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So Much Stretch Skinny Jeans INDIGOSo Much Stretch Skinny Jeans INDIGOSo Much Stretch Skinny Jeans INDIGOSo Much Stretch Skinny Jeans INDIGOSo Much Stretch Skinny Jeans INDIGO
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So Much Stretch Skinny Jeans

now $$22.63
So Much Stretch Skinny Jeans INDIGO

+ Details

These jeans will feel like second skin but look totally bangin'. They feature a high waist with an ankle length cut (perfect for ankle strap heels and booties), and they're stretchy. Jeans have two back pockets, and they're finished with a button and zip fly closure.

Model is wearing a small or size 3
All measurements are for a small
Length from waist to hem: 36"
Inseam: 26", Waist: 24"
98% Cotton, 2% Spandex
Machine wash cold, hang dry
Made in USA

+ Questions & Answers

Questions about this item
None N asked: Hi I am a size 7 but my waist is 25" which makes it large in my waist region.Should I buy a 5 instead ?
F I: A size 5 maybe to tight around your hip area. I have that same issue. Get a size 7 and u can use a belt
KARLREYIONA K: You should get the 7 they run kind of small they're not actual jeans more like tights
angel a: I'm a size 11, I wish I would have got a larger size. I order two pair of jeans both 11, but these must run small. They are so tight, but they stretch so I can still wear them. If I had known I would have went with a larger size. Still cute tho... Hope this helps!
None N asked: Im a size 28 in usual jeans! Will a size 3 fit me\
Shawnt F
Ciera M asked: This may seem like a strange question but, are all of these pants made out of the same material I see they are all categorized together as being the same but previously I noticed the blue was posted as leggings with different materials listed in the details.
Tumini S: I purchased the dark and the light blue and they are both made of the same material a fairly thin stretchy denim.
So yes, they are made of the same material. Just make sure to buy the ones under exactly the same name.
Ciera M: Thanks for the feedback. I was just asking because these newer pair are running really small but I guess they are all 98% cotton and 2% spandex. Just made smaller this time around. Thanks again
Vanessa B: Yes, it's stretchy jeggings. Very light weight. Like pajama pants
None N asked: Do you carry a size 15 in womens ?
GoJane S: Some of our items are available in a size 15! Mostly these items are pants or jeans. If a size or color is not available on our site it is currently sold out. We do receive restocks daily, so keep checking back!
devita i asked: will u restock these?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
None N asked: When will you guys be getting these in a size 3?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
timu f asked: I swear size 3 will 5 fit me thou?
Camia K: Yes, I wear I size 3 & when I bought a size 3 pair of jeans they were actually pretty tight. They fit me good but a 5 would have been better.
Brandon E: It runs smaller, so go size up
Tonya D: Yes they will fit.. i purchased these for my daughter and she normally wears a 3 as well..
JahVonna B: Yes, the jeans fit like leggings so you should be fine
angela j: Yes, should fit fine
Darrell G: Hmm I wear 7 got size 7 and it fits just right in the legs and butt. I would think a five will work if you have a kinda full leg and butt region
Marlene H: I wear a 1, i ordered 3 and it fits like a 0.
None N asked: I swear 3 but will size 5 be okay?
Odeline V: No a size 5 will be to big. Stick with the size you wear or a size smaller.
Destiny C: I wear a size 3 and got the pants in all 3 colors in a size 3, the Indigo and Black fit me nice and snug, the light blue ones were a little more loose. I am also 5'0 and these fit perfectly.
None N asked: Hi I'M a size 8/10 in aus wjat size would i get. On this site\
Kennedi H: What do you mean by 8/10 aus, is this an Australian size

I m 5' 3'' about 117 lbs and I had to order a 7. These run so tight. I normally am a size 26 or a size 3 depending on how the jeans are sized.

