glamorous
Alexandria S chose this because: needed an evening gown
Amanita D chose this because: I love the style and the body hugging shape.
Sophia W chose this because: Sexy
Qwanda C chose this because: The dress is very sexy! I can't wait to see how it fits on me. The price and color was wonderful.
LaVeChelle P chose this because: sexy
Denise H chose this because: It's HOT! lol
Celena W chose this because: looks stunning!
Sherby P chose this because: This will be my birthday dress!!
jASMINE C chose this because: did not fit like i wanted . i have more body than the model.
Diyoncea J chose this because: Fits my body to the T!!!!!! Love it
Eliane R chose this because: its elegant, classy and sexy all at the same time!
Maria Z chose this because: Sexy!
Omofehintola A chose this because: gorgeous dress
Michaella D chose this because: Rucheing!! Royal Blue color will look so good on.
Emani T chose this because: My birthday is Feb. 14th and I absolutely love the subtle yet sexy look! It is nice and form fitting yet classy. I love a dress with sleeves because it gets cold in WI. Can't wait to get it
betsy c chose this because: birthday dress
valentino h chose this because: Gifts
Courtney H chose this because: The dress is gorgeous online, I hope it is as pretty in person.
Andola D chose this because: A different look
tiara m chose this because: for my birtday
Fred M chose this because: gift Selection for a young lady who is going to wake up
cierra e chose this because: goddess inspired
angela d chose this because: its the middle of winter and i am invited to an all white new years eve party. in this season you hardly ever can find white and somthing sexy that can cover your legs, arms and back....welp this dress is all that i was looking for!
miriam h chose this because: The color and style was sexy enough to be my bday outfit!
Zelthia C chose this because: This dress is fabulous & it's fit perfect
I have already order the black one
Shekeila M chose this because: its sexy
Channay C chose this because: This dress is super sexy and the price is unbeatable.
Veronica A chose this because: for NYE
Katherine C chose this because: The dress is for my birthday, what I really like about it is the goddess style and the color and how the shoes and accessories look amazing!
Zakiyyah H chose this because: Shows your figure, very very sexy.
MICHELLE C chose this because: love the style and price is great
Alicia G chose this because: I chose this dress because its sexy/classy!
Yicel P chose this because: will be wearing this for new years with the diamond queen bib necklace
Arianna G chose this because: SEXY
Jaycyll B chose this because: the deep v neck is just beautiful!
Ta-Niesha N chose this because: i was looking for something sexy to wear for my 24th bday.
melisa d chose this because: beacuse the color is beautiful
Shelia G chose this because: Fits perfect and got several compliments
Ronald L chose this because: sexy
Connie L chose this because: sexy!!!
onita b chose this because: Very classy and elegant
Khrystal V chose this because: The style was exactly what I was looking for!
Latasha G chose this because: its classy and sexy
stephen p chose this because: formal dinner xmas party
Patricia R chose this because: Its sexy and elegant..
Katoya T chose this because: I chose this because it is a gorgeous dress its perfect for the Christmas season, that is why I chose it in black. I love it cant wait to try it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
darlon c chose this because: perfect for new years something different for me I usually go for shorter & brighter dresses, I love this look!!
Briana I chose this because: looks georgous
Teja G chose this because: It is a very beautiful piece
Lesley-Ann B chose this because: the fit
Esau H chose this because: I love it
Z12613 S chose this because: Perfect Fit! Loved This!
Joyce K chose this because: Great, sexy, New Years Eve dress!
effi s chose this because: it looks amazing.
Gesha S chose this because: birthday dress love it
J J chose this because: i so nice this dress but c through fit nice in all the right places
cynthia h chose this because: Super sexy and classy
Chanti R chose this because: military ball gown
Reba R chose this because: Sexy yet classy
B F chose this because: sexy
Jahara D chose this because: Because it's absolutely stunning and sexy!
Tashebia B chose this because: Beautiful!!!!
Andria P chose this because: This dress is very sexy and classy! I am going to need some tape to keep everything in place but it's a really great dress!
MANDIE W chose this because: CLASS ACT!!
Alacie W chose this because: I wore this for my birthday in red. I had a casino themed event and this was def a show stopper! I wear a 12/14 in clothes and the large fit perfect. You do want to purchase doubled side tape from target to help prevent a "nip-slip" though.
Elizabeth S chose this because: I like the looks of it.
Shynelle D chose this because: Just the right amount of sexy for my 20th birthday
Althea S chose this because: It's a classic piece. Simple but sexy.
Sydney S chose this because: I love the length and the dramatic design. Can't wait to wear for my 21st birthday!
Michelle P chose this because: I love it, I would also love to purchase it in blue. Please re stock it soon!
Tricia M chose this because: its super sexy and classy and fits like a glove
viviane w chose this because: i love it.please bring this dress back i want another color
SANDRA G chose this because: Very Sexy and Stylish
Gabrielle C chose this because: super sexy and classy
daneke h chose this because: Omg I loove this dress it soo classy yet it has a lil sexy look to it I really hope it fix my figure perfectly!!
eunice a chose this because: love the syle
Linda F chose this because: It's very sexy. And it nice and long. Perfect for my 6 inch heels.
teara w chose this because: very sleek and sexy i cant wait to try it on!
danesh a chose this because: the reviews were good and its soo sexy
aviva v chose this because: Sexy and classy. I can't wait to try it on!
Deon M chose this because: Very sexy and elegant
Twanna W chose this because: The item is very sexy!
Toccara R chose this because: Birthday Dress
Carensa C chose this because: it looks so sexy and chic
Carrie C chose this because: Long elegant and sexy at the same time
Tamar Z chose this because: so classy
VICTORIA T chose this because: I love the design
Nautica S chose this because: its so sexy

