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Keep Tabs Combat Boots CAMELKeep Tabs Combat Boots CAMELKeep Tabs Combat Boots CAMELKeep Tabs Combat Boots CAMELKeep Tabs Combat Boots CAMEL
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Keep Tabs Combat Boots

now $32.47
Keep Tabs Combat Boots CAMELKeep Tabs Combat Boots BLACKKeep Tabs Combat Boots BROWN

+ Details

Looking for a versatile boot? Then you should let us keep tabs on ya! Faux leather boots feature a smooth texture and a stitched design, including a capped toe, with laces going all the way up the shoe through grommets and a section of hooked eyelets. Button tabs on each side of the shoe can be fastened at its opening if boots are worn unfolded or attached at either of the studs near the bottom of the shoe if boots are worn folded down to reveal the plaid lining. Laces can be adjusted to accommodate a wider fit in the calf, and boots are finished with a ridged sole and a rear zipper for easy on and off.

Shaft height: 8.5"
Circumference of opening: 11.5"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
christina p asked: Im usually a 7.5 but u dont have aby. Do they run wide or narrow?
Heather R: They fit true to size for me.
Latonya F: I wouldn't use the word "wide" because they're not however they're not narrow. They're true to size so select your normal boot size.
V A: They run a bit wide for me. I wear size 10 but this size 10 seems wider than the ones I have .
T A: They ran wider than I had expected. I have wide feet and my normal size 6.5 fit fine and comfortably.
SUMMER J: I would say get a 7.5, I order an 8 and I have a lot of rom even with thick socks on.....the shoes are cheaply made so I wouldn't put too much money in them
melissa k: They're pretty narrow . I'm 6.5 and some room to wiggle ur toes around still . LOVE these boots since I'm from the east coast . These are my foot boots for rain and snow
Emma M: They do run a little small, so I'd say order up
Sammy N asked: is the sole on this product rubber or another soft material Or is it a hard type of material I don't want to make heel noises when I walk. click clack lol
Jovana R: Its rubber but it makes no noise, these boots are great! I just got mine and took them on a trip and wore them the entire time with no issues. Super comfortable and durable, I highly recommend them.
celethia j: It's like rubber..they don't make noise.
Virginia J: The soles are great and comfortable.
Cassandra R: It's rubber! No click clacks!
T A: rubber
None N asked: do these boots and other boots come in wide width?
Chantal L: I don't know.
T A: Average. I have very wide feet and the 6.5 fit comfortably for me.I was worried about them being to narrow but they were fine.
None N asked: Are these boots breathable I have a pair of boots made from pvc and are uncomfortable.
Margaret R: I have found that as long as I don't wear thick, heavy socks, they breathe just fine!
Mai H: These boots are very comfortable, and definitely break in well!
jahdaya f: These are super breathable!! i move my feet all around, i can cross my feet when i sit on the floor. i recommend it
Rachel M asked: How tall is the heel on these boots?
Kayla B: about an inch.
Meagan S: Roughly 1 1/4 inches!
jeralyn p asked: Do these boots get worn out fast!?
Vanessa M: No. Mine are incredibly durable
Brittany D: No
miqueshelia J: No and sad to say I'm rough with shoes
Delilah J: I don't think so. It all depends how u are on shoes/boots. I've only wore my boots one time since I've gotten them, But I love love them. Lol. And also the boots run big so u might wanna go a size down. I just kept mines cause I'm always wearing two pair of socks & I still have lots of room left in my boots. 8/half I wear. But go for it, get them! Their get boots & they go fast.
zoe b asked: Are the sizes correct, or do I have to buy a size smaller; I really like a shoe that's snug?
K W: I am a size 8 and purchased an 8. They def feel true to size.
Emily M: These shoes are true to size. I usually wear a size 7 shoe and these fit very comfortably. They are a little snug because they are a more narrow cut. Love the boots and have received many compliments!
Emma M: I got my size and they are a little tight. If you like snug I'd say get your size then
Shantal A: Its correct :
None N asked: Do the boots have good grip?
T A: Yes. The bottoms have nice grip and not slick at all.
Shannen K asked: im usually a size 7.5 should I order a size 8 to be safe or 7.5 should be fine|?