Hope this helps.
Patrice T: I am between a 3 and 5 and i had to send mind all back bc they were too big! I got a small and had to get a medium i hope this helps
None N asked: im a size 8/10 aus what size would i get\\\
GoJane S: All sizes on are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
Maricsa A: They run small , so I suggest getting a size bigger than your regular size , and there amazing jeans !!
None N asked: Do they feel thin, or are they a good, sturdy, quality?
teryl r: very thin. I wear a size 9 and couldnt even get the 9 up past my thighs.
Azmara I: They're pretty thin and stretchy I like jeans like that but they were too short as far as length wise looked kinda like capris on me because I have long legs and they are not high waisted
samantha r: Didn't keep them they ran small but texture was similar to jeggings
Morgan T: they are pretty thin, it's not really a denim feel, it feels more like cotton
LaShinna I: They are more like leggings, not jean at all
Maxine O: I feel like it's a second skin! I love these jeans and wear them all the time!
None N asked: If I usually wear a size 29 what should I get in these?
SHARMANE H: You will need an 11 I wear a 29, got an 11 and they fit great...
kiana j: You should get a size 11 but if your thighs are more on the thicker size get 13
Franny L: I think you should get a 30 or 31! I'm usually a size 5 so I went up to a 7 and should have gotten 9. There super tight!!!
Wytinsea J: The 29 should fit perfect!
None N asked: are you restocking blacks in size 1?
GoJane S: We do not know if a size or color will be restocked but we do receive restocks and new styles daily so keep checking back!
lauren r asked: i'm 5' 2", 107lbs,25 inch waist,37 inch waist, 26.5 inch inseam...what size should I get
I hate that gojane doesn't to free returns/exchanges..!!
Jaelyn C: im just recently ordered these and I'm 5'1 105 pounds, i got size 1 pants and they fit perfect : i hope that helps
marqueveia m: Hi, Well you listed your waist twice, so I can not real tell. If your hips are a 37in, you may be good was a size 9.

My hips are a size 38-39in. I ordered a size 9 based on the reviews and they hugged me tight, but still fit well. I have ordered 2 more pair in a size 11. I think they will fit fine on me.
Tiana C: hi ,

Im 5'3 and 145 lbs and the large or xlarge fits me so I would do a small if I were you
Monirh l: Hello, Lauren xs will fit best. I am 5'6 134lbs and I wear a small
Sparkle K: I'm 5'2 115 size 3...You sound like a size 1! Good luck
shaquail b asked: I wear size 12 n I was wondering what size I should get these in?
Tiffany W: Get one size up, they tend to give a muffin top effect otherwise lol
T N: I wear a size 11 and got a 13 and they're still a little tight
Magda A: they are very stretchy so a 13 would be perfect for you!
Teraion W: Go a size up they run small but they are stretchable
B O: Go up a size they run small I couldn't get my regular size because they ran small
None N asked: Is it a bright indigo color or closer to a dark blue almost black

I really want the jeans in black however they do not have my size in stock.
Jasmine C: It's really close to black. You'd have to REALLY be looking at them to see that they're indigo.
Stephanie l: The way u see it nd the picture is the way it is. Very cute tho.
Za'Kiya E: It is a black.
Liz C: Dark dark blue/navy.
Aurialis A: The indigo colour is a really dark blue. It nearly looks black, but one could tell that it's a very very dark blue. I'd say go with it anyway since its colour is so approximate.
Ternetra P: The ones I have are bright indigo! I love them!!
Tierra H: I just got these pants & they are black!
None N asked: okay ..just to be sure i measured hips and it said 40 inches is it size 13 i should take?
Kennedi H: What size do you normally where I think that is too big. These run small.

These are like jeggings and the material is stretchy. They run very small. I am 5' 3" and 117. I am either a 6 or a 3 depending on how the jeans are sized and I had to order a 7. The pants were so narrow that I couldn't even get the 5 on.
marqueveia m: You may be good with an 11 or 13, depending on how you want them to fit.
Ondreta J: The material is stretch
Ramona V: These pants run so small with very little stretch the fabric is very thin. ORDER ONE SIZE LARGER
None N asked: Is the largest size you have a 24" waist or size 3 ?
None N asked: My waist is a size 26, and i have wide hips, should i get these in a 3 or 5?
Yalanda T: Make sure you get a bigger size they run very small cause i SHould have gotten a bigger size
Sarah d: Im around a 26 some days, but higher on most so I got a 5 and they fit very well. You should get a size 3
Leanne L: The pants are kind of stretchy, so you may be fine with a size three, but I would pick five, just to be on the safe side. Because I had got my original size, and they fit super tight.
Jasmin C: These pants are very stretchy so I'm pretty sure the three would fit with great comfort. Keep in mind that these pants are very thin material but they are super cute!
JahVonna B: I recommend a 5 because the pants are like leggings. Super thin and short. I'm 5'3 and they were perfect for me but my twin sister who is taller than me they looked like high waters instead of an ankle pant. I'm calling them pants because they are not jeans! But really any size should work. Size up if your average or tall. The pants are so stretchy that it wouldn't matter which size you got. Oh and they're not high waisted like you think.
Brandi A: Probably a 5
Kristin H: 3. They have great stretch in the hips.
Logan W: I would go with a 3. The pants are stretchy
None N asked: Hello. What size do you all think I should buy I am shaped like a coke bottle and I where a size nine?
Marlene H: I wear a 1 I ordered a 3 and they fit like leggings . If I could I would've ordered a 5, but size 3 fits really rights almost like skin. I think I could use a little more room
Jazzmin B: Hi,

