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Buckle Up Knee-High Boots

Buckle Up Knee-High Boots

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Buckle on up into these knee high riding boots. They feature a faux leather texture with a double strap around the ankle and an elastic panel at the top of the shaft. Finished with a side zipper and a smooth rubber sole.

Shaft height: 20"
Circumference of opening: 15"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials

Questions about this item
None N asked: Please restock! I need to buy like 10 pairs of these?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: I'm 5'2 do you think these boots would come a little bit above my knee Also do they fall down or is the material thick enough to stay up on the leg?
Odessa I: I'm 5'1 and yes it will cover a little bit of your knee. These boot dont fall down.
Vanessa G: Yes I'm your height and it goes over the knee
Karen M: I'm 5'4 and they come above my knees ... Also, they're a thicker material because there is a thin fur-type material inside as a lining.
derrae d: yes, I am 5'1 and they come just above my knee. they do fall down a lot and its very irritating to have to keep pulling them back up. when I have worn them with thick jeans they don't slide down as much though.
Abigail M: I'm bout 5'6 and they do come up the knee so they should come up for you. I find that they do fall down a little bit but not too much. I'd also suggest buying a size below your regular shoe size.
Shandosha R: I am 5'5 and these boots are well above my knees. They will more than likely be at your thigh. I like them because I can fold them or smoosh them down. I mostly wear them high. I've been happy with them.
Hope N: I am 5'1 and these boots definitely reach above my knee! The material of them is pretty thick, I would that they slide down maybe a tiny tiny bit. No where near enough to make it annoying or noticeable however! Overall, awesome boots!!
Jennifer H: Hi! I just got these in the mail today! I love them. Im short too and they come over the knee and stay up but are looser around the top. Look great with skinny jeans. Hope this helps.
Bri A: Im 5"8 & they come up to my knee. The material is thick enough to stay up. I wear them with my tights & jeans and I never have to pull at them..
Olivia H: I'm 5'9 and they come right to the top of my knee and I love them but they do fall down constantly and I even have bigger legs and they still fall down like every 30 seconds
Madeline M: I'm 5'4 and they come just above my knee. Also- the material is not very thick but they fit nicely.
None N asked: are these boots really tall ?
Gloria F: I'm 5'7 it went past my knees
beth s: they hit just above the knee on me, but i'm only 5'3" and i have short legs
Erika J: They are knee high. I'm 5'1 and they come right to my knee.
betsy c: Yes knee high length
hyddie c: Yes they are. I am 4"11 and these boots go over my knees.
Kristi W: Goes right above knee...covers knee
Kristi W: Goes right above knee...covers knee
Kathryn N: Yes, I'm 5'4 and they go above my knee.
Sarah S: They cover up the kneee
M S: I think so. They defiantly go above the knee. But you do have the option to fold over. They kind of scrunch up a little as well. Don't stay completely straight on calf. Kinda feels like they are falling down.
Angel c: They are the perfect size. They go right above the knee
None N asked: how is the fit?
Stephanie D: Agree super slouchy and true to fit. I ordered 1/2 size up based off other reviews and wish I didn't. I am almost ALWAYS an 8 and the 8 1/2 is a little sloppy. The tow is narrower than the picture indicates and the wedge is lower, they're basically flat!
rahbi i: the shoe is more slouchy then they appear in the image. The fit is true to size.
Tricia N asked: Are these boot more of a dark brown or a tan brown color?
Karen M: Just got them. I would say more a tan/caramel color.
Shefon T: tan brown! great rich color
None N asked: Does the 15" circomference stretch I love them but afraid they won't fit around my tree trunk legs!
rahbi i: they will fit..
Kristi W: They will stretch to fit your legs ... I have a lot of room in my boots and I love them ... Great for fall and winter fashion
beth s: Yes, especially at the top. It has elastic at the back that stretches comfortably even with bent knees.
