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Zipping Around Combat Boots

Zipping Around Combat Boots

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You can zip around all you want. These versatile boots will keep up with you. Faux leather boots feature a smooth texture and a stitched design, including a capped toe, with laces going all the way up the shoe through grommets and a section of hooked eyelets. Button tabs on each side of the shoe can be fastened at its opening if boots are worn unfolded or attached at either of the studs near the bottom of the shoe if boots are worn folded down to reveal the animal print lining. Laces can be adjusted to accommodate a wider fit in the calf, and boots are finished with a ridged sole and a rear zipper for easy on and off.

Shaft height: 8.5"
Circumference of opening: 11.5"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials

Questions about this item
Ashlei R asked: How comfortable is this boot, in terms of walking long distances scale of 1 to 10
Kendra M: 10
DaNita R: Between 7-8. Not too uncomfortable but when I wore them all day my feet did begin to hurt. But just a little.
Evann R: They are very comfortable. I pretty much wore these everyday to work and out on the town. I recived compliments on them daily. I would rate this a 10. Assuming 10 is the highest rate
Courtney S: I'd definitely give them an 8 or 9 for sure! They are super comfy for combat boots and I always wear mine all day long with no issues!
None N asked: is the heel rubber or is it hard?
Yahya J: The heel is rubber, but the very bottom has a hard thin layer. After the shoe is run down, it will be rubber.
Yahya J: The heel is rubber, but the very bottom has a hard thin layer. After the shoe is run down, it will be rubber.
Ellison H: Hard rubber. I don't always love gojane products but these boots are very high quality. I'd absolutely buy them again and recommend them.
Monique M: its rubber.
R A: It's hard
None N asked: are these boots true to size?
K E: Yes these r true to size
Yahya J: They are true to size, however, they are really slim. If you have wide feet, it may hurt after a couple hours.
C H: True to size :
Jeannice W: Yes they do , they're great!
I ordered a pair in Dec 5.5 in black pair.
Keanna K: Yes they fit true to size
Karen G: Yes they are. They are extremely comfortable.
Kevin B asked: What should I use to weatherproof these boots?
ronika l: Wear thick socks the boots are comfortable but weatherproof dats ya business not the company I'm just saying
Eddie S: U could use weather proof spray !!!
None N asked: do they fit true to size ?
K E: Yes these r true to size.
Dulce M: Yes they did.
Schree H: I wear a 7.5 so in boots I get a 8 ... they feel greAt
Mechelle J: Yes
LAKEASHA K: Yes. I can fluctuate between a 9 and 9.5. The 9 had plenty of room.
Patricia G: yes!
None N asked: I usually wear an 8.5 or 9 depending on the company. But they're out of stock of 8.5s. Do you think the 8's will be fine?
Anquinette P: They are true to size an 8 maybe too small.
ronika l: No they run according to your size so you will need da 8.5 or go yup to a 9 not down a size
precious l: Hey I dont know how narrow your feet are but i usually wear an 8.5 to 9 and these are a little big n the front on me. hope that helps!
Janai C: A 9 will be fine i wear a 10 and its a little snug but the boots are gorgeous and worth it !
Tiffany D: No I feel like it runs a little small--maybe a half a size smaller--so wait until they get some more in stock!! Sorry!!
Latandy S: Nope
Joya J: no because they actually fit kind of snug. i would wait until the size becomes available
Eddie S: No they run small so a 9 is going to feel like a 8.1/2
Evann R: I don't know becaus I nerver received them. My whole order was shipped back to gojane.
Tyeshia J: No it would be best to try a 9 if they still have them in that size
Keanna K: There true to size so they'd prob be small
None N asked: I wear a 9.5 does that mean the 10 is ok becasue i know some 10 feel huge!
Kimberly R: I usually wear 6.5 and that's the size I ordered and they are comfortable with big socks or normal socks.
JOANNE L: Well if you're wearing it throughout the cold weather probably your feet would contract a little. But also on another side, don't forget about socks which would take up a little space too:
Anastasia S: no the 10 will be fine . I ordered a size 7 and they're a little tight so i would definetely go with the 10 . :
Nancy D asked: Will you be re-stocking this boot in a women's size 7?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: Does it come in size 11.5 ?
GoJane S: Unfortunately, we do not carry size 11.5 as it is not widely available to us from our vendors.
Yingqi L asked: Hi! Will you be bringing in other sizes?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: does it run true to size?
Derris H: Yes
Nancy U: Yes it does !!
Yingqi L: Will you be bringing in size 9?
Comments From people who chose this
Alice J chose this because: My daughter loves animal print and one of my students recommended this site and the boots. She said they were really comfortable.