I have a similar shape. Small waist, but a big butt, I'm 5'3 about 140 lbs and the 9 fit perfect for me!
joann w: Well,I am a size 4-6 and I bought the 9 and I new that they would be running extra skinny. They fit really well. I think it depends on if you get the skinny as opposed to getting the super skinny. I think you go up a size just in case. Thanks
Jamie B: Yes but order a size bigger they run small!!!!
Antoinette F: 11
None N asked: I wear a size 9. should I get a size 11 my waist is small but my hips are wide..
Latianna G: I think maybe a size bigger. The pants are skin tight but also stretchy material
Myah K: Yes! They stretch but are very fitted
ZOE M: Same here I got a 13 which is my normal size on gojane and it took me 5 min to wiggle into them . I had to return them..I would defintely go up a size or two these run small even though they stretch
Shanese B: I would definitely get a 11. These one small especially if you have hips/thighs
gloria b: Yes get a 11 because they run small
Armeda W: No get a 7
MARY R: Hey, I'm a size 9 as well and I purchased the 11.. Sizes run small so 11 should be perfect for you :
Patrice T: I had to send them all back and get a size bigger! So u should go a size up!
Maria G: buy a 9... It will fit
None N asked: I have a 24,5" waist and I don't know which size to get. The description says that size 3 measured 24" for the waist. Should I get a 5, thenThe thing is I don't want it to be too baggy on the waist because I have another jean not from this store that I hated because of that reason. Help please!
Kennedi H: These are like jeggings and the material is stretchy. They run very small.
I am 5' 3" and 117. I am either a 6 or a 3 depending on how the jeans are sized and I had to order a 7. The pants were so narrow that I couldn't even get the 5 on. Hope this helps.
Za'Kiya E: I got the same size I wear in juniors but they were a tad snug.
Jeanell S: They run real small
LaShinna I: Yes get a 5, they run so small. I couldn't fit mine
None N asked: what size waist would a person who wears size 3 in jeans?
samantha r: Maybe a 5 I got my exact size and they were too small goodluck
Renata G: These Jeans are cut on a very small bases. When I order I had to purchase a size up.
Logan W: The jeans are quite stretchy, I would recommend a 3 or below
Janet D: size small or a 26-27. these jeans run a bit small. hope this helps :
Jeffery H: Go up in size the pants are extremely too tight. I think a 24 waist
Shanese B: I'm a size 11 and I wear a 28-29 in waist for jeans. Hope that helps!
sheri s asked: What brand are these jeans Vibrant?
GoJane S: GoJane sells merchandise from many different manufacturers. Unfortunately, our system does not show the brand names. Any information we do have on the item is listed under the item description.
Alice K asked: I'm usually a size 3 or 4 in jeans, and I know that it's better to order a size up. But would I be safer with a 5 or a 7 Thanks!
Ramona V: Definitely!! ORDER a SIZE UP LADIES these pants run so small!!! I need to return my size 5 and get a 7, I am usually a 4 or a 5 so I am shocked that I now need to go UP!!! but they are so cute definitely worth all the trouble of having to return
Neshia A: 7 there kind of tight
Franny L: These run SO SMALL!! I was debating to get a 7 and got a 5 instead big mistake the 5 fits but very right. I say you get a 5! I'm usually a size 5, go for another size up
tashi w asked: my waist is a 24 and usually i wear a size 0 or 1 jeans but in the description it says for size 3 the waist is measured to be 24 so will these jeans size 3 fit me like a size 0 or 1?
Ramona V: Order the size up I am usually a 5, I now have to return my size 5 and get a 7.
Natasha H: What I can say they are true to size I wear a 9 got a nine and it fits perfect I also have 3 other pairs and they are all nine
Leanne L: I think it will probably fit you because the waist is stretchable .. they basically feel like jeggings
None N asked: I am a size 27. Is size 7 here about the same?
Daisha W: Yes! I bought the same size & I am also a size 27, 28 depending on how big or small the jeans run. They fit really well.
Sydney W: Yes, I wear a 26& I picked a 5.
elsa a asked: What is size 13 in European size?
GoJane S: All sizes on are US sizes. You can reference our size chart here for sizing guidelines:
None N asked: which color is the best the dark or light?
Tumini S: I got both! They're both stunning. If you want to be able to wear it with several different color tops, dark is better. Everything goes with dark. But the light is such a standout piece, I'd say it's a must-have.
Moselie A: I bought the dark and I love it
