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Faux Leather Draped Skirt WHITEFaux Leather Draped Skirt WHITEFaux Leather Draped Skirt WHITEFaux Leather Draped Skirt WHITEFaux Leather Draped Skirt WHITE
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Faux Leather Draped Skirt

now $18.00
Faux Leather Draped Skirt WHITE

+ Details

Really, a girl can never have too much leather in her closet. This faux leather skirt features a draped design that's higher on one side and lower on the other, and the fabric is stretchy. Skirt is finished with an elastic waistband and doesn't include any closures.

Model is wearing a small
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: High: 15", Low: 32"
Waist: 24"
95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Hand wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: What top is best with the black skirt?
A K: I wore a fitted black t-shirt with a statement necklace and it worked great! You could also wear a midriff top that would go as well. Unfortunately, i don't have the abs to go with the midriff... :

Good Luck! I got a lot of compliments on this skirt!
karrie b: Hey if your a all black person then a black crop top or bralet is cute but if u like a pop of color tgen add neon color but definitely a crop or bralet
A K: I wore a basic black tee with a statement necklace or you can wear a midriff top. Unfortunately I don't have the abs for a midriff.
F E: I think a tight crop top would be best or a tight leotard!! Hope this helps
Sarah M: I wear a black tube top, or black cropped t shirt with it. Personal preference
Carlotta R asked: When will you be restocking this item in large?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
Cheryl J asked: If I wear size 9 in jeans, do I get a medium I see people are putting this skirt runs small... i dont want it to be big or too tight on me.
JaNae S: I wear a size 5 and I got a small because smalls usually fit well on me but the small was WAY to tight. So I would go a size up. Yes it does run small.
Brandi W: Get a medium If you don't have a big butt & hips because it has stretch, but if you are well endowed in your lower body get a large
Autumn L: Definitely get a large
candace d: I wear an 11 in jeans and I purchased a large skirt. I would go with medium if I were you.
Nadia M: It does run really small, I wear the same size and I got a large
Jessica S: I wear a 5 in jeans got a medium in this skirt and it's a little tight on me, hope this helps.
Kyle R: I wear a 3-5 in Jeans and got a medium and its pretty tight. I would go with a Large.
Barbara A: I would say get a large because they run very small I wear a size 5 and I had to return my medium size for a large one
Ashton M: Well the medium was snug on me and I wear 7/9.. I would get the large if you have wide hips and behind..
Fatu M asked: I'm a size 10 in jeans what size should I get?
Allajah Y: It's a very tight skit so I suggest the largest size. Also very tight on the waist so if ur waist isn't slum this might not be the best look for u
sasha g: Large
Vemba M: Bonsoir. Je vous conseillerez de prendre du LG ! J'ai reu cet jupe elle est juste magnifique, la mati e est juste top bien moulante et elle taille super bien !
Felicia W: You would need to get a Large.
Zahira B: Large the skirt runs small
Nadia M: Large
April C asked: Does this material look cheap And if I normally wear a sz 5/6, what size should I get?
Lataijah b: Doesn't look cheap at all however when it comes to size a 5/6 is considered a medium I am skinny and I ordered a small the way the skirt is Made it is true to size but VERY!!! Difficult to get on. Both me and my cousin had to stretch it out by putting it on from over our heads. Just steping into it WILL NOT! Work but after you get it on it fits really good I lovee it, it was my birthday outfit. One last thing choice of underwear if difficult with this skirt bc it's leather meaning you can see EVERYTHING! As in the lining of your underwear me and my cousin both wore a thong you could see it a lil bit but nothing drastic
crystal l: Get a Large!! Im very petite and couldn't get a size small over my thighs.. i purchased this in black and it looked pretty good. Its very sexy once u dress it right. Good luck
None N asked: How was the quality I don't mind going up an extra size, but did it look cheap?
A-Lexicia M: is did look cheap, the stitching was poor the thread started to come a loose when i tried it on and thr cutting of the fabric was poor
candace d: The quality is very nice. Looks exactly like the picture and does wonders for my curves =
