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Faux Leather Biker Babe Pants BLACK
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Faux Leather Biker Babe Pants

now $39.00
Faux Leather Biker Babe Pants BLACK

+ Details

Oh baby, fire up your sweet motorcycle and roar off into the sunset with a boy of your choice. Pretty picture, ain't it? These pants have a faux leather finish with two faux pockets on the front and two functioning rear pockets. Finished with a single button and zip fly closure.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 40"
Inseam: 30", Waist: 23"
100% Polyester
Machine wash cold, tumble dry low
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
Smiley B asked: My waist is about 32 in. Around my butt is 39 and one thigh is 24 in. What size should I get I sometimes wear size 5 or 7 in jeans.
maya d: Get the 5 they have a little stretch in the fabric there high wasted so u want them to b snugg
brittney B: This run a little small. I'd go with the latter.
Brianna B: They don't put this in the description but there pants are actually high waist & I Loveeeeeeee them ! How ever the run small around the waist I wear a size 1 & come to find out I need a 3 in these I would recommend you go with the 7 !
I W: I wear a size 3 in jeans and I got a size 3 in these and they fit like a glove! So comfortable, no uncomfortable squeezing. And they move with you, so there isn't any weird scrunching or anything like that. Just get the size you are most comfortable in in jeans.
Alia W: 7 Because If You Stretch Them Out They Will Start To Rip
Raisa S: 7 just to be safe
Kanisha B: Probably a 7, they were a lil tight. But I wouldn't buy these pants. they squeaked everytime I moved..
Raissa S asked: Does the fabric stretch ?
Carolyn M: Yes it does they fix real nice, they fix good round my waist without being too tight and I am curvy around the waist
Yolanda S: not really order a size up
None N asked: are these stretchy?
Lauren H: They have a little stretch but not much. Without doubt true-to-size! Hope this helps :
brittney B: Yes, not extremely, though.
Elizabeth F asked: Are these pants high waisted?
Sonia B: No
I W: Yes they are. And they fit like a glove and hold everything in and are incredibly comfortable!!
Gabrielle A: Yes they are
Lory R asked: are these true to size or should I go a size up I normally wear size 7 and im curvy
Latonya G: I would go up a size...if ur curvy
Ben N: Definitely go a size up. I'm normally a size 11, so I bought a size 11 that was too small
Jazzmin S: I would I'm not very curvy and it would have helped if I bought a 7 instead of a 5.
Kabreil S: Definitely go a size up. I wish I would've :
christi l: Well I'm a 9/10 & they're painted in me so I would go up
None N asked: does this item run big or true to size?
Tierra M: In my opinion they run pretty small. They do not stretch too much but a little.
brittney B: The item runs small. Not much stretch but, they are very cute!
rakeesha1 H: Those pants are true to size
Jasmine B: They actually run a bit small go a size up they don't stretch
crystal c: they are true to size however length wise if you are tall, they look like Capri pants
Lauren G: pretty true to size depending on how you want them to fit. if you want them to look painted on then get your size, if you want them to fit a little looser, go a size up.
Arlene C: Its pretty true to size. Just remember, the models are super tiny an if you are curvy, they will fit even better.
Kyla D asked: I normally wear a 9 in jeans. But I don't want these to appear skin tight. What size should I get?
Raisa S: Go a size up! I wear a 9 as well but ordered a size 11 and they were still pretty tight. They have very little stretch in them..
Omoayena U: I would get an 11 then. I normally wear a size 11 but I got a 13 and I love how they fit. They dont fit super tight and I like them that way
None N asked: Do these pants stretch And do they run true to size?
sade w: They are true to size and they don't have stretch to it so get the size u really need
Yolanda S: These do not really stretch I usually wear 7 and had to go up a size to a 9.
LATRINA R: These pants fit like a glove. . They run true to size. . I live them. .
Omoayena U: They stretch and I will say they are indeed true to size. I bought a size bigger though because I did not want them to appear skin tight
Lauren H asked: Are these pants as baggy in the knee area as they appear on the model, or are they very fitted?
Yolanda S: They are very fitted
crystal c: The pants aren't long enough. Iam 5'11 and they fit as if they are Capri pants. Please make the pants longer for people who has long legs. Thanks!
Lauren H: I had the exact same problem! I am 5
Omoayena U: Nah they arent. They are fitted throughout. The model is just really skinny I guess lol
Lauren H: Thank you! I ended up ordering a size down just in case and they will actually be arriving in the mail today. Hopefully they work out for me. *fingers crossed*
None N asked: Does these pants run small?
Jasmine B: Yes they have very little stretch...a belt loop popped as soon as I put them on...I would go 1 size up
Omoayena U: true to size
Comments From people who chose this
Raquinda B chose this because: They are HAWT!!!!
Valerie B chose this because: I like the look. Wish you had the pants in red.
Emily R chose this because: Fashionable to my style
Shannon N chose this because: need some
gerald w chose this because: great look
Marcolina S chose this because: I'm splurging on this for a one night look. I'm not the type to make leather a casual look or "my look" but I'm hoping it's high on the waist and gives a nice bad ass look. Literally! Fingers crossed.
Eileen O chose this because: for a dance costume, song, Balck Betty
Raksha R chose this because: Every girl needs a pair of edgy faux leather pants to rock.
M L chose this because: A Classier version of the casual "high waisted pant" Can be worn for a night out!
Cheryl O chose this because: Love the style and price
Belinda P chose this because: This is like an exclusive piece for gojane! Ive never seen them anywhere! They are amazing and so cheap aswell!
Barbara S chose this because: Christmas gift for daughter.
Katrina G chose this because: Perfect leather look a like leather jean
Yolanda H chose this because: I see that their high waist and it will fit better because there wont be the sight of the muffin top
alice h chose this because: I like the style.
Carolyn M chose this because: They go with my shirt
Teresa B chose this because: Iconic pants like the ones Sandy wore in the ending scene of grease
Ginel R chose this because: Good price for a leather high waist pants
I W chose this because: Love the high waisted style
Sonia B chose this because: I liked it because of the back pockets which would give a better style with the Faux Leather Peplum Zip-Up-Top.
Bianca S chose this because: Newest...never seen before-high waist leather pants
Kabreil S chose this because: love these; two of my favorite aspects: Highwaist and leather!
Asha B chose this because: different sytle
Elandra M chose this because: Cute alternative to high waist jeans
Katrina G chose this because: Its highwaisted and black my two favorite things :