carmecia c: THE DARK COLOR
None N asked: im a size 26 in jeans what size would be a good size for me in these jeans?
LaShinna I: I would defiantly get a bigger size cause they are made like tights. If you wear a 26 that means you're a 6
Tumini S: These are very snug and skin tight. They're not super stretchy either. I had to get a size 11 but I'm usually a size 9. I think 26 would be about a size 7, so I recommend 9.
tori r: yooo i ned an answer quick snse i wan to buy thse jeans tonight but um im 5'0 with a 25 inch waist what would fit for me?
None N asked: What is the rise like on these jeans?
Tumini S: I would call it mid high. They're not high enough to be called fully high-waisted in my opinion.
Moselie A: It can almost cover the belly button.
Judanny M: rise as in what the high waist part I just got mine today and I thought it would be made out of jeans but it was spandex. It was very hard to get into considering I ordered my right size, I just wasn't happy with it. But if your looking for a tight fit then it's the right spandex for you.
Edith W asked: Are these by Vibrant Miu?
GoJane S: GoJane sells merchandise from many different manufacturers. Unfortunately, our system does not show the brand names. Any information we do have on the item is listed under the item description.
Edith W asked: Who are they made by?
GoJane S: GoJane sells merchandise from many different manufacturers. Unfortunately, our system does not show the brand names. Any information we do have on the item is listed under the item description.
None N asked: do these jeans run small or true to size?
Nirka V: These jeans run really small, I am usually a 3 in all jeans but when I got these in the mail they were super tiny so I ordered two sizes bigger.
Nafisa A: They run small!
carmecia c: These jeans are so true to the size they fit perfect and they show off my curves I JUST LOVE....
carmecia c: these jeans are so true to the siae and they fit perfect it shows off my curves...
Lisa N: The jeans were for my 15 year old daughter. These jeans appear to run on the smaller side, however they stretch well so I did not have to return them. I find Go Janes products to be of good quality and am satisfied with all of my previous purchases.
Britany E: YES! YES! YES! I wear a size 9 and I was super worried that they would be super small when I got them. Then they arrived and I put them on they were PERFECT! Awesome buy, I might purchase another pair.
Alyssa C: True !
Shanese B: Small. But they'll still fit. I wear a 11 and I got the light blue ones in an 11 and they even looked small when I pulled them out the package. I have big thighs with a small waste and I struggled to put these on. I got the acid wash light high waist and they were super stretchy. These, not so much. I would def go up a size if your size that you usually wear fits perfectly.
Lauryn W: true to size, they are very stretchy.
Shakhari E asked: do the length of the pants pass your ankle?
cinesha p: Yes, they pass mine just alittle. It depends on how high you pull them lol
Logan W: No they do not. They reach just at your ankle. No longer and shorter
Lauryn W: No, they're really short actually. :/ I expected that because I'm 5'9 though.
Jeffery H: No they do not and also order a size up they are super tight. I had to exchange my 7 for a 9.
aj d asked: are these true to size do they have good stretch
Kelly A: Definitely size up from your normal size! I'm usually a 3 or 26 and they were so tight! I'm exchanging for a 5. I got a 3 in a different pair of jeans from this site and they fit perfectly.
cinesha p: I Would get one size up just because they are really skin tight.
David W: Yes! I ordered these in a size 3 and they fit perfectly, with plenty of room to stretch. They're so comfortable! I would definitely follow the size chart. I love these!
stephanie o: I bought a 3. Should've picked a 5. They're pretty stretchy. But also form fitting
Comments From people who chose this
shavonne a chose this because: high waist
Jemima E chose this because: Been looking for cute high waisted jeans!
Quiver R chose this because: I love these high waisted jeans shows my curves lovely.
Asia L chose this because: These just look awesome & u can style with any and everything
Judy O chose this because: purchase this before in black
leslie l chose this because: High waisted jeans are in trend.
Ciera M chose this because: Love these pants
mirla c chose this because: nice strechy jeans that give a nice shape to the body
Tera M chose this because: Nice fit, and plain jane just have to be simple sometimes
Tiwatope B chose this because: its cute