+ Reviews

Ruche Hour Plunging Maxi Dress
3.5 Stars based on 10 Review(s)
NEW YORK, New York
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 1, 2014
Super revealing so make sure you have some double sided tape handy. Ordered the khaki looks like a light blush in person.

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nice dress
February 5, 2014
It was a beautiful dress overall. I wore it on New Year's Eve. Very long and the color was nice.
Forma/event dress
The plunge around the boob part was very wide and if you don't be careful your tatas will be out. No matter how much tape I put it couldn't stay so I found a way to sew it differently.

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Gasp whisper & stare
January 12, 2014
The dress is very nice to say the least. Im wearing it to an event this friday and i know i will be the lady of the hour. I bought it in mint and it is so freakin pretty
Looks jus like the display pic
The plunge is very wide...need double sided fabric tape to keep those babies in

saint louis, mo
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Nelly's Black and White Ball
January 4, 2014
Love love LOVE this dress. It was a complete showstopper at the ball and a really great price. Got a lot of compliment and turned some heads;)
Form fitting, great lenth (5'3) ordered a medium

Elmhurst, NY
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Beautiful But...
January 3, 2014
I wish the material was a bit thicker. Also my breast are only a B Cup and this plunge did not cover. I will have to find a very strong fashion tape or breast lift tape to wear this.
Color is exactly as shown, gives silhoutte, comfortable material
Too loose around breast, material a little to thin

New York, NY
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I love it!
December 28, 2013
I got the mint color in a size small. I love he mermaid look it's very sexy and young also comfortable!
Color is great and the material is good also, it fits great!
The neck line is way too wide but use double sided sticky tape to cover nipples .

new yorl
3.5 Stars

December 19, 2013
This dress material feels cheap
Very long dress
Material not good

stone mountain, ga
3.5 Stars

December 14, 2013
I like it. But it look like a night grown. Wish I could got a smaller size. And my boobs are big. So I have to find a way to keep them in.
I got white . And that color look nic

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Plunge really wide
December 13, 2013
Very sexy but still classy
My only complaint is how wide the plunge is. The dress naturally sat around my boobs and not on them. Without layers of dress tape to keep the dress in place I couldn't wear it.

St Louis MO
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

October 31, 2013
Dress is nice has very clingy thin material
Fits silhouette nicely
Will need double sided tape to keep chest from being exposed.

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