Catharine H chose this because: My granddaughter chose these
Stacy K chose this because: Love leopard print and combat boots are definitely in!!
Shanique M chose this because: love these boots, wear them all the time!
Steph B chose this because: love the leopard print lining
Daisy W chose this because: I've been looking for the perfect combat boot for awhile and I finally found these cute and feminine ones off of the app The Hunt
P E chose this because: The leopard fold over sold me
Christine A chose this because: My daughter will love these as a little surprise!
verlissia b chose this because: The print is cute
valeria m chose this because: I needed something new.
patricia s chose this because: I only could find these
Chasity G chose this because: super chick!
marcus h chose this because: Anniversary gift for my girlfriend.
Alana Q chose this because: Super cute can't wait to get them
josephine b chose this because: its cute and better
Britney M chose this because: you can wear them up for a more edgy look and wear them down for a more girly look
Paulette H chose this because: Because it was cute
Mary D chose this because: because is cute and a good price.
Jasmyn M chose this because: i love the color and the style of the boots
Deborah P chose this because: I love leopard
Johnyea D chose this because: Because i love the leather on the shoes and the print that is on it
Jennifer B chose this because: Hot! Hot! Hot!
rebecca p chose this because: unique design & print inside
Marissa S chose this because: I like the animal print and the option to make the two styles
Courtney D chose this because: The shoe is so cute inside and out!!
Desiree K chose this because: cause it is what i wanted for awhile and i fillany found it at a awesome price so thanks!!! :
Mellon k chose this because: I absolutely love these boots so much I ordered me a pair and had to order my daughter a pair
Susan L chose this because: daughter asked for them
Allura D chose this because: soooooooo cute
Ace V chose this because: Very stylish
A'Syria J chose this because: I love cheetah print!
Shaana J chose this because: Love the leopard in the fold! Combat boots are stylish and comfortable.
Satorious m chose this because: They are cute and i am a leopard fanatic!
M L chose this because: gift
Kori A chose this because: It's almost 2 shoes in one :D
Tina C chose this because: Great price, love the style and color!
Tabetha L chose this because: My daughter ask for them:
william c chose this because: My granddaugther liked them
Kimberly M chose this because: They are very cute
Linda S chose this because: christmas present
Eric O chose this because: There hot
Cassandra W chose this because: I loved the look.
Merjournie M chose this because: love the style and color
K E chose this because: The print alone just got me ima lover of leopard. Plus perfect for work, I have to wear all black but shoes can be at least 80% blk so will be folding these
Brazils W chose this because: Daughter wanted it
Griselda G chose this because: i love cheetah print
nicole s chose this because: LIKED THEM
Chipiliro N chose this because: THere are in Fashion
Shannon R chose this because: I choose these as a gift for my sister because they are one of the cuter, more versatile styles of combat boot I've seen.
Falon P chose this because: they are different and cute
kendrea S chose this because: i really like the print
Autumn P chose this because: I love that the cheetah adds a little more edge, but if i just want the solid black I can also fold the cheetah part back up.
Esi S chose this because: because it cute
maria b chose this because: waiting for them
Ashley G chose this because: i got them cause my sister wanted them for her birthday
Linda D chose this because: Good price and cute!
Yahya J chose this because: I absolutely love the edge that combat boots embody. I dont think they will ever go out of style.
LAKEASHA K chose this because: I need a pair of black boots and really wanted a pair of combat boots.
Irish J chose this because: Because I like boots like these to wear to work I drive a school bus so these look like my style
Elise D chose this because: These are the perfect combat for my type of style with a hint of cheetah!
jane d chose this because: my daughter loves combat boots and leopard print. Good price
Neomi T chose this because: My cousin has the same I luv it
Tashay H chose this because: Cute Style
Keisha B chose this because: I love LEOPARD PRINT!!!!
RITA T chose this because: looks cute and sassy for my teenage granddaughter
ANNA J chose this because: i always wanted a black combat boot so i picked these especially because of the cheetah prints on the inside
Janai C chose this because: I love the style !
Lauren H chose this because: Love the print and that they fold over.
maykel g chose this because: i love
Marthe N chose this because: The color and the uniqueness
Alexandra Z chose this because: They looked awesome and were not very expensive.
Daboi B chose this because: Fashionable
M S chose this because: cute
Nancy U chose this because: Love the cheetah detail
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