Brianna G: Personally I think a 7.5 will be fine. I have another pair of similar combat boots and they're a size 6 and I ordered a size 6 from gojane and they're slightly big, and I am normally a 5.5, so I would suggest you go with the 7.5
Marie J: 7.5 should be fine because I'm got a 6.5 and it fits perfectly
Gary C: 7.5
Lauren Y: You should be fine with ordering your true size. I usually wear an 8.5 but some shoes that do not carry half sizes i'll order and 8. But, these fit very well and comfortable true to my size. My mother ordered these as well when I purchased mine and she wears a 7.5 and she said they fit her perfectly! Good luck!!
Ashley K: A 7.5 is fine it fits true to size
Michelle A: honestly the shoe is made exactly to size, so if u think you need space for thick socks or that your foot needs extra room then u can get an 8 but otherwise 7.5 is fine
Laurie W: Yes! I would suggest a half size larger.
Donie W: I ordered my exact size which is an 8 and it fitted perfectly . A 7.5 should do just fine .
None N asked: How is the tread Do they feel slippery?
Donna B: They are great..
Yes they are comforterable..
Katie E: There is a large tread, so I don't think they would ever slip.
Elyse T: About an inch, maybe a little less. Very comfortable!
Cassandra H: It's not too high. It's really just like a regular pair of boots. It's definitely not a high heeled boot.
Lauren Y asked: Do these look good with leggings or skinny jeans...Some of these shoes tend to look weird, or like clown shoes...and also, are these good to wear for significant amounts of time?
Shannon J: These look great with skinny jeans/leggings and regular bootcut jeans as well! I've been wearing these a few times a week since purchasing about a month ago, and they've held up really well. The zipper is a little sticky, but nothing of real concern. I can wear them all day with no pain --- though I would suggest wearing socks with a bit more padding, as the insides of the shoes don't have any padding of their own. Even a gel insert could work. Overall these shoes are fantastic! They're my first pair of combat boots and I'be gotten nothing but compliments on them. Definitely a great purchase!
Kayle S: I absolutely love these shoes. I wear them all the time with skinnys and leggings. I have been searching forever to find a cute pair of combats and i am very happy that i chose these! I just bought them a month ago so im not sure how durable they are.
Gabrielle M: They look great with skinnies and leggins!
JaShyra C: I have worn them with Skinny jeans but not leggings and they looked fine. And mines still look new but I've only wore mines a countable amount of times
Paige S: Yes they look good with skinny jeans! I've worn the boots with both light and dark skinny jeans with the boots folded down. I have worn them for only a few hours and they were fine but I'm not sure if that answers your significant amount of time question. Hope this helps!
sonia o: I have skinny legs so they look weird on me in leggings but great on my friend with much bigger legs, but iverall they look great in jeans and a flowly dress... Depending in your style. I've had them for a while and they work for pretty much anything... Fashion, Weather, Occasion..
Hope this helps.
Maritza R: They look great with either jeans or leggings !
Margie E: I bought these and I normally like to wear them with leggings. At first they hurt your feet so try to get at least a half size greater than what you normally wear.
nicole h: Theses boots look awesome with skinny jeans and leggings. I love these boots. They were exactly what I was looking for. As for wearing them for long periods of time i would say no but what helped me be able to wear them all day was to put an insole in them. That helps make them comfy
Katie S asked: Are they comfortable?
Monique J: Yes! Very good buy!
Tiffany r: They are to me, I even wear them to work
Leslie M: Yes ! I have them I've been wearing them all the time they're great.
Raven P: Yes!
Tatianna L: They are. I just recently purchased them and wore them to an event where I was standing all night and I was never uncomfortable in them.
Brittany B: Yea I jus had to get a size bigger maybe bc I don't have a high arch... Love them tho nd feel so fashionable when I wear them!
Kensi J: I wore mine to a festival for several hours and was on my feet the whole time, the shoes never gave me any problems so I would say that they are comfortable.