Tonisha T: This item runs small. I'm curvy and I ordered the black and red and the red medium for and the black didn't. A little upset about that but the quality is okay.
Kelsey W: It was really nice quality but yes you will have to go up an extra size because I bought my usual size and it was too small.
Tawana J: I really like it and no it does not look cheap .I ordered it for my daughters birthday so I can't say if you should order a size up or down because she still has a few weeks before her birthday.
LaTerria C: No the material is very thick, also it fits form to the body in a good way. The material doesn't look cheap at all.
Najat J: I wore this today for the first time & received so many compliments! The quality is excellent for the price; to me it doesn't look cheap at all. I ordered this in medium and it fits true to size.
I'd definitely recommend this skirt!
None N asked: is this tight at all comfortable to wear?
Madelynn A: Super tight!!! I could barely get the medium on and I was originally trying to buy a small! Once you get it on its comfortable though. The only hassle is getting it on
twiaunyia g: Yes it's tight, fits really good and comfortable. I have a size snsll
Jullissa H: VERY TIGHT. It will be comfortable if you get one size up. If you are thinking about wanting it to fit tight. get your normal size. I normally wear medium and I wanted it to fit tight so I got a small and it is extremely hard to even get on lol
Autumn L: It's pretty tight! When I first got mine a medium it looked like a freakin tent! But then i put it on and the pieces fit just right and looks super cute!! It is faux leather so it's going to be tight but I think it will be sexy to wear to the clubs!
Shannon S: Very comfortable but tight so get your right size
Tamara P asked: Does this fit tight, I wear size 13 jeans?
April C: what size would i need then i planned to get a medium ... i normally wear a 6.
Shannon S: You will need a large because it fits but right for the size I love it but go large not smaller cuz it hugs anyways
amina C: It's really tight
Nicole H: I wear a size 13 as well and to be honest its pretty tight. I expected it to be a little looser then it is but all in all it's ok
Tamara P: Ok thanks and did you get a large?
Nicole H: Yes I did
Camille W: Yes it fits really tight. And looks great. It runs true to size.
None N asked: is this material stretchy?
April C: does the material look cheap?
Briana C: No.
Katie S: Very stretchy and thin
Amanda B: Yes, not too much but just enough. It's comfortable and really cute!!
A N: its streches but its veeeery tight. not much stretch
Simone L: The skirt has some stretch to it, but it's not too stretchy.
Comments From people who chose this
Brittany B chose this because: White Leather\ So stylish!
mashira j chose this because: Got so many compliments on this skirt. LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Brittany L chose this because: I needed a pencil skirt,but was looking for something different and fun
jenoy b chose this because: ITS NICE
Darienn C chose this because: It's super cute! it also is comfortable and can be styled many different ways.
Bryan V chose this because: My Wife had given me a list of what she wanted for mothers day and this was on her list.
diana o chose this because: sexy
Dia L chose this because: trendy
Bianca W chose this because: Love it!
Quinashai W chose this because: I love the way this skirt hugs the waist and upper thigh area. I can't wait to wear it!
Ali M chose this because: My girlfriend liked it.
mary a chose this because: the style
sade r chose this because: affordable!!!!!!
Aduda I chose this because: Just beautiful!
Hazel S chose this because: Cause I want to lol
LaToya P chose this because: I love the style
Ruby M chose this because: I need it for an upcoming sweet sixteen celebration.
Abeodu J chose this because: love the style
Alexander C chose this because: Sexy and simple
Towyna W chose this because: I love this skirt it's very sexy and it fits well.
Janiece L chose this because: It's pretty
Marquishon S chose this because: It is cute and i have to look good for my birthday !!!!
Tiffany I chose this because: Super sexy..loooovvveee
Shanae K chose this because: Love the look
Brianna W chose this because: It's cute and simple! Perfect for my 21st birthday!
Nicolette M chose this because: colour
jasmine r chose this because: THE STYLE
JESSICA L chose this because: Love the black color
Tianna W chose this because: Versatile Piece.
Rhonda S chose this because: There was someting about this skirt that caught my eye. I can visualize me wearing it on a hot date or even a night on the town so I purchased it.
