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Stand Tall Lace Up Boots BLACKStand Tall Lace Up Boots BLACKStand Tall Lace Up Boots BLACKStand Tall Lace Up Boots BLACKStand Tall Lace Up Boots BLACK
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Stand Tall Lace Up Boots

now $$27.87
Stand Tall Lace Up Boots BLACK

+ Details

You can stand tall and walk even taller in these mighty lace-up boots. Faux leather knee-high boots feature a stitched design, slightly weathered finish, and lace-up front, which allows for adjustment of the calf opening and shaft size. They are finished with a rounded toe, cord laces, and a slightly ridged sole with a textured heel. A side zipper is included for easy on and off.

Shaft height: 14.75"
Circumference of opening: 13"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 6
Man made materials

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
b m asked: is the sizes in us sizes or uk?
GoJane S: All sizes on GoJane.com are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines: http://www.gojane.com/about-us.html#size-section
Nikki S asked: I am a size 8 1/2- 9 would the 8 1/2 fit ok?
sandy r: It runs pretty true to size, if you're wearing thin ankle socks an 8 1/2 should be a good fit. If your wearing thicker socks then possibly go with a size 9
Amanda T: Well I wear a 5/5.5 and I bought the 5.5. It fit fine in the foot and fine around my calves on the snug side when I wear thick high socks though. I have average sized calves. I would say it will probably work fine for you going a size down if you have average to thin calves, and only wear regular high socks or ankle socks. But if you have bigger than average calves or wear thick high socks it'll probably be too snug.
selena p: Hi, I recently purchase the boots and I am an 8 or 8 1/2. I bought the 8 1/2 because size 8 fits me perfectly and I usually purchase my shoes half a size bigger so they fit comfortable. I suggest getting the 9 if 8 1/2 fits you right at the toe. My 8 1/2 fits me good, with a little room.
Loyce A: I would go with the size 8&1/2. Because I am in between a 10 and 11 and I got and 10 and it fits just perfect. I don't like having to much extra room in my shoe so I was pleased with the 10.
Chelsei D: I wear a nine and I bought a nine and it fit true to size and not snug at all so I would think you should be ok with an eight and a half
Erika E: Yea absolutely, they are pretty true to size. I'm a 6-61/2 and I couldvt gotten either size
Alyssa P: They fit true to size, so if you're a bit bigger than an 8.5, I'd go with the 9.
Yuen T: they fit fine, but the color made them look a bit more theatrical than i expected. but it still like them
Mindy C: As long as you can fit into an 81/2 they're true to size
Mary S asked: How are these in terms of quality How long will they last me?
Vanessa A: These are pretty durable & cute. I recommend them. They will last a lengthy amount of time as long as they are taken care of like any other clothing or shoe!
Haley S: I wear mine a lot and they are lasting very well so far . I wear them a couple times a week too. They look pretty much the same as they did when I bought them
Morgan L: I got mine in October and I wear them almost 4 times a week. I walk a lot too. They are still in great condition, better than any other boots I've had. Buuut, the zipper broke in half, which isn't such a big deal it just makes it a little harder to grab and zip up.
adriana n: they are good quality idk what your life style is like to determine how long they will last...they just run about half a size bigger
Savannah T: They are good quality. I've had them a few months and they haven't fallen apart yet. Of course, I don't wear them everyday though. My mom just bought the same pair the other day.
None N asked: Hey ladies! I love these boots but I have extremely tiny legs....do these boots actually lace Will my little legs be ok!
Stacey P: Yes
KELLY P: Yes they actually lace not just for show .
Cathy I: Hi ,