None N asked: Can you get more bigger sizes of Brown There's only 5.5 and I don't know if that fits e for sure
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: Can this boot survive some rain and snow Also sometimes a lot of it. I'm in Canada, so we get a fairly high amount of snow.
Jessica M: I live in Northern Michigan, and so far these boots have held up against the large amount of rain and little bit of snow we've gotten so far this fall. I am hoping they make it through the winter. But so far so good!
Reba W: I live in Alabama, so I can't say for ceratin on the snow. I've worn them a few times in the rain and they have held up very well. They are more comfortable after a few wears, also. I highly suggest these boots.
jahdaya f: These boots are pretty sturdy but they are thin. i've never wore it in lots of snow so i'm not sure if it can. but they could last in rain. but since they're kinda thin you have to wear thick socks when its cold to keep your feet warm
Diane K: I honestly don't know if they are 100% waterproof, but I think it would be fine in a little bit of rain. As for snow I would say no, maybe walking around on top like on sidewalks etc, but they are not snow boots. I currently live in southern USA but grew up in northern USA around lots of rain and snow, and these by far are not rain/snow boots but they would hold up better than plain shoes.
Mak'an D: I live in Canada too and the boots can survive rain but they are not practical winter boots,they are not thick. thick socks may help during winter
Loveth U: I'm in Canada too. I know it can survive a little rain. But I'm not sure about snow. I think it will survive but not for long because its a strong shoe.
Sally C: I have not had to use them in snow yet I live in PA but I can tell you that they are very warm!
Margaret R: I've found that they do pretty well in rain, although I have not tested them in snow. They seem to be water proof and stand up well. They only thing I will say, not about the water, is that the back of the zipper cut into my heel. Until you've broken them in, wear some sort of cloth socks, long pants, etc. that completely covers the back of your foot and leg. Other than that, I have no complaints and love these shoes!
Kaitlyn V: I love these boots. They're pretty waterproof I haven't had any issues yet, and I live in Wisconsin. They're warm, adorable, and go with pretty much anything so I highly recommend!
Shantal A: Yes it can survive snow and some rain
None N asked: Is the black or dark brown boot better I didn't see a light brown one. I'm kinda leaning towards dark brown, but it's only size, 5.5, might be too small for me. I'm not sure.
Ieshia O: Which ever color you get is good because the boots is amazing
Shannon C: I got the dark brown ones and I love them. However I'm thinking about getting black too. So if they don't have your size get black!
Loveth U: the shoes are true to size so if you think it will not be your size then it wont.
Sally C: I have the light brown color and they are true to size so I would say order whichever color comes in your size. I have size 7 and that is the size I usually wear. Good luck! Hope this helps.
Nhu-Y D: I got the light brown and love it! I would personally take dark brown too but black is okay because its true to size. never get boots that is smaller than your size
None N asked: will you guys get a size 9 of the black one of this shoe soon?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
chinwe m: what of 10 black
chinwe m: Can I get size 9.5 black
GoJane S: We actually do not carry size 9.5 from our vendors, so we suggest purchasing either a size 9 or a size 10.
Erica A asked: will you be restocking these in an 8?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Virginia P asked: Are these true to size?
rachel N: Yes I think so! I love them!! Havenot worn them yet though but did try them on
kamri j: I have never ordered shoes online before so I was nervous about what size to order. I wear a size 8 so I decided to order a 8. When I finally got to try the shoes on, they fit very comfortably. So yes, they are true to size.
And Z asked: Hello, Any one tell me if these fit small or regular thanks
kamri j: They fit regular.
Reba W: I normally wear 7 1/2, ordered 8, and they are a little snug.
Sara G: I am usually a 7.5 and that's what u ordered and they were a perfect fit!
Comments From people who chose this
SUMMER J chose this because: was looking for some...and these was not it