Ryan V chose this because: i love the way they look on me
stacy s chose this because: looks soft & comfrontable to wear
whitney s chose this because: I really been wanting some
Ernestina O chose this because: The back pockets looked more flattering.
Artrice B chose this because: Because its cute and I wanted it
Z12613 S chose this because: The waist and ankles had to get taken in a inch. Was way too wide around my ankles. But they are very comfortable! i got a 3
barbara C chose this because: love them
Honey M chose this because: cuuuuteeeeeeeeee
stephanie d chose this because: its a basic pant.
Anthony A chose this because: GoJane high waist pants fit me well
Vienna C chose this because: classy
laurie g chose this because: BEST high waisted stretch denim
LeeAjhia C chose this because: I absolutely love high waist jeans and needed a pair of black ones
Alexis G chose this because: VERSATILE
David S chose this because: Daughters Xmas
Jessica B chose this because: I've been dying to buy a high wasted jean. I think they are perfect for each and every type of body
Jasmine C chose this because: They remind me of American Apparel Jeans. I just wish they were longer.
marqueveia m chose this because: The light blue jeans look so flattering. I tried them on and they were super tight, although I went a size up because of the reviews I read. I am buying the Indigo and black I loved them so much, but I am going one more size up. :
Chrisshell B chose this because: I really like the way these jeans look. I hope they will fit the way I want them.
Monirh l chose this because: looks good
Francesca L chose this because: because I liked it.
Lisa C chose this because: its so cute and da colorz gon' bring out may weave
Brittany M chose this because: high waisted is my favorite style and i wanted a dark blue
JahVonna B chose this because: They're super cute and for the price is amazing!
Alejandra m chose this because: i love high waisted jeans
Blanca P chose this because: Fashionable
Lauren W chose this because: They look cute!
Porsche H chose this because: Look like they fit nice.
BreAnna B chose this because: I never owned a pair of high waisted shorts or pants.
maddy h chose this because: They are so cute! I've been searching for high waisted jeans for so long and I'm happy I've found some! I hope these fit!!!
Ashley F chose this because: Because I love high waisted jeans.. Hopefully these will fit to my liking.
Destiny G chose this because: I've been looking for a dark pair of high-waisted jeans foe cheap and i finally found them! can't wait for them to come in the mail.
Cleo B chose this because: Closet essential!
Mya D chose this because: i've been looking for these jeans for months
Genesis K chose this because: Can never go wrong with Black.
Jemilla C chose this because: From reading and hearing reviews about these jeans, I just had to have a pair! Great price for them too compared to other places.
Suprahwadee M chose this because: I really like their High-waisted and i really wanted a black pair so i got these.
Mariecar P chose this because: I was looking for high waisted jeans, like the style
Bianca G chose this because: I've been looking for a pair of perfect, classic black high-waist jeans and this is as good as it gets! I have these jeans in indigo & light blue, and I love the fit :
Tong P chose this because: have the perfect ourfit for them!
Jenna S chose this because: i'm all about anything high waisted!
Janet a chose this because: love emmm
Melissa S chose this because: Good quality style and fashion
Tatiana P chose this because: ankle length jeans show off the shoe. its perfect
Natasha H chose this because: HIGHWAISTED
Aijha B chose this because: they look so cute on people!
Tumini S chose this because: Looks like the perfect fit
Ashley S chose this because: Super cute pants!
Carol M chose this because: Black and high-waisted.
Padee V chose this because: Because I love high waisted jeans! So instyle!
Grace G chose this because: Because I'm petite and curvy looking for high waisted jeans!
Shanese B chose this because: I'm not really tall so them being at the ankle of the model would be perfect for my height 5'4 and also i like that there aren't any belt loops.
Lauryn W chose this because: I chose these because they look like "the easy jean" at American Apparel, but these were way cheaper.
cinesha p chose this because: I chose this idem because high waisted items slim your waist and make your butt look fuller
Logan W chose this because: High waisted is here to stay!
Sabrina K chose this because: I love the way it fits. Now if they can make one thats a bootcut, or flare and I would buy more.