Kristin C: Today is my first day wearing my boots and I already got compliments on them from the girls at the bank I go to. Depending on shoe brands, I am a 8 1/2 or 9 mostly 9, and I went with a 9 for this boot - they are comfortable I wouldn't want the 8 1/2.
beth s: Very cute, my new favorites. I would go a half size up which I usually do for boots anyway, because the toe is narrow rather than more rounded.
alexandra t asked: Does the material look very cheap?
rahbi i: yes!!!
erin k: No they don't look cheap. Doesn't look like real leather but they are well made boots
beth s: I would say no. To be fair, I just bought them and have only worn them for a week or two, and i have gotten one scuff on the side of the heel. I got them in taupe and they look and feel really nice, faux fur on the inside is cozy. They're my new favorite boots and I have three other pairs from this company.
D O asked: Is it true to size I wear 6.5 & 7, but sadly they ran out of size 7. I'm afraid size 6.5 may be too small.
Kristin C: I would wait for them to restock and go with the 7.
beth s: Narrow at the toe; I went a half size up just in case and I'm glad I did. Otherwise true to size.
derrae d: Well I usually wear an 8 or 8.5 but I took a risk and got an 8. They are a little tight and I won't be able to wear thick socks but they fit pretty comfy. And because they are boots its hard to get them off and on with ease.
Hope N: I actually just received these boots. I normally wear a 7.5, but once in a while I can get away with a 7. I ended up getting these boots in a 7 and I am very pleased with how they fit. There definitely isn't room in them to wear a very thick pair of socks, but overall I like how they fit!
D O: Ok. I'm afraid size 6.5 may be too small. I do have wide But thanks. I'm not sure yet whether I should get it. I'm just so sad they ran out of size 7 so fast..:
None N asked: can these be folded over?
Nastassia M: Sure can!
rahbi i: yes
Amanda E: Somewhat, yes but it kind of looks funny.
Karen T: Yes, they can.
Comments From people who chose this
Veronica B chose this because: cosplay
A D chose this because: i love these boots, they are so nice and comfy.
Marissa P chose this because: Love tall boots, and on sale!
Sadia A chose this because: Perfect to wear with casual dresses and tights!
Marivel R chose this because: the style of the boot is feminine and simple so it looks elegant to me I like the almond style toe and the fact that it's knee adds sexiness to it! Also because it's flat it looks comfortable as well!
christal m chose this because: needed something for work
Derecka A chose this because: on sale and the winter weather is longer than ever this year!
mercedez m chose this because: i like the stile
Tishawna A chose this because: Very cute
Maria B chose this because: my daughter like this kind of boots
Shaina B chose this because: Gift
Jennifer M chose this because: Searched for it on Google
Gona S chose this because: They're cuteeee
Jenna B chose this because: because they are knee high and they don't have allot of hardware
Katelyn H chose this because: look similar to boots previously purchased on GoJane that I loved. hoping to replicate!
MELANIE F chose this because: AWESOME PRICE
Gloria F chose this because: Cute
Kimeeko L chose this because: I love knee high boots and was in need of a black flat one
Lina D chose this because: Affordable and the boot looks very nice
rebecca c chose this because: skinny fit, 13 inch opening at top of shoe. Cute style
Stephanie D chose this because: Tall boot for winter to keep me warm and dry
Jasmine S chose this because: Super cute
Christine E chose this because: colour / style /price !!!!
M S chose this because: trendy and cute
Anetha W chose this because: I chose these because they had the short wedge look and were over the knee. I liked the colors and look forward to wearing them.
lizbeth r chose this because: I needed some black boots for work. Plus super cute & affordable.
Jeztine C chose this because: wanted knee high boots
Sarah B chose this because: super cute
Ashleigh W chose this because: They are really cute and stylish, not to mention on sale just in time for Fall!
Hayley P chose this because: good height and color. versatile boot
Shandosha R chose this because: Perfect for the price
betsy c chose this because: LOOKS CUTE SO I HOPE IT IS CUTE IN PERSON AS WELL
rahbi i chose this because: they are so cute cute and inexpensive!!!
Chido D chose this because: cute buckle. love it!
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