Jennifer T chose this because: The heel is very cute and just the right size
Katelyn H chose this because: I wanted a pair of combat boots.
Cathrine K chose this because: They look nice for the winter.
Shasha M chose this because: It looks very cute and comfortable.
J A chose this because: These are just kick ass shoes!!!
Samantha D chose this because: I love the style and the color
Amber S chose this because: For casual fun
Leah L chose this because: cute!
Nefretiti N chose this because: style
joanna l chose this because: like how it was not ankle length
Maria P chose this because: Had style I needed
Lindsay A chose this because: Looks like a good sole.
jane m chose this because: I love these boots. The style is so cute and the fold over is a perfect pattern
Christina U chose this because: PRETTY
Brittany S chose this because: been looking for a low rise combat boot and love that it can be folder over to achieve that look
Chantal L chose this because: Because i like the style.
S O chose this because: Combat boots are IN right now!
Lesley A chose this because: Trendy
Ana R chose this because: Cute, love them. :
Elizabeth S chose this because: My daughter liked them for their color and thinks they are cute!
Alexandra R chose this because: I just wanted a cute pair of combat boots and these were perfect!
Nickole C chose this because: Cute stylish and discount
Fatiya W chose this because: I love the color of them and I love how you can change the style of them you don't have to just wear them up all the time you can have them as a short style as well.
Alice L chose this because: It looks comfortable and stylish
Allison C chose this because: Because I thought they was cute
sahira a chose this because: i needed boots! couldnt find nice knee length boots
Abigail C chose this because: Wanted to try the combat boot style and this one fits my style the most.
Asia T chose this because: It's a great looking boot. Steps up any outfit typically defined as casual
Chi I chose this because: Stylish, versatile and inexpensive compared to other sites.
Megan M chose this because: They look cute, have good reviews and I love the flap that folds over
Francine L chose this because: Looking for combat boots that folded down and couldn't find any i liked so i goggled combat boots and this site came up
sherri h chose this because: Daughter,s gift
Nancy K chose this because: Easy walkers ... warm for winter
Katie H chose this because: because the boot was rad as hell man
Meredith G chose this because: bday present for daughter. couldn't find size in stores
Sabrina S chose this because: I chose these because they're very cute and seem very durable. I'm excited to start making outfits with them!
latoya m chose this because: love these boots
Lauren F chose this because: i've been wanting a pair for several months and when i came across these i knew i needed to own them
Charlotte F chose this because: On my grand daughter's xmas list.
Chakeidria W chose this because: i liked the style of combat boots and the tab part
Jazz W chose this because: because they are inexpensive and nice looking :D
Michelle G chose this because: teen style and asked Santa
Kadie F chose this because: It looks like my kind of boot.
Cathryn W chose this because: A gift for my granddaughter, and I couldn't find them anywhere else
Bonnie F chose this because: Liked them
Anthony J chose this because: My 14 year old grand-daughter said their in style
Rose H chose this because: I liked the style.
Jill F chose this because: daughter wanted them :
angela s chose this because: My daughter saw them at another store and were only available on line, however, they no longer carried them, so I found them here for her for Christmas
Candace L chose this because: Cute
Amanda G chose this because: THEY'RE CUTE!! WHAT MORE CAN YOU SAY!! :D
Stacy N chose this because: I love the pullover boots.
Barbara H chose this because: this is a xmas present for my friend
Ginette J chose this because: Daughter wants them for christmas
Shirrell T chose this because: VERY CUTE
Tracy D chose this because: Cute and cheap!! Great coupons!
Dana B chose this because: Daughter requested this style/color as a Christmas gift.
Dorie R chose this because: They were a very nice looking shoe and looked of good quality for the price.
Cora M chose this because: request for christmas.
TyBrea' M chose this because: Love!!! Comfy and Really Cute!
Laurie W chose this because: because they are comfortable & stylish
