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Explorer Lace-Up Boots

Explorer Lace-Up Boots

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This is one hell of a boot! These faux leather boots feature a textured upper and a notched opening. Knee-high boots are finished with lace-up front and a side zipper for an easy on and off. Rounded toe boot includes faux fur lining, rubber heel, and a lug sole.

Shaft height: 15"
Heel height: 1"
Circumference of opening: 15"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials

Explorer Lace-Up Boots
2 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Kylie Halverson
United States
2 Stars

October 23, 2013
These don't actually lace up. Its just for decoration. I was pretty disappointed because i have big calves and there was just no way they would fit... I will be returning. Though i will say they are super adorable if you don't have bigger calves. The material is really soft and doesn't have that usual fake shininess that most faux leather boots have. Its a shame...
Soft nice color
Fake laces

Questions about this item
Kristina S asked: Are these boots wide or narrow I want to know cause I have pretty thin calves...thanks!
Maurika S: If your calves are thin they won't fit around them but you can untie the laces and wrap them around to make it tighter.
Jasmine R: They're fit regular. I purchased my regular shoe size and they fit really good I love them!
Djuna C: They have laces so they can be tightened or loosened to your desire
mikesha h: Wide
None N asked: I'm 5'3... how far up would this boot come Over the knee Thanks
Maurika S: a little bit below or right at your knee, I'm 5'4" and they come right below my kneecap.
Michele H: I'm 5'8 and it is right under my knee almost. It might come over your knee a little bit
Justine R: Im 5'5 5'6 is and the boots cam right up to my knees.
Danielle W: I'm 5'6" and it's a few inches from my knee so I'd say it would be right about your knee. Also depends on the difference in leg length. I have quite long legs so might even be over your knee but I wouldn't say by much if it is.
None N asked: Does this shoe have a rubber sole Does it squeak when you walk
Maurika S: It doesn't squeak
Carolyn B: Cool boots.... No sounds when I walk.
Denyse T: no it doesn't squeak when you walk and yes it is a rubber sole.
Nicole O asked: Does the circumference of the opening get larger as the size gets larger And if you open up the laces does the boot loosen?
Kylie H: I'm not sure if the circumference gets larger when the size gets larger but the boots do loosen a little bit when you unlace them. its just the material under the laces that is usually the kind of "tongue" of the boot is sewed to the sides. so eventually you can't unlace them anymore especially at the top and they don't fit calves.
Teaunsha R: Nope the shoe is so fitting I wear a 10 and I love it
Christina N: idk if the bigger you go the circumference gets larger but it does get bigger when laces are loosen. however the boot only opens so much b/c the "tongue" is connected to the boot on the sides not like regular shoes where its connected to the top front. hope this was helpful
Carmen G: In most boots circumference expands with size, I'm guessing this is the case with these boots as well. But, since I haven't bought multiple sizes of this shoe I can't say for sure. If you open the laces the boot does loosen. They're very beautiful boots, I highly recommend them. However, the ankles have a very loose fit so the boot scrunches down a bit and hits lower on the leg then it should.

Hope you find what you're shopping for!
ruby z: Yes the boot gets wider.. and u can loosen them as well... they even have a zipper on the inside...
Sinclair F: No and no
andie f asked: I have really wide calves and ankles do you think they will fit?
Michele H: Well the lace up is not how it looks in the picture. It actually stops before it goes in the holes and even there it's still pretty short. I think if you have wide calves you should see if you can get a boot with a stretch material on the calve part.
Kimberly B: Yes :
Denyse T: you can adjust the laces to fit your calf
Chaletta B: Yes. I have big calves as well and I had no problem with zipping them up.
Debbie S: Yes I do, because they are lace up boots.
None N asked: are they tight on the calves i have big calves
Denyse T: You can adjust the laces to fit a big calf and ankle and they are very roomy
William P: I bought these for my wife, who also claims to have big calves--she has been very pleased with the fit. She also had me order a size 9 normally wears size 8 1/2 and they fit perfectly.
Lee-Mon R: the boots are adjustable due to the shoe string. i love them and i'm 5'8 and they come about 3 inches from my knee. they don't feel like fake leather either.
Jazmine R: No they are not tight on the calves. I have nice size calves and I have no problem with these boots
None N asked: Are these knee high boots?
Lee-Mon R: just below the knee
Taylor P: No. Below the knee.
Lena F: I am 5'11' and they are just below the knee for me definitely not above the knee
None N asked: are these true to size\?
Lena F: Pretty true to size - I got a 9, which is what i normally wear in boots, and there is no pinching, but I kinda wish I got a 9.5 so I could wear them with thicker socks in the winter.
Darcel S: No they fit a little big I had to exhange mine an get a smaller size
Zhane W: Yes I wear a 7 in a half in general and these fit perfect
None N asked: What is the highest circumference it goes up to?
sonja s: It comes up to my knee
Jazmine R: The boots come up all the way to the knee almost. It's about 3 inches from the top of the boot to the knee. The boots fit on my calves perfectly
Comments From people who chose this
Reid P chose this because: Its the boot ive always wanted.
Molly C chose this because: I wanted a tall boot for fall and winter
Emelie N chose this because: A must have
APRIL N chose this because: They're very stylish and can be dressed up or down!
Doretha W chose this because: Very cute and unique boot. fashion statement.
Yessii N chose this because: Very comfy and true to size
Jacqueline L chose this because: Wanted comfortable, casual knee high boots, awesome colour.
Megan M chose this because: They are an updated version of a combat boot.
Elizabeth A chose this because: They are sexy and versatile - plus they have a hard edge to them that I really like . They are just a bit different from any other tall lace up boots I have seen recently.
cherricka f chose this because: I love the military look of the boot. I have so many ideas for these boots
Luisa C chose this because: Love the color and perfect for fall
Anslie D chose this because: wanted a pair a lace up boots especially when I'm having my "throw on a skull" days
Danielle S chose this because: very cute
Amirah Q chose this because: diffrent
Kristina S chose this because: love the style :
Maggy Y chose this because: Like the style and the price!!!
tomica j chose this because: I love the lace look
Kimberly B chose this because: I have the chestnut ones and they are my favorite boots. Everyone always compliments them.. super comfy too! I keep trying to buy the black ones as well, but my size is never available :
Danielle G chose this because: My style
jimmy j chose this because: The price for these boots are amazing, especially using the 25% discount today. The style & color is very nice & they're very trendy. My wife is going to love them
Le-Azia G chose this because: I pick these because they are cute!
Pauline C chose this because: SO I CAN TURN UP AT EDC TURNDOWNFOWAT
Dionne S chose this because: FOR AN UPCOMING PARTY
Samantha P chose this because: Wanted a pair of lace up tall boots for fall/winter
Mab G chose this because: Gift for a friend
Luiza P chose this because: Always wanted one just like this!
alberta o chose this because: syle, price,
Denyse T chose this because: Loved the lacing up the front and the color choices.
Dahlia T chose this because: Cute!
Vanesa f chose this because: these shoes are so in style and getting them at this price is incredible :
Cecilie D chose this because: Lace up booties are back and mixed with fabulous boho ensembles! I can't wait to pair this with leggings and a soho dress :
Christina C chose this because: Exactly what I was looking for at a reasonable price
Maria L chose this because: fall fashion
Michele H chose this because: Was in need of some boots for the upcoming Fall season and I thought about having something different. These are really cute and I have some cute ideas for these boots!
Julie L chose this because: Cute fall boot
Erika B chose this because: I need casual over the boots for play! I like the height of the boot to the knee.
Ashley B chose this because: For a metal concert.. They were cute!
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