+ Reviews

So Much Stretch Skinny Jeans
3 Stars based on 22 Review(s)
Houston Tx
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

runs small
May 29, 2014
they are cute but they run small! i ordered size 5 im 117 pounds usually wear a size 3 but reading the reviews i went a size up and they still are tight... its too tight on my butt that it makes it look like it cant breath! lol i will be getting a bigger size

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

I don't know...
May 6, 2014
Okay, so I have 3 other pairs of high waisted jeans from gojane and they all fit different. I bought these because I'm very short (only four eleven) and These are still a little bit too long on me. Like they still bunch up a little around my ankles. Whatever, I'll just roll them up, I'm used to that. The thing is though, these I guess are actually made by gojane. Like that's what the label inside the pants says. These pants are the smallest in the waist out of all my other pairs of gojane jeans. My other gojane jeans are made by a brand called Vibrant. I'm normally a size 11 but after reading reviews, I decided to size up to a 15. Thank God I did. When I first saw these the overall look was very good. Similar to AA Easy Jeans. Not too thick, not horribly thin either though. However these are SO, SO TINY. I could barely get them past my thighs. After finally wiggling them up to my waist they're still tight but Thank God they're stretchy and they just barely fit. If they were any smaller they wouldn't have. Wish they'd make the sizing consistent or at least list the Brand of in the description. Make bigger sizes or just make your stuff true to size, please.

Greensboro, NC
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

My curves look great!
April 28, 2014
Even tho the colors are not the same. These pants are thin and the make my butt look really nice.!

huntsville, AL
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

run small!
April 22, 2014
I purchased these jeans and another pair both pair are the same size, but these are too small! I would advise you to go to a size.
They are really cute on, just wish I had gotten a bigger size.
Run small

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

The remake batch
April 16, 2014
Im so disappointed in these new jeans I received because they do run small!! However, I ordered two pair of these jeans when they first posted a few months back in a size 7 and they fit great and true to size. But the remake batch do run smaller which sucks because I just ordered two more pair because I was so pleased before and when I received these new remake batch both are too small which sucks!!! So I have to pay to return and order more in a size up!

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Just What I wanted
April 10, 2014
I had been looking for a pair of acid wash jeans for a while. I found these and ordered the dark blue. Shipping was faster than expected for standard service. The jeans are gorgeous. Im usually a size 12 and took a chance and ordered a size 11. The 11s were snug but still fit fine. I have a larger mid section and larger thighs the 13 would have been roomier but I'm keeping the 11s as they are still flattering. They are the jegging material but i don't find them to be super thin. I actually wanted them to stretch and be thinner, i don't really like wearing the heavier denim. I would definitely recommend these jeans if you are looking for a light weight stretchy pair. I only gave it 4 stars because I wish the front pockets were real but otherwise a great purchase!
Great Dark Blue color, Good fit
No real front pockets

Montreal, Canada
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

simply nice
April 4, 2014
I loved those jeans when I received them. Actually I suggest you to order a size up because they are really tight. I am 1m71 and 125pounds I ordered a 3.
Confo, go above the hips not too low or too high
Really thin (poor quality), don't wash it too much

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Perfect pair of jeans.
December 19, 2013
I love these jeans. I wear size 1 in the other jeans on this site but since other reviewers said they run small I got a 5 in these and they fit perfect and look great! I hope they get more because I want to buy them in more colors.

United States
3 Stars

Physically appealing but be cautious
November 28, 2013
I LOVED these jeans when I bought them. I'm very indifferent about them now. Why they look great on and are stretchy and fit perfectly, they are made out of *incredibly* thin fabric. Even as a person who loves to be able to move in my jeans, the fabric was thinner than most leggings.. Beware not to them stretch too much because I managed to get a rip in the thigh on mine after six months of owning. Most of my jeans last me at LEAST a year and a half. Also I noticed, coming for a costuming design major stand point, that some seams were not properly tied off. I caught that early before they began to unravel, luckily. With all this being said, I doubt I would buy again with the cheap sewing and cheap fabric issues for the price they are listed at.
Stretch, Accurate sizes, appealing, body flattering, comfy
Thin fabric, Manufacturing issue, Easily tear, Get "stretch" marks quickly, short lifespan, colors fade