+ Reviews

Faux Leather Biker Babe Pants
3 Stars based on 10 Review(s)
Conroe, TX
3 Stars

August 1, 2014
If you get these pants, make sure you get three sizes bigger than you because I have ordered two pairs of them, one my size and one a size bigger, and they both ripped.
look great on
rip very easily, not made sturdily

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Hott But !
February 28, 2014
I finally got mine the other day I was so excited these pants are HOTT after reading the reviews I ordered the largest size they have I'm normally a 11/12 so I ordered the size 15 and they fit like a glove so I would suggest go up a size or two now the picture show the pants have belt loops they don't and the pockets in the front are faux pockets they do have real pockets in the back I give these pants a 3 stars because they aren't true to size and the don't have belt loops as advertised and they kind of make my butt look a little flat just giving a honest review hope this helps :)
Look more expensive

Dallas, Texas
3 Stars

Love the look yet poor quality
February 14, 2014
The first time I order this item I didn't listen to the reviews and got my actual size 9. They were extremely tight. Then I exchanged them to go up a size and the back seam ripped! I didn't even get to wear them. I was so upset because I loved the way they looked on me.
Looks amazing
Rips at the back seam easily

3 Stars

I like them but!
February 5, 2014
I ordered my normal size.. Medium! And they're too tight. They flatten my butt lol wore them once and tried to wear them again n my butt was too big obviously and it made marks on the butt that look like stretch marks smh lol I suggest a size up!
Flattens booty if you have one Extra weight or butt makes stretches on the pants if they're too tight.

New Jersey
3 Stars

2 times bought
February 5, 2014
I bought not one but 2 of these pants and even though they were comfortable and not too tight and roomy they had a tendency of ripping on the seam in the backside from frequent movement. The first pair I wore was for New Years and they stretched out so much from sitting and moving that the seams from the butt came apart. So I purchased a second one cause it was such a nice pair and this time I timed it for the duration of the wear. The pants lasted about 6 hours til I started to see stretching at the seams again.
Looks awesome comfortable.
Weak stitching around the behind area.

Orange County
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Weird fit but cute
January 5, 2014
They definitely run a size small I ordered the 1 and they were tooo small I'm going to assume because it's not made of stretchy material. So I settled with the size 3. When sitting down the pant constricts in the shin area can be uncomfortable but I can get used to it. Other than fit and sizing it's a pretty cute faux leather high waisted pant!
High waisted, cute, nice faux leather

New York, NY
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Not Bad
December 18, 2013
I ordered these a week ago and finally got them yesterday. They look exactly how it is on the website. Im usually a size one but ordered these in a 3 because I read the reviews before purchasing and they fit me ok. But I do recommend going up a size.
High-waisted fit
Material of the pants

Stamford, CT
3 Stars

The sizing is way off
December 14, 2013
I know that I'm a size one but these definitely didn't fit me I ordered a size 1 didn't fit me and then a 3 didn't fit me either so now a 6 I guess ? If the sizes were true I would have given 5 stars because the pants look great but it all comes down to sizing . Hoping the 6 will fit... Will have to pay again for shipping it back so I ended up paying more for them :(
Looks good

3 Stars

Cute Pant
November 22, 2013
I really liked the high waisted style of the pant, and the look of the fabric used. But, for the form fit I'm looking for, the pants aren't overly comfortable and I personally found them restrictive in the legs (making is hard to even sit properly), since they don't have much at all in the way of stretch. Unfortunately, I'll be sending them back.

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very nice
November 20, 2013
These pants are bomb! They look leather-ish and are well made but YES they run small. I don't understand why Gojane wont list the brand name, which would help me to chose the right size by the maker of the items, but anywho they are very similar in style to the acid wash high waisted jeans on this site and if you own a pair then you know they have plenty of stretch and run true to size. Although these have stretch in them its a different kind of stretch since the material is different then denim. I'd say go up a size for the regular fitted look and 2 sizes for a loose fit even though I don't understand why some girls would want this style to fit loose but hey do you. So that's it. They're cute, faux front pockets, high waisted, no belt loops, open back pockets, they run a size small and they are a good look.
The style and look
no belt loops, runs small

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