I bought this boot as well, for the most part you do the boot up with the side zipper. The lacing does not really affect the fit of the boot; it serves more as a fashionable feature. Hope this helps.
Marshay C: They do lace, you can lace them up tights so they will look better on your legs.
B L: Yes, they do lace, but they also have the zipper on the inside. I'd like to think if you laced the boot as tight as it can that you would be ok. Hope this helps, good luck! They're really nice boots.
Toi G: I have medium size legs and even with them laced after having them for a month I still have a lot of room....
cassandra P: Yes your legs will be ok in them .....I love mine and you can wear them with anything and look nice
chuck d asked: I wear a men's 9 1/2, would the 10 work in the ladies size?
E L: I honestly do not know. I am a 8-9 in women which is a 6-7 in boys. My friend is a 10 in women, and 8 in men. If this is the same for boots, it may or may not fit.
Monchelle T: I doubt it because I wear a 9 in women and wear a 6 -1/2 in men.
cassandra P: Yes you need a 10
Jeri W: You may need a 11 to 11.5. These shoes seem to run true to size.
Priscilla A: Not sure
Alnita S: I think you would need to go a whole size up. They run pretty true to size. I wear an 8 1/2 in womens and I ordered that size. It fits perfectly!
Toi G: get an 11 if you can...if not on here try ebay they have some as well :
Jennifer B: You might need a size 11 in women
cindy t asked: What material is the sole Is it hallow or solid inside of the sole?
ayana b asked: How tall do they come Ex
Holly W: under the knee
Jessica P: they come to my knee and i have extremly long legs.. out of all the boots i must say these are my favorite!!
Erin M: Knee length
Erika E: About an inch and a half below my knee and I'm 5'4
LaShaun R: My boots came up to my knee and I have pretty long legs.
Morgan L: to the knee
Chelsei D: I'm 5'2 and they come right under my knee.
J E: Almost knew length
Kathryn O: I am about 5'1 and they come all the way up to my knee.
Morgan L asked: Is the bottom of the shoe wooden?
Savannah T: No. It's no slip rubber. They are very cute and comfortable boots!
Autumn W: No
Joni C asked: Just looking at the boot and I was wondering, for a person that has a wide foot usually sized to be a 7 to 7.5 in us standards would this boot be a decent fit
I really don't want to buy the boot if my toes are squished it causes splits in my baby toes.
Joni C: Thanks you for the answer.
Alyssa P: They fit true to size. I'd i with your normal shoe size. I did and mine fit perfectly.
brianna h asked: I want these boots SO BAD but I'm afraid they wont fit my calves. im a size 9 and i have bigger calves. I know they are lace up so I'm wondering if i can just tie them loser and they will still look ok?
Caitlin D: I love mine, and i bike everywhere and am a dancer so my calves arent exactly little. They fit me perfectly, and if you have to unlace them some im sure they would still be fine
Cristina F: Thats exactly what I've done. I have larger calves, but I noticed that if I loosened the laces, the zipper went up easier and they actually look BETTER. My sister has the same pair and she has smaller calves. Trust me, these boots are worth it. I'm obsessed with them! Hope that helped.
Haley S: I have big calves too and they were tight when I bought them but I loosened the ties a little and it's better and they don't look bad I love them!
None N asked: Do they run true to size?
Natasha S: Yes theses boots run true to size... Get your regular size in shoes/boots
KELLY P: Yes they do and very comfortable ! Love them!
Denise C asked: Hi, for size 10 of this shoe, what is the circumference of the entry?
Ashley H: Not sure. I ordered these in size 9 and received them today. They fit good and look good as well. The fit on my leg is snug, but that is to be expected I have muscular calves. When zippering them up on one side of my leg it was quite a tight fit, but I got it up!! But I think they are quite true to size as far as the measurements for your foot are concerned. And if they fit my muscular calves they should be fine for everyone else!
Cristina F: If you're referring to the width of the calf portion, its a decent size. I couldn't give you an exact measurement, I personally have larger calves and it fits perfectly. I love them!
None N asked: How is the size of the shaft of the boot I have skinny legs and can never seem to find boots that are the right size for my calves!
Lois H: I think they'd be fine if you have skinny legs. I have regular sized calves and they were really snug. I kind of struggled a bit to pull the zipper up but it was okay in the end.
Carleigh M: I have pretty muscular calves so the boots just zip up on me, I can squeeze thin leggings under them though. If your legs are thin I think the boots will be fine, the shaft isn't huge compared to some. Hope that helps.
Comments From people who chose this
Remy R chose this because: i needed a par of brown boot and have been dying to find a pair of tall boots that do not have really big calves, so fingers crossed they fit well!
Jamata g chose this because: Style and cost
Eric M chose this because: To make my girlfriend happy
Christine L chose this because: costume
Terri D chose this because: BIRTHDAY GIFT FOR MY NIECE.
Amanda A chose this because: I love the style of the boots!
Laura N chose this because: I picked this pair of boots because I've been searching for the *perfect* pair of brown, lace-up, knee high boots for literally 3 years... and Go Jane came through for me. I am ecstatic! And I even got them for half off because of the amazing promo code. Seriously, I am such a happy customer!
Katherine R chose this because: Cute
Denise J chose this because: My daughter like it........
Christen A chose this because: These tall lace up boots are simple and chic.
Peri B chose this because: These boots are great because they have a soft look as well as being a little edgy. Very classy.
Nichole P chose this because: It was the style we were looking for. My teenage daughter was wanting them.
Cristin A chose this because: I've been wanting a pair of these and finally found ones I like.
Rusty H chose this because: The lace up, knee high boots are tricky to find in my area, my girlfriend wanted a pair.
Adriana P chose this because: Color, price. Availability
Eileen S chose this because: My daughter loves the Hunger Games and wants a pair of boots like she wears in the movies
erin n chose this because: just love.
Robin J chose this because: Love the lace-ups and color.
Brian G chose this because: Girlfriends request!
Kevin W chose this because: Great looking boots!
Jennifer J chose this because: Looks beautiful, love the color
Melanie W chose this because: I wanted affordable lace up boots
Ruby K chose this because: For my college student - they are trendy and she saw a similar pair in the window of a downtown store in her college town!
Chavi L chose this because: i like the color and price
Sacha D chose this because: My daughter likes for xmas
stanley m chose this because: christmas gift
Amy H chose this because: I've always wanted tall lace-up boots and now I found them at the perfect price.
Sharlynn D chose this because: For my teenage daughter!!!
Irene S chose this because: I wanted black lace up boots at a reasonable price
Connie Z chose this because: My daughter fell in love with this. She will love them.