Sasha M chose this because: Super cute, Great price!!
Jane H chose this because: My daughter loved these boots
Evelyn F chose this because: Requested Christmas Gift
Kilenny T chose this because: comfort
Maribeth M chose this because: they looked so cute. why not\ ;
Karina A chose this because: practical
Victoria B chose this because: I have been looking for combat boots for a long time and I finally ones that aren't super expensive but are super cute!
ugochi E chose this because: Needed black combats so badly and now I have them!
Michelle A chose this because: exactly what my daughter wants and a very good price.
Jordyn O chose this because: SO EXCITED to get these!! so stylish and have heard nothing but great things!!
Maria S chose this because: I've always wanted a pair of combat boots, and these ones are at a reasonable price.
Nana O chose this because: Like them
Ruth G chose this because: Christmas gift
Mary P chose this because: My daughter would like them for Christmas
Maggy Y chose this because: style and price
Jean M chose this because: My daughter liked them
Abby G chose this because: they're cool
Terri T chose this because: These were the original ones and Jane restocked!!!
Nikita I chose this because: It is an amazing shoe
Katy T chose this because: I've wanted brown combat boots for a while and these are a great bargain :
Jaime B chose this because: Just what I was looking for...great style, color and look! Can't wait for these boots to get here!
Sheri D chose this because: Style
Donna B chose this because: My other granddaughter liked them.
Shantal A chose this because: looks classy
Grace K chose this because: found this specifically on this site
Raven P chose this because: I liked the style and price.
Greesim L chose this because: The versatile style gives me options, and the plaid on the inside is too cute! Also, the strong rubber heel is a must as I walk a lot.
Jennie H chose this because: These boots are super cute and in my budget!
Dejanique A chose this because: I needed combat boots and these were perfect
Tracy D chose this because: Color
Kentrella B chose this because: Just what I wanted.
Ronit W chose this because: I love th color an th look :
Tiesha A chose this because: It's cute
Juliet D chose this because: Needed them!
Sally C chose this because: I was looking for a fall boot and these were exactly what I wanted. It was hard to choose between the dark brown or the light brown, they're both so cool!
Kimberly C chose this because: Style & Cost
Loveth U chose this because: it looks different from other combat boots. it looks more stylish and compact
Sarah H chose this because: I loved the style of them!
Dianne A chose this because: Love combat boots, wanted a change from the typical black
Maddaline K chose this because: needed military boots. thought these were cute. can't wait to get them in the mail!
Ama A chose this because: Its easy on the eyes. Beautiful and durable boots.
Margaret R chose this because: Super cute, and I have wide calfs, so I needed something adjustable.
Ayomide G chose this because: i love these shoes!!!!
Amrita G chose this because: In style
Desiree B chose this because: I needed a new pair of combat boots and these are versatile and cute.

+ Reviews

Keep Tabs Combat Boots
3.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
Hsinchu City, Hsinchu City
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

True to size, good quality.
November 19, 2014
These boots are true to size and good quality. They lasted for over a year with minimal signs of wear and tear. The zip didn't break or fall off, the soles didn't start leaking and they can be worn during a cold winter or fall. I was very impressed with these boots. Two thumbs up.

Chicago, IL
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

pretty good
December 25, 2013
I'm a true ten and these were just a tad to small. not even enough to go up a half size so it's not a big deal. I'm sure I'll break them in after a while. They're pretty good and I've had no trouble with the snaps.
easy and cute
a smidge small

Tora Woodcox
New Orleans
3.5 Stars

Runs Small
November 12, 2013
Normally, I wear a 9.5 but when purchasing shoes from gojane, I have to get size 10. This is my fourth pair of shoes, but the first ones that are too exact. It may be just this vendor, but I am exchanging them for a different style hopefully the new style is from a different vendor.

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