New York, NY
3 Stars

Way to Thin
November 13, 2013
I was very disappointed with these jeans. I always order high waisted jeans because they are perfect for my shape so I was so excited for these to come in. I ordered the light blue color. They were so thin almost like pillowcase. Yes they fit but I'm worried that if I walk passed something or wash them they will get a whole. I love the style but hate the quality
I love the style.
The quality. Way to thin

Shonda Adams
United States
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love these!
November 6, 2013
I read the reviews before i bought these and ordered a size up, they fit everywhere but a little loose around my waist. I'm a size 1 and ordered a 3
great fit
loose around waist

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

November 3, 2013
I wear a 3 in jeans so i ordered a 3 then i read the reviews were people were saying their size doesnt fit... so im freaking out when my order came in it actually fit.

milwaukee, WI
3 Stars

October 29, 2013
they are too thin not skinny not worth the price
the color is nice
to this not really skinny or high waisted i hate them

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love these!
October 25, 2013
As the reviews said to, I got a size 5 even though my usual size is a 0-3 and they fit very well! I got them in black, and they don't really look like jeans more like hot pants. So comfy also!
cute, comfy
run small

NC, United States
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Skin tight Jeans
October 17, 2013
I purchased the Light blue in a size 11. When i took them out of the packaging, i thought that i wouldn't be able to fit into them because they looked so tiny, thank goodness they stretch out. I usually buy a size 11 in Gojane jeans and this fit more like a size 7. It is really tight fitting. I do love how they fit and the light blue is a lovely colour! If i bought a size up or perhaps went to sizes up they would be perfect as i like to have a extra bit of room in my jeans. I suggest going up a size or even two sizes up. They have restocked so i may get a size 15 because i do really like the colour and fit.
Hugs shape, good fitting, nice colour, light weight material
not true to size. Should go up a size

La Place, LA
3 Stars

October 15, 2013
They fit perfect in the waist area but they are way too short on the ankle. I wear a size two but I ordered a one because the description says they are stretchy. I think I should have ordered a size three. I'm very disappointed but I will continue to order with GoJane.

3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Order a size up
October 11, 2013
I love the jeans but the only problem I have with them is that they are kinda small. im 5'3 and I usually wear a 7 in jeans but can fit a 5, when I ordered these jeans the 5 was the only size in stock I could fit but when I received them they were a bit too tight, I would have been better off with the 7 or even 9 that's just how tight they are and another problem I had is that they are not completely high waist you can still see the top of my belly button. All of my high waist jeans are high waist my belly button doesn't show at all with these they do.
nice and feels light on skin great everyday jeans
too small not high waist enough

Los angeles
3 Stars

sizing is weird
October 10, 2013
super tight yet stretchy, but fit me super loose around the ankle/bottom. so weird. going to return them.

East Hartford, CT
3 Stars

Way Way Tooo small
October 3, 2013
I thought that these pants would be similar to the high waited jeans I purchased a few months back. Those high waisted jeans were lovely, but they were a little too long. So i saw these ankle lengths and figured that they would be perfect. Wrong, they are not all bad though, the rise I think was perfect not too high highwaisted, the length was also good. But I cannot stress enough how narrow and small these pants are. I wore a 9 in the high waisted pants and needed a 15 or bigger in these. GoJane needs to be more consistent with their sizes. I will be sending these back.
Rise and length are perfect.

Detroit, Michigan
3 Stars

September 21, 2013
Just ordered these in a 15 so I can have more room & they did not fit, ordered another brand from this site in a 13 and fit way better, will be returning soon.

Cleveland Heights, OH
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Love them!
September 16, 2013
So I ordered a size 3 due to the fact they were sold out in my natural size 0-2. I got my order when it was scheduled to come. Now the sizing was waaay off. I order a size 3, but it fit like a 0. I'm happy the way they fit, but I'm really tiny and can fit different sizes comfortably, but someone bigger would probably have a problem with the sizing. They're skin tight and I ordered mine in the light blue. I love these jeans, and Gojane never disappoints me. Overall, I would recommend these jeans, just go up a couple sizes to ensure they fit correctly.

Rocky Mount, North Carolina
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

September 12, 2013
Very comfortable and stretchy more like jeggings however they are not true to size . I wear a size 9 but I usually order 11 on this Site. The size 11 fit a bit too snug so ordering a size up would be best
Comfortable and stretchy
Not true to size

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