Thank you:
kellie e chose this because: love them.. can not find them locally...
Tinesha p chose this because: It looked cute
E L chose this because: They are very cute and trendy.
linda g chose this because: like it
Juliann C chose this because: I wear AFO's and needed a lace up boot to fit my braces into then put boot on. I hope it works.
Miemie D chose this because: google told me so
Ravyn D chose this because: great with long skirts or short skirts, comfy to walk around in all day, protects legs from cold and feet from wet days plus the style has some attitude that can be played up or down depending on my mood
Jill S chose this because: It's a tall boot, and I like that.
Kristi B chose this because: IT'S ON MY DAUGHTER'S CHRISTMAS WISH LIST
Kimberly B chose this because: Good price, similar to Explorer Lace-Up Boots. Available in my size in black
Shaina B chose this because: These boots are so kick ass ! They mean buisness and I love All black through the winter
Taylor M chose this because: because it goes with my style all year round
symbrit s chose this because: It looks really cute and its affordable.
DIANA L chose this because: Love the look...I hope they are the same in person!
alexi M chose this because: Ive been hunting for knee high combat boots and these are a great price
Caitlin D chose this because: Because it's perfect for my halloween costume
Nomaris T chose this because: they are exactly what i was looking for.
Kali G chose this because: Love this trend!
Haley S chose this because: Ive wanted lace up tall boots forever but could never find cute ones that werent overly expensive and these are perfect!
Danielle S chose this because: Because I've always loved boots and every time I go to shops to buy boots they seem to be so expensive. So I found this website and found boots that I wanted for a lower price and I love it!

+ Reviews

Stand Tall Lace Up Boots
4.5 Stars based on 5 Review(s)
United States
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I LOVE my new boots
September 10, 2014
I bought these boots a few weeks ago, and I love them. They are easily adjustable (my calves are very muscular so they don't often fit in boots, so this feature was important to me!) They are so comfortable and they look great! I might have to buy another pair because I'll probably wear these out by wearing them so often. I've gotten compliments every time I've worn them.

Mesa, AZ
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

July 6, 2014
I bought these a few days ago. They look well made and they're really cute. The foot area fits me perfectly, but the calves are way too big. The service is fast and reliable. (my only concern; the product went on sale only a couple days after I bought it)

Los Angeles
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 14, 2013
I got the cognac one. It's so cute! They have the stylish and classy look of a tall boot, but also an added edgy look of a combat boot. They're so cute! I am very happy and it's true to size. BTW, the calves are adjustable.

4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

love these
November 5, 2013
The size was perfect and the show looks the exact way it is in the picture. I am completely happy with my purchase.
great fit comfortable

Miami, FL
4.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Regrding calve size
October 22, 2013
If your calves are bigger then you can adjust with the laces. The zipper part is pretty snug which I like but there is room for adjustment. just got these in black and absolutely love them!

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