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These knee-high boots are simply irresistible. These faux leather boots feature a textured design. Finished with a lace-up design and a side zipper for an easy on and off. Includes faux fur lining, rounded toe, rubber heel and sole.

Shaft height: 13"
Heel height: 1"
Circumference of opening: 12"
Finished with a slightly padded faux leather insole
Measurements are for a size 5.5
Man made materials

Questions about this item
None N asked: Are these boots smooth at the bottom or do they have grip I leave where we get snow so I wanna know if the bottom is good for walking in snow
mich e: I live in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada where there is constantly 2 - 4 feet of snow on the ground all winter long and I wear this to walk everywhere. If it's super icy then they can be a bit slippery but I have experiences no other problem with them in the snow!
Kiara W: They are smooth at the bottom. Not good for snow at all.
Hannah A: They are fine in the snow, I live in cold areas too during the winter and I haven't slipped yet!
Karina P: It's smooth.. But I won't wear them in the snow because I think I might slip and fall, but other than that it's comfortable.
PATRICE C: I received mine today and was surprised to see that they were smooth at the bottom. They are very attractive boots though!
Reyna J: The bottoms are smooth and rubbery. No real grip or ridges. I'm in the south and unfamiliar with snow, so I'm not sure if they'd be good in that weather.
Varsha E asked: I am looking for shaft measurements. It says the 12" measurement of the shaft is for a 5.5 size. Would that change for size 9?
GoJane S: Generally the shaft measurements do not significantly vary between sole sizes. However, if an item does not work for you you are always able to return or exchange it within 30 days!
Natasha B asked: do these actually lace up i have a big calf and have trouble finding high boots because of it. Bought a pair here because i thought they laced up, however they just had the laces but were actually zip ups.
dominque g: ACTUALLY...I am wearing them today for the first time. They zip on the sides
dominque g: They do lace up in the front, and no zipper on the back
mich e: Yes they do actually lace up. I just got mine in the mail today and you can adjust them for any calf size. They fit perfectly!
Natasha B: Thank you!!
Lauren C asked: Are these good boots for girls with thin calves?
Marie A: Nooooooooo... I fell in love with these boots when I saw them online however they fit weird on girls like myself with thin calves. The material folds in a weird manner when I walk around the ankle area. You can tighten it up but it looks weird. It might work if you wear them with leg Warmers or something that's what I plan to do.
Jacqueline W: I would say not too, but because they have strings you can pull you should be just fine. Btw I love them super cute.
Olivia B: Yes, I have very thin calfs and they still fit perfect!
None N asked: Do these boots fit over skinny jeans Thanks!
Julianna S: Yes they do and they look super cute!!!!
Nicole H: Yes they do. You can tie them how tight you want them. I love them!
None N asked: I'm 5'3... how far up would this boot come Over the knee Thanks!
Leslie H: I am 5'3 too, the boot is 1" below my knee. It has enough space for thicker sock on winter.
Hannah A: I'm 5'4 and they're like 1.5 inches below the knee on me, so no they definitely wouldn't be over the knee on you.
victoria E: They hit about right under the knee
Miriam F asked: Should I go a half a size up or down or are they true to size?
lisa l: I purchased a australian size 9 and they fit perfectly
Marie A: I usually wear an 8 and I got these in 7 so I am not really sure how to answer that question . I got and 8.5 the first time I bought them . I have really small calves and I did not like the empty space around the boots. It made my feet look funny so I exchanged them for a 7 . Other than that I love the color and the length. Great for winter!
Lashana P: They are true to size and stretch after a couple of wears
Jennifer M: True to size
P R asked: Is this shoe too loose around the calves?
lisa l: The laces make the boots adjustable to fit
Hannah A: Its the same width from bottom to top, but you can undo the laces if you feel its too tight. Theyre SO comfy
Sarah B: No, they fit really well, especially since you can lace them too. The only complaint I would have is that they're a little loose in the ankle, but not terribly so. They're great boots :
None N asked: Does this boot run large or small?
Hannah A: True size
Jacqueline W: It runs true too size. My only issue I have would be there is a lot of room around my ankle area for me. But I absolutely love this boot super cute.
Monique H: Small
Jennifer M: True to size
None N asked: Hello. Is this boot knee high or right under the knee Thanks
Hannah A: under the knee
Justine R: It sits right under the knee for me
lisa l: The boots we received are under the knee by approximately 2 inches 5 cms my daughter has very long legs! They are a georgoeus pair of boots!
Kristina C: I'm 5'9 so it's under my knee about 2 inches
Comments From people who chose this
andres s chose this because: been looking for some laced boots that look nice
Gloria R chose this because: I love lace up boots and because I have wide calves they fit perfectly!!
Kirsten R chose this because: Cute!
Suzanne A chose this because: I've been searching for a lace up knee high combat boot that will fit my larger calves. Most of the ones I find, just have the laces as a decoartion. But, this one seems to be adjustable.
Nancy P chose this because: I own a pair of combat boots but with a shorter shaft and I want to try these! So i bought these in black, I'm excited for them to arrive :
cindy t chose this because: I had been wanting lace up boots for a while and these seem nice. :
briana f chose this because: GIFT FOR MY MOM
Leslie H chose this because: Looks cool.
BARBARA M chose this because: I like the look of them and needed a new pair of black riding boots
Nicolle W chose this because: One of the other comments mentioned they look like Catnis Everdeen's boots and I was sold!!
asya d chose this because: Dope!
lisa l chose this because: looks like katniss everdeens hunting boots!
Tracey B chose this because: They're cute, and a good price.
Deborah G chose this because: I love the highness of this boot. I haven't seen anything like it in stores! I'm excited to wear them!
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