Shonette S chose this because: Because I thought it was cute and would look good on me.
YOLANDA D chose this because: I chose this item because it looks good dammit... and I'm going to look good in it!!!
Sara Z chose this because: Inexpensive and unique
Chantel H chose this because: fit perfectly
Nadia E chose this because: I needed a mini skirt
laverne M chose this because: sexy
Kareema T chose this because: super cute , too die for
Ashley B chose this because: Very edgey!
NaSunda S chose this because: I am a woman of figure and this kind of skirt will compliment every curve.
Jailyn H chose this because: I originally wanted the leather pencil skirt in this color, but I don't have a skirt style like this and it's still leather and the color I want so I felt it was a great compromise.
NaKeya B chose this because: This skirt is so freaking cute! At first i was a little confused when i took it out the package but once i put it on it was cute. I would go a size up so it can fit comfortably but if you want super tight get it your size
Thuy D chose this because: I want it because it will go perfect with my red bottom heels
Kelsey S chose this because: I love the look of the skirt. its really trendy now
Joanna B chose this because: I can pair it with a very nice top can be worn to dinner, movies or to just party in
massiel q chose this because: nice skirt!
Kierra P chose this because: I Didn't Like This Purchase, Didn't look the same in person
Randelle N chose this because: LOVE THE DESIGN
Danielle G chose this because: Needed something sexy for CIAA
S L chose this because: i love d look of d front and d faux leather
Ayanna R chose this because: Gorgeous Skirt.
Ashley H chose this because: This skirt is really sexy so I had to have it. I ordered a large because of reviews that I read and I wear a 9 or 11 in jeans.
taneka m chose this because: AWESOME!!!!
Ledra G chose this because: At 1st i wasnt sure, but when i received it i fell in love with yet, so sexy but yet classy.
Chaya F chose this because: didnt like it at all
Bintou K chose this because: It is really dressy. Nice
Jada M chose this because: Planning on wearing this to an all-black event in a few weeks!
erve m chose this because: Can be worn with combat boots and fish net stockings.
Leshaun H chose this because: sexy style skirt
Raven A chose this because: to party
Daisy R chose this because: Cute and on trend
Apphia K chose this because: unique
cynthia s chose this because: Christmas present
kameelah o chose this because: I wanted to wear leather bottoms and this compliments my physique
neryza r chose this because: makes my curves pop out!
Amanda H chose this because: Cute fitting will pair well with a crop top!
viviane w chose this because: sexy
Gennifer Y chose this because: 21st birthday dinner!
Porsche H chose this because: Extremely stylish and affordable.
Selaine S chose this because: Sexy & fun.
Peaches D chose this because: Beautiful leather. Which I plan on rocking with a leopard pump and a black crop top.
Perly-Anne J chose this because: I love this style, it is so on trend right now. Can't wait to rock this skirt with a body suit and combat boots for a punk chic look. Got it in black, the quality looks good.
Kierra H chose this because: my mom wanted it
Cordelia B chose this because: Goes perfect with my crop top.
Svetlana T chose this because: sexy
Jocoby J chose this because: Sexy. On trend. Nice twist on asymmetrical skirts. I also love the texture. leather is going to make this piece last into fall.
Alexa F chose this because: The mix of faux leather with the new twisted fun style of this skirt
Lidia D chose this because: its sexy
Dedra G chose this because: a must have
Lois M chose this because: Very different and unique
Sheema S chose this because: Sexy yet comfortable looking
Nadia M chose this because: Have been looking for a skirt like this
Monique W chose this because: saw it on home page...loved it!
Amanda A chose this because: The style of this skirt is very sexy!
Xuan P chose this because: Cute
Tawana J chose this because: for my daughter
Jullissa H chose this because: Sexy sexy sexy
Sharitia M chose this because: the design of this skirt is just so different it is to die for!
juahana m chose this because: Because its BAD!
Arianna G chose this because: its a great going out skirt as well as casual fit for a day drinking oparty
waynia f chose this because: for a party
Sheniqua B chose this because: It's different, the direction I was going for... standing out.

+ Reviews

Faux Leather Draped Skirt
3.5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

wonderful skirt
September 23, 2014
Got lots of compliments wearing it. I'm yet to buy the dress version of this skirt just variety' purposes.
-looks good -nicely fitting -compliments your body structure -holds tummy and butt in place.

upper marlboro, maryland
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

loved it/perfect
June 11, 2014
it fit me so ell and brought out my curves. love it!!!

Brittany B
Cleveland, Ohio
3.5 Stars

Cheap Cheap Cheap
June 5, 2014
Glad to see I'm not the only one disappointed in the quality if this item. I bought it in white and it looks and feels just like a tablecloth. Sounds like one too. I was looking forward to this skirt too. I'll be returning.
cheap material

El Paso, Texas
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Its a very pretty skirt, but...
May 3, 2014
Its a very Pretty skirt, but there is some problems with it. First the skirt is see through, and I'm super white. Then the material is pretty cheap, and i think the cost should be less. I really do like the skirt, and have been looking for it for quite some time now, so i won't be returning it, specially because of the hassle. I would recommend this overall, it is a very pretty skirt, just do get a size up from your normal size, I'm a size small, but after reading the review got a size medium and it fits pretty tight, but still comfortable. I hope this helps with your decision... :)

Fountain Vly, CA
3.5 Stars

So disappointed
March 10, 2014
I've bought a lot of items on this site before, but never have I been so disappointed by the material for this cost. I bought the mint blue skirt. When I received the item, it looked like it was a returned item that had already been used. The material used for this item is like the same material used for those cheap party tableclothes and table covers you can find at party city for a dollar... This item runs true to size. However, if you do have a curvier shape I would suggest going one size up.
true to size
cheap material

austin texas
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

love it
March 4, 2014
I dont have hips or a big booty but fit perfect most def get a size bigger if you do have a bigg butt/hips....also arrived in 2 days! i love gojane

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

*Beware Burgundy
January 5, 2014
I recommend that you go one size up if your purchasing the skirt I usually wear a small but I brought a medium & it fits absolutely perfect I'm only disappointed about the color the color its Burgundy instead of bright red like in the picture ( any suggestions on a shirt that would match?)

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Runs too small!
December 13, 2013
I purchased this item and was totally disappointed when I received it in the mail. I am 5'1 112 pounds and wear a small in everything EXCEPT this. It wouldn't even go up my thighs. (mind you, my thighs are very small). Didn't bother returning it because I didn't want to deal with the hassle. It is a really pretty skirt though.
Runs too small

Bay Area, ca
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very happy!!
October 1, 2013
Read the other reviews and I got a medium, usually I wear size small. But glad I went with medium because it fits perfect! Although you do have to squeeze into this skirt since there's no zipper or anything. Its so sexy, nice length, makes my booty pop! Great skirt for the price.
Stretch, soft, sexy, high waisted
No zipper

Ms. Andrews
Montreal, Canada
3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great buy!
September 22, 2013
I bought both the black and the red skirt and I love them! I normally vary between Medium and Large due to my curves and butt and other than having to struggle to get in the skirt, everything else is fine!! I got a lot of compliments on the black skirt and can't wait to wear the red! Tho the medium fits, I would order future colors in large just to avoid the struggle to put on the skirt.

3.5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

September 20, 2013
I bought this item in res and I loved it! I am a true medium and skirt fits true to size. I would love to purchase other colors!

3.5 Stars

Maybe I Should've Check the Size Chart...
September 11, 2013
So I'm usually small in bottoms but depending on the material and style of the item, I will go up a size because I have curvy hips for my size (5'5" 120 size 4/6). So I ordered this in a size medium. I couldn't even get it past my hips! Also, the material doesn't look the same as on the model. I got this skirt in black. I'm so disappointed. I wanted to love this skirt and purchase the other colors.

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